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Abraxis BioScience

Abraxis BioScience was a global biopharmaceutical company that developed treatments for critically ill patients. It had over 2000 employees worldwide inb 2007.[2] Abraxis's portfolio included the world's first protein-based nanoparticle chemotherapeutic compound, called nab Technology.[3] From this the company developed Abraxane, a treatment for metastatic breast cancer.[4]

Abraxis BioScience
Founded2001 (2001) in Los Angeles, California[1]
FounderDr. Patrick Soon-Shiong
Los Angeles
Key people
Mr. Rick Click, Chief Information Officer and Global IT Officer; Dr. Nguyen V. Dat Ph.D., Vice President of Clinical Research
ProductsProtein-based therapeutics and technologies for treatment of cancer and other critical illnesses
ServicesCancer drugs

In 2010, Abraxis BioScience was acquired by Celgene Corporation.[5]


Abraxis was incorporated in 2001 in Los Angeles.[1] Besides cancer treatments, it provided treatment for multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, and some cardiovascular diseases.[1] It had manufacturing plants in Melrose Park, Illinois and Phoenix, Arizona.[1]

In August 2007, Abraxis announced it would undergo a restructuring to separate its "hospital-based products business" from its "proprietary products business" into two public companies; this would involve the merging of Abraxis Oncology and Abraxis Research subunits to form a new Abraxis Bioscience (Abraxis Bioscience, Inc., NASDAQABII), and the spinoff of Abraxis Pharmaceutical Products (APP, Inc., NASDAQAPPX).[6] This reorganization was completed in November 2007.[7] During the reorganization, the new Abraxis Bioscience was known briefly as New Abraxis.[7]

In 2010, Abraxis BioScience was acquired by Celgene Corporation.[8] Per Celgene's website, as of at least 2016 Abraxis no longer exists as a named division within Celgene.


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