Abdol-samad Mirza Ezz ed-Dowleh Saloor

Abdosamad Mirza Ez od-Doleh Salour (Saloor) (Persian: عبدالصمد ميرزا عزالدوله سالور‎) (May 1843 – 1929) was a Persian prince of Qajar Dynasty and fifth son of Mohammad Shah Qajar by his wife, a lady of Turkmen origin.[1] He is the ancestor of Salour (Saloor) family.[2]

Abdosamad Mirza Ez od-Doleh Salour

He traveled in the company with Naser al-Din Shah, in 1873 on the Shah’s visit to Europe. Ez od-Doleh was governor of Qazvin and Boroojerd in 1874, governor of Hamadan, Malayer, Tuyserkan and Nahavand from 1874–1876 and governor of Zanjan from 1901–1902. He died in Tehran in 1929 and was buried in Fatima al-Masumeh Shrine in Qom.

Ez od-Doleh was sent by his brother, Nasseredin Shah as a Special Ambassador to the Court of Russia to congratulate Tsar Alexander III on his accession to the throne.[citation needed]


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