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Aarhus Festuge (Aarhus Festival) is a 10-day arts and culture festival in the city of Aarhus, Denmark. It takes place every year in late August to early September (in weeks 35-36).

Aarhus Festuge
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GenreCulture and arts
Location(s)Aarhus, Denmark Denmark
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The first Aarhus Festival happened in 1965, after being established the year before as an experiment to bring together and activate the city’s institutions and associations. The overarching purpose was to present Aarhus’ cultural profile, based on the political idea that art, culture and community are essential for a flourishing city. It was considered a great success, and the festival has since become an annual tradition.

Since 1965, Aarhus Festuge has evolved into being more than just a local event. Nowadays, it has a more international focus, and over the years, artists from all across the world has been a part of the festivities.


With local and international artists, and events for both children, young people, and adults, Aarhus Festival has grown to encompass around 1000 events in 10 days. That makes it one of the largest cultural events in Northern Europe.[citation needed] The happenings spans a broad range of cultural genres, such as music, theatre, architecture, food, art installations, talks, and dancing, as well as general entertainment.

About one third of the events are planned and arranged by the Festival's head office, while the remaining two thirds are organised by private or external actors in the city. Thereby, Aarhus Festival creates a platform for creativity, development and cooperation between the city’s cultural actors, businesses, restaurants, venues, and associations.


Aarhus Festuge was established in 1964, debuted in September 1965 and has since then become one of the largest themed festivals in Northern Europe.

In 2014, Aarhus Festival took place from 29 August to 7 September. It was the festivals' 50th anniversary, and was marked with the theme ‘Same but different’.[1]


Aarhus Festival always has a theme, which is chosen for three-year periods. The theme is a guideline and an inspiration for the events, and is visible in many aspects of the Festival. The annual poster, which is created by a different artist each year, is the visual representation of the theme. For 2020-2022, the theme is ‘In It Together’

Aarhus Festuge poster 1965, the first festival arrangement.
previous themes[2]
Year Theme in Danish Theme translated into english
2017-2019 Bridging -
2016 Upside Down -
2015 Lys mere lys Light, more light
2014 Same but different -
2013 Tegn på liv – i en ny virkelighed Signs of life - in a new reality
2012 Big -
2011 Skønne Fejl... Og Andre Lykketræf Lovely Mistakes ... And other strokes of luck
2010 Naboer Neighbors
2009 Fremtiden er nær! The future is near!
2008 Åben by Open city
2007 I bevægelse In motion
2006 WOMANIA -
2005 Mit livs eventyr Fairy tale of my life
2004 Fra Aros med Eros From Aros with Eros
2003 Images of Asia – Asiatiske forbindelser Images of Asia – Asian connections
2002 Lusofonia: Kultur fra den portugisisktalende verden Lusofonia: Culture from the Portuguese speaking world
2001 Global-Lokal Global-Local
2000 - -
1999 10 år efter Murens fald Ten years after fall of the wall
1998 Danske visioner Danish Visions
1997 Latinamerika Latin America
1996 Prolog til fremtiden Prologue to the future
1995 I Østen In The East
1994 Twist and Shout -
1993 Grænseløs Borderless
1992 Det ny Europa The New Europe
1991 Nordisk Hvælv Nordic Vault
1990 Et vindue mod øst A window to the East
1989 Århus Festuges 25-års jubilæum Aarhus Festuge's 25th anniversary
1988 Verdenstrommer Drums of the World
1987 Det dansk-franske kulturår The Danish-French Cultural Year
1986 Afrikansk Kultur African Culture
1985 Dans nu Dance now
1984 Århus Festuges 20-års jubilæum Aarhus Festuge's 20th anniversary
1983 Alsidighed Versatility
1982 Musikhuset The Music House
1981 Rytmisk musik Rhythmic music
1980 Idræt i centrum Sports in highlight
1979 Dans i centrum Dance in highlight


Nearby citiesEdit

Similar cultural festivals are simultaneously held in some nearby cities. Randers Ugen has been celebrated in Randers since 1976 and Trekantsområdets Festuge since 2014 in the cities of Vejle, Fredericia and Kolding and surrounding smaller towns, collectively known as the Triangle Region.[3][4]


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