Aap Ke Aa Jane Se

Aap Ke Aa Jane Se (English meaning-After Your Arrival) (international title: Age is Just a Number) is an Indian soap opera which aired on Zee TV from 15 January 2018 to 31 May 2019.[1][2] Produced by Bodhi Tree Multimedia, it starred Suhasi Dhami and Karan Jotwani as Vedika and Sahil.[3][4] The show marked the comeback of Dhami after a three-year break from television.[5][6] It replaced Dil Dhoondta Hai in its timeslot[7] and was replaced by Hamari Bahu Silk .[8]

Aap Ke Aa Jane Se
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Created byPreeti Mamgain
Written byPreeti Mamgain
Directed byShashank Bharadwaj
Sumit Sodani
Creative directorPersis Siganporia
StarringSuhasi Dhami
Karan Jotwani
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes357
ProducersSukesh Motwani
Mautik Tolia
Production locationsMumbai, Maharashtra, India
CinematographyNeeshank Mathure
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeApprox. 22–25 minutes
Production companyBodhi Tree Multimedia Pvt. Ltd.
Original networkZee TV
Picture format576i
1080i (HDTV)
Original release15 January 2018 (2018-01-15) –
31 May 2019 (2019-05-31)


Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 328 15 January 2018 22 April 2019
2 29 23 April 2019 31 May 2019


Season 1Edit

Set in Kanpur, 42-year-old Vedika Mathur is a simple and single mother, who faces many hardships due to being a middle class. She lives with her mother, Manjula and 15-year-old daughter, Arya Mathur. Sahil Agarwal, a 24-year-old irresponsible young man, returns to his home after his studies. His elder aunt, Bimla fixes his wedding to his friend, Nidhi but he declines and is thrown out.

Vedika, who is in need of money rents out a room in her home to Sahil under the impression that Sahil is married. Sahil doesn't tell her the truth because he knows that Vedika would not allow him to stay. Vedika and Sahil eventually fall in love, but Vedika refuses to accept it due to their age gap and social problems. Soon enough, she realizes her love and accepts Sahil.

Sahil proposes marriage to Vedika and she agrees but on their wedding day, Vedika switches places with Nidhi and almost marries her. He considers their marriage invalid and denies completing wedding rituals. Nidhi schemes to bring Sahil close to her, but fails. Nidhi's brother, Mohit spikes Arya's drink and virals her video. Vedika teams up with Sahil's cousin, Yash, who wants to ruin Bimla for avenge his mother's death. Yash blackmails Vedika to marry him and Vedika agrees having feelings for Sahil.

Yash diagnoses with cancer and asks Vedika to give him a child. They both decide on IVF, but due to nurse's mistake, Sahil becomes the donor for Yash and Vedika's child. Soon, Yash dies and Bhumi, Vedika's distant cousin comes to stay with Vedika.

Not wanting Sahil and Vedika to unite, Bimla poisons Sahil's mother, Anjana. When she finds out that Vedika is pregnant with Sahil's baby, Anjana happily goes to Vedika's house to propose marriage. Sahil hears of this from Bimla and he too goes to see Vedika. The poison makes Anjana dizzy, causing her to fall down the stairs. Sahil arrives at that moment and misunderstands Vedika to be the culprit and has her jailed. In prison, Sahil marries her cousin Bhumi, in a fit of rage. Vedika delivers a son while Bimla's daughter, Gauri delivers a daughter in same hospital. Bimla replaces Vedika's son with a stillborn child and flees. Meanwhile, Gauri's husband, Deepak exchanges that same stillborn baby with his daughter as he wanted a son.

Vedika leaves the city and Bimla lies to Sahil that Vedika has abandoned her child. Sahil names the baby Ved and adopts him, unaware that the child is his.

5 years laterEdit

Vedika returns to Kanpur with her daughter, Sadika while Sahil lives with Bhumi and Ved. Arya returns to India after her studies. Vedika soon learns that Sadika is Gauri and Deepak's daughter, and Ved is her real son. Later, Sahil also learns Ved is his son and Anjana was killed by Bimla. Enraged, he leaves her and Bhumi; reunites with Vedika. Ved is in need of a bone marrow transplant from his full sibling and thus Vedika gets pregnant with Sahil's child. Sahil falls off a cliff and is declared dead. Vedika meets Sahil's look-alike, Jackie, who later turns out to be Sahil's twin brother. Arya marries Puneesh to save her family and later divorces him. Later, she falls in love with Jackie's adoptive brother, Guddu and they marry.

Sahil returns but has lost his memory. He unintentionally marries Pankti, to save her from her politician father, Tej Pratap Singh. Vedika delivers another son, Virat and Ved is recovered. Sahil and Vedika find a partner for Pankti and she leaves with him. Bimla's long-lost son, Kshitij comes to destroy Agarwals and kills Guddu, framing Sahil. Arya marries Kshitij for revenge but realises that Sahil is innocent and that Kshitij is responsible for Guddu's death. Later, he kidnaps Ved and Virat, but Sahil and Vedika manage to save them with Arya's help. Enraged, Kshitij shoots Sahil and Vedika. The two fall down a cliff and die vowing to reunite in their next lives to complete their love story.

20 years laterEdit

Vedika and Sahil are reborn. Reborn Vedika is a caring and kind-hearted divorcee. Reborn Sahil falls for her but is engaged to her sister Avantika. The two meet the now old Manjula, who reveals they're reborn. Sahil and Vedika marry. To separate them, Avantika teams up with Tanuj, Vedika's ex-husband. He kidnaps her who kills him. Avantika is exposed and arrested. Sahil and Vedika regain memories of their past life and remarry to unite forever.



  • Suhasi Dhami as
    • Vedika Gupta Agarwal – Manjula's daughter; Rohit's sister; Anurag and Yash's widow; Sahil's wife; Arya, Ved and Virat's mother; Sadika's adoptive mother. (2018–2019) (Dead)
    • Vedika Pratab Kashyap – Reborn Vedika; Prem and Prabha's elder daughter; Avantika's sister; Tanuj's ex-wife; Sahil's wife. (2019)
  • Karan Jotwani as
    • Sahil Agarwal – Rishab and Anjana's elder son; Jackie and Shruti's brother; Bhumi and Pankti's ex-husband; Vedika's husband; Ved and Virat's father; Arya's adoptive father. (2018–2019) (Dead)
    • Jackie Agarwal – Rishab and Anjana's younger son; Omprakash and Usha's adoptive son; Sahil and Shruti's brother; Guddu and Mandakini's adoptive brother. (2018–2019)
    • Sahil Kashyap – Reborn Sahil; Shashi and Rekha's son; Geet's brother; Avantika's ex-fiancé; Vedika's husband. (2019)


  • Hetal Gada as Arya Mathur Agarwal – Vedika and Anurag's daughter; Sahil's adoptive daughter; Ved and Virat's half-sister; Guddu's widow; Kshitij's wife. (2018–2019)
  • Geeta Tyagi as Bimla Devi Agarwal (Badi Amma) – Ishwar's widow; Gauri, Prachi and Kshitij's mother; Sadika's grandmother. (2018–2019)
  • Aekam Binjwe as Ved Agarwal – Vedika and Sahil's elder son; Bhumi's adoptive son; Virat's brother; Arya's half-brother. (2018–2019)
  • Unknown as Virat Agarwal – Vedika and Sahil's younger son; Ved's brother; Arya's half-brother (2019)
  • Richa Bhattacharya as Manjula Gupta – Vedika and Rohit's mother; Arya, Ved and Virat's grandmother. (2018–2019)
  • Barsha Chatterjee as Maya Srinivasan Awasti – Vedika's best friend; Raghav's wife. (2018–2019)
  • Micckie Dudaaney as Tanuj Malhotra – Reborn Vedika's ex-husband. (2019)
  • Manisha Rawat as Avantika Pratab – Prem and Prabha's younger daughter; Reborn Vedika's sister; Reborn Sahil's ex-fiancée. (2019)
  • Harish Chhabra as Prem Pratab – Chetna's brother; Prabha's husband; Reborn Vedika and Avantika's father. (2019)
  • Hetal Yadav as Prabha Somani Pratab – Prem's wife; Reborn Vedika and Avantika's mother. (2019)
  • Simran Gangwani as Chetna Pratab – Prem's sister; Reborn Vedika and Avantika's aunt. (2019)
  • Yajuvendra Singh as Shashi Kashyap – Dheeraj's brother; Rekha's husband; Reborn Sahil and Geet's father. (2019)
  • Zahida Parveen as Rekha Singh Kashyap – Shashi's wife; Reborn Sahil and Geet's mother. (2019)
  • Sonali Jha as Geet Kashyap – Shashi and Rekha's daughter; Reborn Sahil's sister. (2019)
  • Vishnu Sharma as Dheeraj Kashyap – Shashi's brother; Meena's husband. (2019)
  • Leena Acharya as Meena Soni Kashyap – Dheeraj's wife. (2019)
  • Mitali Pandey as Sakshi – Reborn Vedika's friend. (2019)
  • Manish Goplani as Kshitij "Krish" Agarwal – Ishwar and Bimla's son; Gauri and Prachi's brother; Yash's half-brother; Arya's second husband. (2019)
  • Alice Kaushik as Daisy – Jackie's girlfriend (2018)
  • Ashish Dixit as Guddu Srivastava – Omprakash and Usha's son; Mandakini's brother; Jackie's adoptive brother; Arya's first husband. (2018–2019) (Dead)
  • Deepali Saini as Mandakini Srivastava – Omprakash and Usha's daughter; Guddu's sister; Jackie's adoptive sister. (2018–2019)
  • Ekta Sharma as Usha Juneja Srivastava – Omprakash's wife; Guddu and Mandakini's mother; Jackie's adoptive mother. (2018–2019)
  • Resha Konkar as Gauri Agarwal – Ishwar and Bimla's younger daughter; Prachi and Kshitij's sister; Yash's half-sister; Deepak and Manish's ex-wife; Sadika's mother. (2018–2019)
  • Sailesh Gulabani as Deepak Ramnani – Gauri's ex-husband; Shruti's husband; Sadika's father. (2018–2019)
  • Hannah Chaudhary as Sadika Ramnani – Gauri and Deepak's daughter; Vedika's adoptive daughter. (2018)
  • Kshitija Saxena as Shruti Agarwal Ramnani – Rishab and Anjana's daughter; Sahil and Jackie's sister; Karan's ex-wife; Deepak's wife. (2018–2019)
  • Nidhi Mathur as Prachi Agarwal Tiwari – Ishwar and Bimla's elder daughter; Gauri and Kshitij's sister; Yash's half-sister; Puneesh's wife. (2018–2019)
  • Karan Mehat as Puneesh Tiwari – Tushar's uncle; Prachi's husband. (2018–2019)
  • Jannat Zubair Rahmani as Pankti Singh – Tej Pratap and Sadhna's daughter; Sahil's ex-wife. (2019)
  • Amit Behl as Politician Tej Pratap Singh – Sadhna's husband; Pankti's father. (2019)
  • Neetu Pandey as Sadhna Singh – Tej Pratap's wife; Pankti's mother. (2019)
  • Amit Bhanushali as Karan Verma – Sahil's best friend; Shruti's ex-husband. (2018)
  • Priyanka Purohit as Bhumi Agarwal – Manjula's niece; Vedika and Rohit's cousin; Sahil's ex-wife; Ved's adoptive mother. (2018–2019)
  • Abhiroy Singh as Yash Agarwal – Ishwar and Leela's son; Gauri, Prachi and Kshitij's half-brother; Vedika's late husband. (2018) (Dead)
  • Rudrakshi Gupta as Anjana Mehrotra Agarwal – Rishab's wife; Sahil, Jackie and Shruti's mother; Ved and Virat's grandmother. (2018) (Dead)
  • Mehul Bhojak as Manish Mehta – Gauri's ex-husband. (2018)
  • Ravish Dumra as Tushar – Puneesh's cousin son; Arya's friend. (2018)
  • Priyal Gor as Chameli / Fake Vedika – A woman who pretend as Vedika after her missing. (2018)
  • Shaily Pandey / Jazz Sodhi as Nidhi Tripathi – Sunanda's daughter; Mohit's sister; Sahil's childhood friend and ex-fiancée. (2018)
  • Nidhi Vikram as Sunanda Tripathi – Nidhi and Mohit's mother. (2018)
  • Varun Tiwari as Mohit Tripathi – Sunanda's son; Nidhi's brother. (2018)
  • Shantanu Monga as Rohit Gupta – Manjula's son; Vedika's brother; Kiran's husband. (2018)
  • Iti Kaurav as Kiran Gupta – Rohit's wife. (2018)
  • Rudra Kaushish as Sunil Mathur – Anurag's brother; Arya's uncle. (2018)
  • Mohit Daga as Gautam – Vedika's boss. (2018)



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