Kundali Bhagya (transl. The Fate of Our Horoscope) is an Indian Hindi-language romantic drama television series created by Ekta Kapoor's production company Balaji Telefilms. A spin-off series of Kumkum Bhagya, it premiered on 12 July 2017 on Zee TV. It initially starred Shraddha Arya, Dheeraj Dhoopar and Manit Joura as leads, with Dhoopar being replaced by Shakti Arora in 2022. Shakti Anand later replaced Arora in 2023. In March 2023, the show took a generation leap and currently stars Paras Kalnawat, Sana Sayyad and Baseer Ali as the second-generation leads.[1][2]

Kundali Bhagya
Created byEkta Kapoor
Developed byEkta Kapoor
Written byAnil Nagpal
Screenplay by
  • Anil Nagpal, Mrinal Tripathi
Story by
  • Kavita Nagpal
  • Anil Nagpal
Directed bySameer Kulkarni
Abhishek Kumar. R. Paul
Aman Varpe
Sahil Sharma
Creative directorsChloe Ferns Qureshi
Mukta Dhond
Jaspreet Kaur
Bijal Ajmera
Khushboo Deewana
StarringShraddha Arya
Dheeraj Dhoopar
Manit Joura
Shakti Arora
Shakti Anand
Paras Kalnawat
Sana Sayyad
Baseer Ali
Theme music composerLalit Sen
Ashish Rego
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes1,836
ProducersEkta Kapoor
Shobha Kapoor
EditorsVishal Sharma
Vikas Sharma
Sandip Bhatt
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time22-23 minutes
Production companyBalaji Telefilms Limited
Original release
NetworkZee TV
Release12 July 2017 (2017-07-12) –
present (present)
Kumkum Bhagya

Plot edit

The Arora sisters, Preeta and Srishti, move to Mumbai following their father's dying wish to reunite with their mother, Sarla Arora. Preeta is appointed as a physiotherapist to the Luthra family matriarch Bani Luthra, whose younger grandson Karan, a popular cricket star, shares an adversarial relationship with her while the elder grandson Rishabh, a successful business tycoon, shares a rather cordial relationship. Karan and Preeta's alliance slowly blossoms into friendship and they gradually fall in love but do not confess it. Meanwhile, Karan's cousin Sameer and Srishti fall for each other.

Rishabh is set to marry Sherlyn. Karan and Preeta discover that Sherlyn is having a secret affair oblivious to the fact that the person with whom she is having affair is Preeta's fiancé, Prithvi. They try but fail to stop the wedding. Mahesh learns Sherlyn's truth but before he could tell anyone, he has an accident because of Sherlyn and Prithvi and is left comatose. Sherlyn lies that Preeta was behind Mahesh's accident, and everyone except Rishabh, start hating Preeta. Due to misunderstandings, Karan starts loathing Preeta.

On the day when Preeta was to marry Prithvi, Karan takes his place and marries her out of spite and leaves her. Kareena fixes Karan's marriage with his childhood friend and obsessive one-sided lover, Mahira. However, Preeta remarries Karan by replacing Mahira and returns to the Luthra house. Preeta soon expels Mahira from the house. Mahesh wakes up from coma but has amnesia.

Though Karan and Preeta reconcile, but Sherlyn and Prithvi continue to create obstacles to separate them. Prithvi manipulates Kritika into marrying him and they get married.

3 months later edit

Preeta realises that she is pregnant but soon she discovers it was a false pregnancy, saddening her and her family. They then adopt a child, Pihu. It is later revealed that Karan's college friend and one-sided lover, Sonakshi, made Preeta believe that it was not possible for her to conceive and the former gave her pills which unknowingly stopped her from conceiving. Sonakshi hires a goon to create an accident, in which Pihu dies. The Luthra family blames Preeta and expels her, while Karan expels Sonakshi for coercing him into marriage. Preeta leaves for Bangalore.

2 years later edit

Preeta is back in Mumbai and works as a physiotherapist at a clinic. She accidentally meets Mahesh who is irrational and has been confined in a mental institution. She then goes to the Luthra mansion where she learns about what happened in the past two years where Prithvi captured the Luthras' property and business, and that Mahesh suffers from mental illness because of Prithvi. Sherlyn and Prithvi bring a con woman named Natasha in the house to seduce Karan, so that he forgets Preeta but fails.

Preeta re-enters the Luthra mansion by presenting Mahesh's will defeating Prithvi's attempt to confiscate the Luthra property and business. She then resolves the family's problems and brings Rishabh back, who was stuck in Dubai due to a case plotted against him by Prithvi and Sherlyn. Rishabh exposes them. Thus, Sherlyn and Rishabh as well as Kritika and Prithvi get divorced. The Luthras overcome their hatred towards Preeta and accept her.

Sherlyn and Natasha convince Karan that Preeta and Rishabh are having an affair. Natasha and her boyfriend Roxy, push a drunk Karan off the dam and he is presumed to be dead. They then go into hiding. Preeta discovers that she is pregnant with Karan's child. The Luthras perform the custom, Chadar Andazi, where Rishabh marries Preeta to give her child a paternal identity.

5 years later edit

Preeta has given birth to her and Karan's daughter, Kavya. She and Rishabh have marriage in name only, moreover share a friendly and respectful relationship. Srishti and Sameer as well as Sherlyn and Prithvi are now married.

Karan is revealed to be alive but has suffered a memory loss plus plastic surgery after his accident. He is now known as Arjun Suryavanshi and is engaged to a businesswoman named Nidhi Hinduja who saved him. Later he regains his memory and sets out to destroy Rishabh and Preeta because he believes that they pushed him off the dam. He is accompanied by Nidhi's sister, Anjali.

After some series of events, Karan takes over Luthra mansion. He offers to allow the family members to stay in the house if Preeta marries him. Preeta gets several clues that Arjun is Karan so she agrees to his terms. The judge declares Rishabh and Preeta's marriage invalid, and they divorce. Preeta marries Karan, angering Anjali who is obsessed with Karan. The Luthras discover that Arjun is in fact Karan. Karan reveals his mission to destroy Rishabh and Preeta as he believed they pushed him off the dam. Rishabh and Preeta prove themselves innocent by showing him the CCTV footage of the dam on the day of his accident. Thus, Karan and Preeta reunite and Karan severs his ties with Anjali after learning of her misdeeds. The Luthra family have Natasha and Roxy arrested when they learn their truth.

Later, Preeta gives birth to fraternal twin sons, Rudraksh and Shaurya. Karan has Anjali arrested when she kidnaps Rudraksh and forces Karan to marry her in lieu of his son's life, but soon she escapes and hits them with a truck and kidnaps Rudraksh once again. Karan's face is disfigured and he falls into a coma. Preeta escapes from the accident, however the Luthras blame her for everything and expel her from the house. Preeta saves Rudraksh, but Anjali falls off a cliff and dies. Srishti then separates from Sameer due to his mistrust of her sister and for how the Luthras mistreated Preeta. The Luthras presume Rudraksh and Preeta dead.

20 years later edit

Srishti had renamed Rudraksh to Rajveer Arora after Preeta lost her memory, and they have moved to another city. She lets them think that Rajveer is her son who grows up to be kind-hearted, sharp-minded and confident guy. Preeta suffers panic attacks on trying to remember her past. Meanwhile Shaurya grows up to be over pampered, insecure and spoilt guy living with Luthras with Nidhi fostering him as mother while Karan who's now a business tycoon still mourns supposed deaths of Preeta and Rudraksh thinking she intentionally left him.

Soon Rajveer learns that he's Preeta's son and questions Srishti who tells him Preeta's past. He decides to move back to Mumbai with Preeta in his determination to get her lost honour back while hates Karan on learning about his marriage with Nidhi. However, bus boarded by them meets with an accident due to Shaurya's rash driving and they meet Dr. Palki Khurana who helps them medically and gets them a house on rent. Soon Rajveer and Shaurya establish hateful nature towards each other while Shaurya develops a soft-corner for Preeta. After a certain events, Rajveer gets appointed at Karan's company. Luthras' growing closeness with Rajveer makes Shaurya jealous and insecure.

Soon, Palki and Rajveer fall for each other. Nidhi plots to kill Preeta, but Srishti falls prey to her and slips into a coma with her face getting disfigured. Soon after, Nidhi learns that Rajveer is Rudraksh and plots to keep it a secret so that Karan stays away from him and Preeta. Rajveer-Palki and Shaurya-Shanaya's marriage alliances get fixed. Karan discovers that Rajveer is indeed his lost son Rudraksh and thinks Preeta intentionally kept him away from his son, but soon realizes she has lost her memories. Since Shaurya becomes obsessed with Palki, he starts plotting against Rajveer. Meanwhile, Palki senses Rajveer's distress and urges him to reveal, to which Rajveer discloses his revenge plan against Karan and the Luthras for Preeta's suffering. Soon, the Luthras learn of Preeta's memory loss and start despising her, fueling Rajveer's hatred even more. Meanwhile, Karan's rival businessman begins stalking Rajveer, thinking that Karan is involved in foul play with former as his spy while Varun is revealed to be cheating on Kavya with his wife Alia.

Cast edit

Main edit

  • Shraddha Arya as Dr. Preeta Arora Luthra: Sarla and Raghuveer's second daughter; Pragya, Bulbul and Srishti's sister; Karan's first wife; Rishabh's ex-wife; Pihu's adoptive mother; Kavya, Rajveer and Shaurya's mother (2017–present)
  • Dheeraj Dhoopar as Karan "TKL" Luthra: Rakhi and Mahesh's younger son; Rishabh and Ruchika's brother; Sameer and Kritika's cousin; Preeta and Nidhi's husband; Pihu's adoptive father; Kavya, Rajveer and Shaurya's father (2017–2022)
  • Manit Joura as Rishabh Luthra: Rakhi and Mahesh's elder son; Karan and Ruchika's brother; Sameer and Kritika's cousin; Sherlyn and Preeta's ex-husband; Kavya, Rajveer and Shaurya's uncle (2017–2021; 2022–2024)
  • Paras Kalnawat as Rajveer "Rudraksh" Arora Luthra: Preeta and Karan's elder twin son; Srishti's foster son and nephew; Pihu's adoptive younger brother; Kavya's younger and Shaurya's twin brother; Palki's love-interest and fiancé (2023–present)
  • Baseer Ali as Shaurya Luthra: A rap artist; Preeta and Karan's younger twin son; Pihu's adoptive brother; Kavya's younger and Rajveer's twin brother; Nidhi's foster and stepson; Shanaya's fiancé; Palki's one-sided obsessive lover (2023–present)
  • Sana Sayyad as Dr. Palki Khurana: Shailendra and Daljeet's eldest daughter; Shanaya and Mahi's elder sister; Sukhwinder's eldest granddaughter; Ketan's ex-fiancée; Rajveer's love-interest and fiancée (2023–present)

Recurring edit

  • Vijay Kashyap as Raghuveer Arora: Daljeet's son; Sarla's husband; Pragya, Bulbul, Preeta and Srishti's father; Pihu's adoptive grandfather; Kavya, Rajveer and Shaurya's grandfather (2017)
  • Supriya Shukla as Sarla Arora: Raghuveer's widow; Pragya, Bulbul, Preeta and Srishti's mother; Pihu's adoptive grandmother; Kavya, Rajveer and Shaurya's grandmother (2017–2022)
  • Anjum Fakih as Srishti Arora Luthra: Sarla and Raghuveer's youngest daughter; Pragya, Bulbul and Preeta's younger sister; Sameer's estranged wife; Rajveer's foster mother and aunt; Kavya and Shaurya's aunt (2017–2023)
  • Abhishek Kapoor as Sameer "Sammy" Luthra: Rishabh, Karan, Ruchika and Kritika's cousin; Srishti's estranged husband; Kavya, Rajveer and Shaurya's uncle (2017–2023)
  • Madhu Raja as Daljeet Arora: Matriarch of the Arora family; Raghuveer's mother; Pragya, Bulbul, Preeta and Srishti's grandmother; Pihu's adoptive great-grandmother; Kavya, Rajveer and Shaurya's great-grandmother (2017–2023)
  • Jasjeet Babbar as Janki: The Aroras' handmaiden (2017–2021)
    • Mehnaaz Shroff replaced Babbar as Janki (2021–2023)
  • Twinkle Vashisht as Kritika "Kriti" Luthra: Kareena's daughter; Rishabh, Karan, Ruchika and Sameer's cousin; Akshay's ex-fiancée; Prithvi's ex-wife (2017–present)
  • Mrinal Singh Lal as Ruchika Luthra: Mahesh and Rakhi's daughter; Rishabh and Karan's sister; Sameer and Kritika's cousin (2017)
  • Neelam Mehra as Bani Luthra: Matriarch of the Luthra family; Mahesh, Suresh and Kareena's mother; Rishabh, Karan, Kritika, Sameer and Ruchika's grandmother; Pihu's adoptive paternal great-grandmother; Kavya, Rajveer and Shaurya's paternal great-grandmother (2017–present)
  • Naveen Saini as Mahesh Luthra: Bani's elder son; Suresh and Kareena's brother; Rakhi's husband; Karan, Rishabh and Ruchika's father; Pihu's adoptive grandfather; Kavya, Rajveer and Shaurya's grandfather (2017–present)
  • Anisha Hinduja as Rakhi Luthra: Mahesh's wife; Rishabh, Karan and Ruchika's mother; Pihu's adoptive grandmother; Kavya, Rajveer and Shaurya's grandmother (2017–present)
  • Pyumori Mehta Ghosh as Kareena Luthra: Bani's daughter; Mahesh and Suresh's sister; Kritika's mother (2017)
  • Sahil Phull as Deepak: Preeta's ex-fiancé (2017)
  • Shyn Khurana as Malishka: Karan's ex-girlfriend (2017)
  • Ruhi Chaturvedi as Sherlyn Khurana Malhotra: Sanjana's daughter; Rishabh's ex-wife; Prithvi's wife (2017–2023)
  • Sanjana Phadke as Sanjana Khurana: Sherlyn's mother; Kareena's friend (2017–2022)
  • Roma Arora as Sofia: Karan's former girlfriend (2017–2018)
  • Sanjay Gagnani as Prithvi Malhotra: Pawan's brother; Preeta's ex-fiancé; Kritika's ex-husband; Sherlyn's husband (2017–2023)
  • Ajay Basnur as Girish: Luthra's servant; Girija's husband (2017–present)
  • Mahira Sharma as Monisha Sharma: Karan's ex-fiancée (2018–2019)
  • Isha Anand Sharma as Tapsee: Prithvi's former girlfriend (2018)
  • Aman Gandhi as Ritvik: Monisha's boyfriend; Prithvi's friend and ally (2018)
  • Mandeep Bamra as Vicky (2019)
  • Aashish Mehrotra as Akshay Ahuja: Ruchika's boyfriend; Megha's husband; Kritika's ex-fiancé (2017)
    • Mukul Harish replaced Mehrotra as Akshay (2018)
    • Naveen Sharma replaced Harish as Akshay (2021)
  • Girish Thapar as Mr. Ahuja: Akshay's father (2017–2018; 2021)
  • Parveen Kaur as Mrs. Ahuja: Akshay's mother (2017–2018; 2021)
  • Swati Kapoor as Mahira Khanna: Karan's one-sided obsessive lover and ex-fiancée; Ramona's daughter (2019–2021)
  • Kasturi Banerjee as Ramona Khanna: Mahira's mother (2019–2020)
  • Akshay Raj Jawrani as Shiv: Karan's friend; Preeta's one-sided lover (2019)
  • Ankit Gupta as Pawan Malhotra: Prithvi's younger brother (2020–2021)
  • Saptrishi Ghosh as Suresh Luthra: Bani's younger son; Mahesh and Kareena's brother; Pammi's husband (2021)
  • Shravani Goswami as Parminder "Pammi" Luthra: Suresh's wife (2021)
  • Priyanka Zemse as Ruchika: Akshay's girlfriend (2021)
  • Ruchita Anchor as Megha Ahuja: Akshay's wife (2021)
  • Mansi Srivastava as Sonakshi Raichand: Karan's college friend and one-sided obsessive lover (2021)
  • Hemant Choudhary as Yashvardhan Raichand: Sonakshi's father (2021)
  • Giriraj Kabra as Rajat Bedi: Sonakshi's fiancé (2021)
  • Trupti Mishra as Dr. Deepali (2021)
  • Swarna Pandey as Pihu Luthra: Preeta and Karan's adopted daughter; Kavya, Rajveer and Shaurya's adoptive elder sister (2021)
  • Rishika Nag as Natasha Khurana/Payal: A con-woman and Sherlyn's fake younger cousin sister (2021–2022; 2023)
  • Gaurav Bora as Roxy: Natasha's boyfriend (2022; 2023)
  • Vipin Sharma as Nagre: Prithvi's advocate (2021–2022)
  • Niya Sharma as Nidhi "Nidz" Hinduja Luthra: Anjali's elder sister; Arjun's widow; Aarohi's best-friend; Shaurya's foster and step-mother; Karan's second wife and one-sided obsessive lover (2022)
  • Sonal Vengurlekar as Anjali Hinduja: Karan's one-sided obsessive lover; Nidhi's younger sister; Rajveer's kidnapper (2022–2023)
  • Prince Abhimanyu Singh Gill as Vipin: Rajveer's neighbour and friend (2023)
  • Preeth Balyaya as Sandy: Shaurya's friend (2023–present)
  • Rishabh Jaiswal as Sanju: Shaurya's friend (2023)
  • Rose Sardana as Mahi Khurana: Shailendra and Daljeet's youngest daughter; Palki's and Shanaya's younger sister; Sukhwinder's youngest granddaughter; Shaurya's fan; Rajveer's admirer; an aspiring model (2023)
  • Farukh Saeed as Shailendra Khurana: Sukhwinder's son; Gurpreet's brother; Daljeet's husband; Palki, Shanaya and Mahi's father (2023–present)
  • Roma Bali as Daljeet Khurana: Shailendra's wife; Palki, Shanaya and Mahi's mother (2023–present)
  • Niju Machhan as Gurpreet Khurana Bajwa: Sukhwinder's daughter; Shailendra's sister; Mohit's mother; Palki, Shanaya and Mahi's aunt; Rajveer and Preeta's landlady (2023–present)
  • Sohil Singh Jhuti as Mohit Bajwa: Gurpreet's son; Palki, Shanaya and Mahi's cousin; Sukhwinder's grandson; Rajveer's best-friend (2023–present)
  • Abhishek Sharma as Ketan Bansal: Mr. Bansal and Jasbir's son; a filmmaker; Palki's ex-fiancé (2023)
  • Ridhi Budhkar as Jasbir Bansal: Mr. Bansal's wife; Ketan's mother (2023)
  • Meera Sarang as Aarohi aka Roh: Nidhi's best-friend (2023–present)
  • Sneha Das as Shreya: Palki's friend (2023)
  • Mrinal Navell Chandra as Kavya "Kavu" Luthra: Karan and Preeta's daughter; Pihu's adoptive younger sister; Rajveer and Shaurya's elder sister; Varun's fiancée (2023–present)
    • Ananya Gambhir as young Kavya (2022–2023)
  • Vivek Doshi as Viper: Shaurya's friend; a social media influencer; rap and hip-hop artist (2023)
  • Aashish Trivedi as Varun Gill: Gautam and Roma's elder son; Rahul's brother; Aliya's husband; Kavya's fiancé; Karan's business partner (2023–present)
  • Gayatri Soham as Roma Gill: Gautam's wife; Varun and Rahul's mother (2023)
    • Naina Gupta replaced Soham as Roma (2024–present)
  • Farooq Khan as Gautam Gill: Varun and Rahul's father; Roma's husband (2023)
    • Rajesh Sharma replaced Khan as Gautam (2024–present)
  • Guneet Sharma as Rahul Gill: Varun's brother; Gautam and Roma's younger son (2023)
  • Shalini Mahal as Shanaya "Sona" Khurana: Shailendra and Daljeet's younger daughter; Palki and Mahi's sister; Sukhwinder's younger granddaughter; Rajveer's admirer; a fashion designer; Shaurya's fiancée (2023–present)
  • Aashish Kaul as Dr. Avinash: Shailendra and Gurpreet's friend; Palki's senior; Bani's doctor (2023)
  • Priyanjali Uniyal as Priyanka: Palki's friend (2023)
  • Pankaj Bijlani as Inspector Surya: Yash's father; Karan's old rival; Narcotics Bureau officer (2023–2024)
  • Charanjit Kaur as Sukhwinder Khurana: Shailendra and Gurpreet's mother; Palki, Mohit, Shanaya and Mahi's grandmother (2024–present)
  • Kajal Jain as Aliya Gill: Varun's wife (2024–present)

Guests edit

Year Actor Occasion
2018 Varun Dhawan Ganesh Utsav
Ravi Dubey
Vivek Dahiya
Arjun Bijlani
Sheen Dass
Akshay Mhatre
Pranav Mishra
Jyoti Sharma
Disha Parmar
Krip Suri
Yesha Rughani
Divyanka Tripathi
Dipika Kakar
Sanjeeda Sheikh
Gauahar Khan
Siddharth Nigam
Samiksha Jaiswal
Karan Vohra
Arjit Taneja
Aditi Sharma
2019 Silambarasan Ganesh Utsav
Katrina Kaif
Isha Talwar
Nithya Menen
Shwetha Bandekar
Rakul Preet Singh
Naga Chaitanya
Akhil Akkineni
Sunidhi Chauhan
V. V. Vinayak
Lollu Sabha Jeeva
Ram Kapoor
Sundar C
2021 Ankita Lokhande To promote Pavitra Rishta: Its Never Too Late
Shaheer Sheikh
Jeetendra Ganesh Utsav
Aishwarya Khare
Rohit Suchanti
Shabir Ahluwalia
Sriti Jha
Mugdha Chaphekar
Krishna Kaul
Adhvik Mahajan
Amandeep Sidhu
Vrushika Mehta
2023 Ayushmann Khurrana To promote Dream Girl 2[3]
Ananya Panday
Krishna Kaul Rishton Ki Deepavali[4]
Mugdha Chaphekar
Shabir Ahluwalia
Aishwarya Khare
Rohit Suchanti
Arjun Bijlani
Nikki Sharma
Navika Kotia
Arjit Taneja To promote Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye

Production edit

Filming edit

The production and airing of the show was halted indefinitely in late March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[5] Due to the outbreak, the filming of television series and films was halted on 19 March 2020 and expected to resume on 1 April 2020 but could not and the series was last broadcast on 24 March 2020 when the remaining episodes were aired.[6][7][8] After three months, the production and filming of the series resumed on 29 June 2020 and broadcast to resume from 13 July 2020.[9][10][11]

Casting edit

In January 2022, Supriya Shukla playing Sarla Arora quit the show saying, "I had done everything as Sarla but there was not much left for me to do".[12]

First generation title screen featuring Shraddha Arya and Shakti Arora

In June 2022, actor Dheeraj Dhoopar, who played Karan Luthra, quit the series due to personal reasons and was replaced by Shakti Arora.[13][14]

In January 2023, a twenty-year generation leap and a new generation of leads were announced.[15] Arora, who replaced Dhoopar as Karan, quit owing to the generation leap, stating he didn't want to play a father to grown-ups and wanted to explore other things.[16][17] Arora was then replaced by Shakti Anand after the leap.[18][19] Sanjay Gagnani, who portrayed Prithvi Malhotra, also announced his decisions to quit the series as he wanted to take up new opportunities.[20] Shraddha Arya, who portrays Preeta Luthra, decided to continue as a mother to the new generation. Later in March 2023, Sonal Vengurlekar, playing Anjali Hinduja, also announced her decision to quit after the generation leap because she didn't wanted to age onscreen.[21] Ruhi Chaturvedi, who portrayed Sherlyn Khurana, also quit right before leap as she wanted to explore more as an actress.[22]

Paras Kalnawat and Sana Sayyad were introduced as new leads with Kalnawat as one of Preeta's twin sons, Rajveer Arora Luthra and Sayyad as Dr. Palki Khurana[23] while debutante Baseer Ali was cast as negative lead and another twin son of Preeta, Shaurya Luthra.[24][25][26] In the same month, Rose Sardana was cast to play Mahi Khurana, Palki's sister.[27]

In May 2023, Anjum Fakih portraying Srishti Arora, who had initially taken a break from the show for participating in Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 13, later confirmed quitting as her role was no longer challenging after the leap,[28] but also said that she will return back if the story requires her character,[29] and she reprised her role in July 2023, post her stint in the adventure-based reality show.[30] However she permanently quit the series in October 2023 to explore new projects by calling it the most difficult decision, and the storyline showcased Srishti ending up in coma with severe facial and physical burns due to Nidhi's murder attempt on her.[31][32]

Later Abhishek Kapoor who portrayed Sameer Luthra too quit the series to try new spaces as an actor.[33] In June 2023, Ira Sone portraying Nidhi quit the series and Akanksha Juneja replaced her.[34] Later in the following month, Mrinal Navell Chandra was cast to play grown-up Kavya Luthra replacing Ananya Gambhir who played Kavya's younger version,[35] while Aashish Trivedi was cast opposite her as Varun and Guneet Sharma was cast to play his brother Rahul.[36][37] In the following month, Shalini Mahal joined the cast as Palki's sister Shanaya Khurana.[38]

In February 2024, Manit Joura portraying Rishabh Luthra quit after being a part of the show for seven long years saying that he realized his journey in the show was over and an intelligent actor knows where to stop.[39] While Rajesh Sharma replaced Farooq Khan as Goutam Gill in same month.[40]

Reception edit

Impact edit

Kundali Bhagya is one of the longest-running Indian television series. It took its generation leap on 16 March 2023 and completed its 1500 episodes on 10 April 2023.[41]

Anjum Fakih's character was slated to be negative after three months from the day of premiere of the show, but the love of audience to her positive character made the production revoke their decision.[42]

Awards and nominations edit

Year Award Category Recipient Result Ref.
2018 Gold Awards Best Actress (Popular) Shraddha Arya Won [43]
Best Actress in Supporting Role (Popular) Anjum Fakih
Best Actor in Supporting Role (Popular) Manit Joura
Best Actress in Negative Role (Popular) Ruhi Chaturvedi Nominated [44]
Best Actor in Negative Role (Popular) Sanjay Gagnani
Best Actor (Popular) Dheeraj Dhoopar
Best Television Show (Popular) Ekta Kapoor
Indian Television Academy Awards Best Actress In A Negative Role Ruhi Chaturvedi Nominated [45]
Best Actor In A Negative Role Sanjay Gagnani
2019 Indian Telly Awards Best Daily Series (Popular) Ekta Kapoor Nominated [46]
Best Jodi (Popular) Dheeraj Dhoopar and Shraddha Arya
Best Actor In Lead Role Female (Popular) Shraddha Arya
Best Actor in Supporting Role Male (Popular) Manit Joura
Best Actor in Supporting Role Female (Popular) Anjum Fakih
Best Actor in Negative Role Male (Popular) Sanjay Gagnani
Best Actor in Negative Role Female (Popular) Ruhi Chaturvedi
Gold Awards Best Actress Female (Popular) Shraddha Arya Won [47]
Best Actor Male (Popular) Dheeraj Dhoopar Won
Best Onscreen Jodi (Popular) Shraddha Arya and Dheeraj Dhoopar Nominated
Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female) Anjum Fakih Nominated
Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Male) Manit Joura Nominated
Best Actor in Negative Role Male (Popular) Sanjay Gagnani Nominated
Best Actor in Negative Role Male (Critics) Won
Best Actress in Negative Role Female (Popular) Ruhi Chaturvedi Nominated
Best TV Show (Popular) Ekta Kapoor Won
Indian Television Academy Awards Best Actor (Popular) Dheeraj Dhoopar Won [citation needed]
Best Show (Popular) Ekta Kapoor
Best Actress (Popular) Shraddha Arya Nominated
2022 Best Actor in Lead Role (Popular) Dheeraj Dhoopar Nominated [48]
Best Actress in Lead Role (Popular) Shraddha Arya
Best Television Show - Fiction (Popular) Ekta Kapoor

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