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Aap Kaa Surroor (album)

Aap Kaa Surroor (Hindi: आप का सुरूर) is a 2006 album by Bollywood music composer Himesh Reshammiya. Reshammiya's first film was named Aap Kaa Surroor due to the success of this album. The album was a blockbuster hit among masses and one of the most selling Non-film Hindi Music album.

Aap Kaa Surroor
Studio album by
ReleasedJanuary 19, 2006 (2006-01-19)
Himesh Reshammiya chronology
Tera Meraa Dil
Aap Kaa Surroor
Aap Se Mausiiquii
External audio
Aap Ka Suroor Jukebox Part-1 on YouTube
Aap Ka Suroor Remix Jukebox on YouTube



All these songs were sung by Himesh Reshammiya and lyrics were penned by Sameer

CD 1Edit

  1. "Tera Surroor"
  2. "Naam Hai Tera"
  3. "Samjho Na."
  4. "I Love You O Sayyoni"
  5. "Tu Yaad Na Aaye Aisa Koi Din Nahin"
  6. "Mere Lamhon Ki Aarzoo"
  7. "Aashiqana Hai Dil"
  8. "Chhed De Pyar Di Baat"
  9. "Chahe Gila Karo"
  10. "Wada Tainu"
  11. "Nachle It's Folkish"
  12. "Aap Kaa Surroor"

CD 2 (Remixes)Edit

  1. "Tera Surroor (remix by Dj Veeru) - with DJ Veeru
  2. "Naam Hai Tera (remix)"
  3. "Samjho Na (remix)"
  4. "I Love You O Sayyoni (remix)"
  5. "Nachle It's Folkish (remix )"
  6. "Mere Lamhon Ki Aarzoo (remix)"
  7. "Chhed De Pyar Dil Baat (remix)"
  8. "Aashiqana Hai Dil (remix)"
  9. "Tu Yaad Na Aaye Aisa Koi Din Nahin (remix)"
  10. "Tera Surroor (unplugged)"
  11. "Mere Lamhon Ki Aarzoo (unplugged)"
  12. "Chahe Gila Karo (Unplugged)"

Music videosEdit

Reshammiya's songs consistently deal with romantic notions of love, which is reflected in his music videos. Most of his videos are love triangles or deal with situations where a person for some reason fails in communicating his love.[1]

Tera SurroorEdit

"Tera Surroor" was the first of the videos to be released from this album. The music video begins with Reshammiya performing for a small audience. At the same time, it is also indirectly addressed to his violinist (played by Minisha Lamba) and love interest and the entry of another woman in his life arouses her suspicion and the video ends with him tearfully holding an "I love you" card the violinist wrote him. This version was remixed by DJ Akbar Sami.[2] A remix video is also available for this title song.[3]

Naam Hai TeraEdit

The second of the videos is "Naam Hai Tera"; it featured Deepika Padukone playing one of the two female leads in the video. Like the first video in the album, even this one ends inconclusively. The remix version of the same song had a very upbeat feel to it: actually being more of a dance number than an extension of the song and its sad lyrics.[4] A remix song also featuring Deepika Padukone is also available in different sequence.[5]

Samjho Na Kuch To Samjho NaEdit

The video for "Samjho Na Kuch To Samjho Na" also featured a love triangle. Sonal Chauhan first appeared in this music video as Reshammiya's love interest. It tells that Reshammiya wasn't able to express his love. In this video, Reshammiya, is seen playing the Guitar.[6][7]

I Love You SayyoniEdit

It featuring Nihaar Pandya and a beautiful model Candice Boucher (Durban, South Africa) who is kept captive by her other lover and Reshammiya succeeds in getting her to Nihaal.[8][9]

Wada TainuEdit

Also made into music video. it featured Yuvika Chaudhary as the lead who's getting married to someone else but loved Reshammiya.[10]

Tu Yaad Na AayeEdit

A video song has also been made of the song Tu Yaad Na Aaye Aisa Koi Din Nehi. The video starts with people praying for a dead girl in graveyard, who used to be Reshammiya's love interest. Then the song starts with Reshammiya recording a song in studio memorizing those moments he spent with her.[11]

Chhed De Pyaar Ki BaatEdit

The video song depicts a girl fan of Reshammiya and her Boyfriend's story in a Club.[12]

Nachhle- Its FolkishEdit

There is a video song of the song shows Reshammiya singing among girl dancers and masses and in between them he has an illusion of his love interest.[13]


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