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Aaina (1977 film)

Aaina (lit. Mirror) is a 1977 Indian Bollywood film starring Mumtaz in the lead role and A. K. Hangal, Nirupa Roy, Lalita Pawar, Jayasudha and Madan Puri in supporting roles. The music is given by Naushad. This film has a special appearance by Rajesh Khanna. The 2007 film, Laaga Chunari Mein Daag has a similar plot to that of Aaina, with Rani Mukerji reprising Mumtaz's role as a prostitute. This was Mumtaz's second to last film, preceding Aandhiyan (1990).

Aaina 1977.jpg
Directed byK. Balachander
Produced byL. Duraiswamy,
N. Selvaraj
Written by
Music byNaushad
CinematographyB. S. Lokanath
Edited byN. R. Kittu
Kalakendra Films
Release date
11 March 1977
Running time
150 min

The film is directed by director K. Balachander. He had filmed the same story before: the Tamil film Arangetram (1973), with Kamal Haasan, Pramila and Sivakumar.[1] The film is about a Brahmin girl becoming a sex worker to support her mother and siblings. This film was Kamal Haasan's first Hindi film, though he was cast in a very unimportant role of an assistant director of shooting a film of Dharmendra and Neetu Singh.


Ram Shashtri, an upper Caste Hindu Brahmin, lives in a small village in India, but has a very large family, consisting of his wife, Savitri, five daughters and three sons. Ram performs prayers and last rites for the Hindu community, and it is through these meagre earnings that the entire household survives. The eldest is a daughter by name Shalini, who silently falls in love with Ashok J. Rao, the son of the Village Mukhiya, Jagannath. As the Raos are of a much lower caste than the Shastris, Ashok is told by his dad that he cannot marry Shalini. One day, after an argument with his dad, he leaves to join the army, and a few weeks later a telegram is received by Jagannath that Ashok is no more. As Ram is unable to get more assignments, Savitri attempts to poison the entire family, but Shalini stops her in time. She gets a job and is able to get the family to get back up on its feet. Her brother, Gautam, wants to be a doctor, so she arranges for his studies, while her sister, Poorna, wants to be a singer, and a music teacher is arranged. Then Shalini leaves her village to travel to Poona to get her brother's admission to Medical College, with considerable success, and from thence on there is no looking back for this family. Shalini gets a raise and an offer for a big pay-raise if she re-locates to the capital, Delhi, which she does. She sends plenty of money so her dad does not have to work, and her siblings can carry on with their respective studies. Then Shalini's sister, Girja, meets a young man, Raju, and both fall in love. Gautam, now a doctor, is in love with the Tehsildar's daughter, Usha, and wants to marry her. Shalini returns home to attend the two marriages. The marriages take place with great pomp and ceremony and everyone compliments Shalini, for without her efforts, the family would have been destitute. But after the weddings, her life will be changed forever, she will lose all respect from her family, she will be treated as an outcast and forced to leave the house. The question remains, why would Shalini be ill-treated by her very own family, and if so, what will become of her?

In the end, she was disowned by her family and nobody appreciated her efforts for whatever she did to provide for the financial support. And when everyone else discarded her, Ashok accepted her for what she is and married her with the blessings of his father and Shalini's mother.




Soundtrack album by
GenreFeature film soundtrack
1."Dharti Hansti Hai Chhalke Masti"Jan Nisar AkhtarLata Mangeshkar4:02
2."Jane Kya Hojaye"Jan Nisar AkhtarMohammed Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar3:22
3."Kaho To Aaj Bol Doon"Jan Nisar AkhtarAsha Bhosle2:52
4."Woh Jo Auron Ki Khatir"Jan Nisar AkhtarLata Mangeshkar4:47
5."Ghyan Dhyan Ki" ?0:53
6."Sa Re Ga Ma" ?2:20
7."Teri Dulhan Badi Jaadugarni" Vani Jairam 


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