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A Rocha is an international network of environmental organisations with a Christian ethos. A Rocha, which means "the rock" in Portuguese (see entry Rocha), was founded in Portugal in 1983[12]

A Rocha
MottoConservation and Hope
PredecessorA Rocha Trust[1]
Founded13 December 1983;
35 years ago
FounderMiranda and Peter Harris[2]
Typeenvironmental NGO network
Focuscommunity-based conservation projects[3]
HeadquartersLondon, UK
OriginsConstituted in the UK[4]
Area served
International chair
Rebecca Irvin[5]
Key people
Simon Stuart (trustee, ARI)[6]RJ ‘Sam’ Berry, James Jones, Chris Wright (Council of Reference, ARI)[7] • Chris Naylor (Executive Director, ARI)[8]Andy Atkins (CEO, UK)[9] • Rev Dave Bookless (Director of Theology, ARI)[10]
GBP 0.8M for ARI (2017),[4] £4.6M globally[11]:18 (2016)
144 (FTE)[11]:20


The organisation network is constituted by A Rocha International (ARI), as a supporting body, and other organisations, which can be National Organizations or Associated Projects. Each organisation is independent.[13]

As of 2016, A Rocha is working in several countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Ghana, India, Kenya, Lebanon, Netherlands, New Zealand/Aotearoa, Nigeria, Peru, Portugal, South Africa, Switzerland, Uganda, United Kingdom, and United States.[13] There are ongoing conversations with other potential groups around the world, particularly in East and Southeast Asia.[11]:8–9

A Rocha's modus operandi is based on five guiding principles: Christian, Conservation, Community, Cooperation, and Cross-Cultural.[3]


A Rocha aims to protect the environment through local, community-based conservation, scientific research, and environmental education,[14] and they have “a track record of successes”.[15]

A bird ringer ageing a Hoopoe at the Cruzinha field studies centre, Portugal

A Rocha operates field study centres in Canada (two centres), France (two centres), India, Kenya, Portugal[16] and also in the Czech Republic.[17] These serve primarily as a base for A Rocha's and other organisations’ field studies and for environmental education, and most also offer accommodation for visitors.

Areas of A Rocha's work include:

  • Species and landscape surveying and monitoring, such as raptor counts in Pembina Valley, Canada,[18] camera trapping of mammals in India,[19] the Kenya Bird Map,[20] dry grassland biodiversity surveys in Switzerland[21] and mapping tropical forests using unmanned aerial vehicles[22][23]
  • Habitat and species restoration projects, such as mangrove restoration projects in Ghana,[24] and improving breeding chances for Grey-faced petrels by eradicating invasive mammals, restoring habitats and deploying artificial nests in Raglan, New Zealand[25]
  • Reducing human–wildlife conflict in India, notably with elephants[26][27] and leopards[28]
  • Setting up private or public parks and reserves such as the Kirosa Scott Reserve in Kenya,[29] and Foxearth Reserve[30] and Minet Country Park in the UK
  • Enlarging and campaigning for the safeguarding of existing natural and protected areas, such as the Atewa Forest in Ghana,[31] and the Alvor Estuary in Portugal[32][33]
  • Bridging biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods, such as via sustainable agriculture and community garden projects across Canada;[34] the Arabuko-Sokoke Schools and Eco-tourism Scheme in Kenya;[26][35] the establishment of CREMAs (community resource management areas) around Mole National Park[26] and Lake Bosumtwi,[36] Ghana; and training community members in Uganda to construct bio-sand water filters[37]
  • Environmental education activities and resources, such as the Wild Lebanon website in Lebanon[38] and "creation care camps" in the USA[39]
  • Carbon footprint reduction and mitigation projects, such as producing charcoal briquettes from waste in Uganda,[40] the "Eco Church" church greening programme in the UK,[41] and running "Climate Stewards", a global programme which encourages people to reduce their carbon footprint, and accepts donations to offset emissions via community forestry and cookstove projects in Ghana, Kenya and Mexico[42]
  • Cooperating worldwide for nature conservation, such as being a member of IUCN[43] and IUCN's European Habitats Forum[44]
  • Engaging Christian communities with the relevance of nature conservation to the Christian faith, through conferences,[45] speaking engagements,[46] books[8] and papers,[10] and partnerships such as the Lausanne/WEA Creation Care Network[47]

A Rocha also serves as an Erasmus+ / European Voluntary Service agency in France,[48] the Netherlands[49] and Portugal.[50]


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