A Hit Is a Hit

"A Hit Is a Hit" is the 10th episode of the HBO original series The Sopranos. Written by Joe Bosso and Frank Renzulli, and directed by Matthew Penn, it originally aired on March 14, 1999.

"A Hit Is a Hit"
The Sopranos episode
Episode no.Season 1
Episode 10
Directed byMatthew Penn
Written byJoe Bosso
Frank Renzulli
Cinematography byPhil Abraham
Production code110
Original air dateMarch 14, 1999
Running time53 minutes
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Paulie, Chris, and Pussy rob and kill a Colombian drug dealer. They get a huge amount of cash — as Tony says, a once-in-a-lifetime score.

Chris and Adriana get to know Massive Genius, a rich gangsta rapper, and Chris arranges a sit-down between him and Hesh. Massive says he is acting on behalf of the mother of a deceased black singer whose royalties Hesh stole, and now claims $400,000. Hesh refuses, and later counter-claims: there is an unauthorized sampling by Massive's record label of a song that Hesh's label still controls. Massive says he will call his lawyers. When the conversation is over, Tony and his crew jeer at this modern-day gangster who goes through the law.

Adriana proposes that she should pursue a career as a music producer, and that Massive can help. Chris, flush with money, agrees to finance a demo for the band Visiting Day, whose singer, Richie Santini, is Adriana's ex-boyfriend. The demo recording progresses slowly and badly and eventually Chris smashes Richie's guitar over his back. He realizes that the band isn't any good and that Massive's only interest is in Adriana. When he tells her this, she accuses him of trying to hold her back and storms out.

Carmela wonders whether she and the children will be all right if anything happens to Tony; he smiles enigmatically. A friend introduces her to the stock market and gives her a tip; she buys and profits. She tells Meadow that a woman has to keep her individuality.

Tony would like to mix with meddigans, members of straight society, and after some hesitation accepts Dr. Cusamano's invitation to play a round of golf at his country club. But the other golfers pester and embarrass him with questions about crime and criminals. As he tells Dr. Melfi, he felt he was being "used for somebody else's entertainment, like a dancing bear." As for joining the club, Cusamano tells him later that the books are closed.

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  • The title refers to the slang term for a mafia-ordered murder, or a "hit". The episode opens with a hit on a Colombian drug dealer, and while hosting Tony in a golf game at his country club, Bruce Cusamano refers to mobster Carmine Galante's assassination as a "fuckin' beautiful hit".
  • Giving the title a double-meaning, "Hesh" Rabkin mentions to Christopher that he knows a hit song when he hears one, saying "a hit is a hit" and that the band Visiting Day's song is not a hit, and they are not particularly talented.

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  • While golfing with Bruce Cusamano and his friends, they ask him if he had ever met John Gotti; Tony tells a made-up story about Gotti's fondness for a certain kind of ice cream truck, which enthralls them.
  • A jealous Christopher complains to Adriana that Massive Genius lives in The Hamptons where he is visited by Alec Baldwin and Whitney Houston.
  • Christopher names what he considers to be "great Italian singers:" Frankie Valli, Dion, and The Rascals. Adriana then puts on a Bon Jovi song as "Paisan pride."
  • When Adriana asks what "experts" Christopher discussed the Visiting Day demo with, he names Hesh and also Silvio, who he says used to own "rock clubs in Asbury". Steven Van Zandt is a Springsteen side-man and a key figure in the Asbury music scene.


  • The song played when Tony, Christopher and Paulie celebrate their big score at a hotel with their goomahs is "A Dreamer's Holiday" by Ray Anthony.
  • The song played when Christopher and Adriana come to a party at Massive Genius' mansion is "DJ Keep Playin' (Get Your Music On)" by Yvette Michele.
  • Earlier in the episode, while Christopher and Adriana talk about their tastes in music, she plays "You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi.
  • When Christopher and Adriana hatch their music management plan over dinner, the background song is "Decara a la pared" from Lhasa De Sela's album "La Llorona".
  • The song played when Christopher and Adriana take Massive Genius to a club to watch Visiting Day perform. Also later, when Visiting Day try to cut their record; and later still, when Adriana plays the song for Massive Genius, and Christopher plays the song for Hesh is "Erase Myself" by the fictional band Visiting Day.
  • The song played when Hesh looks over his mementos from his days running a record label is "Fools Follow Angels" by Little Jimmy Willis.
  • The background song when Adriana is modeling her black dress for Christopher near the end of the episode is "Why" by Annie Lennox.
  • The song played in one of the closing scenes, which Hesh hears and then says to Christopher, "Now that is a hit", is "Nobody Loves Me But You" by Dori Hartley.
  • The songs performed by the episode's fictional band, Visiting Day/Defiler, were created and performed bespoke by Gregg Wattenberg and Nick Fowler, and "Defiler" is played over the end credits.

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