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ARM Accredited Engineer (AAE) is a program of professional accreditations awarded by ARM Holdings. The AAE program is designed for computer software and hardware engineers wishing to validate their knowledge of ARM technology.[1] The program was launched in 2012[2][3] at a series of events including ARM TechCon 2012.[4][5][6]

The AAE program consists of a number of certifications, each with their own syllabus, and each assessed by means of a separate one-hour multiple-choice exam.

The AAE program was ended in 2016.[7]



Two accreditations are not currently available. Others will be launched over the next few years.

ARM Accredited Engineer (AAE)Edit

AAE, an entry-level accreditation, was the first to be launched. The AAE syllabus covers software-related aspects of the ARMv7 Architecture, with a specific focus on Cortex-A and Cortex-R profiles, including applications processors and real-time processors. The syllabus does not cover Cortex-M systems. The AAE certification is aimed at general embedded software and systems developers who have a broad knowledge of ARM technology.

The syllabus covers the following subject areas:

  • ARM architecture (30%)
  • Software development (30%)
  • Software optimization (15%)
  • System (10%)
  • Software debug (8%)
  • Implementation (7%)[8]

ARM Accredited MCU Engineer (AAME)Edit

The AAME accreditation was launched on 16 September 2013. It is an entry-level accreditation, similar to the basic AAE accreditation, but focused on the ARMv7 Cortex-M profile. This accreditation is aimed at general embedded software engineers with a broad knowledge of ARM technology, with a bias toward microcontrollers.

The syllabus covers the following subject areas:

  • ARM architecture (35%)
  • Software development (30%)
  • Debug (13%)
  • Software optimization (10%)
  • Implementation (7%)
  • System Startup (5%)

Other accreditationsEdit

The following accreditations are being considered for launch between 2013 and 2016:

  • ARM Accredited Cortex-A Engineer (AACAE)
  • ARM Accredited Cortex-R Engineer (AACRE)
  • AA Windows on ARM Developer (AAWoAD)
  • AA Linux on ARM Developer (AALoAD)
  • AA Android on ARM Developer (AAAoAD)
  • AA Graphics Specialist (AAGS)
  • AA Security Specialist (AASS)
  • ARM Accredited Cortex-M Engineer (AACME)
  • ARM Accredited SoC Developer (AASoCD)
  • ARM Accredited SoC Specialist (AASoCS)


All AAE Program exams are delivered by Prometric Inc. as supervised, computer-based tests on dedicated test platforms throughout their network of 10,000 Authorized Prometric Test Centers (APTCs) around the world.[9] There are 70 multiple choice questions. Candidates are given one hour to complete the test. Results are issued instantly on-screen. Grades are either pass or fail - no letter or percentage grades are issued. On passing the exam, candidates can also request a paper certificate to be mailed to them.


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