7th General Assembly of Nova Scotia

A writ for the election of the 7th General Assembly of Nova Scotia was issued on Jan. 22, 1793, returnable by March 20, 1793. The assembly convened on March 20, 1793, held seven sessions, and was dissolved on October 11, 1799.



Dates of specific sessions are under research.

Governor and Council


Technically, Gov. Carleton was appointed not as governor general, but as Governor of Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and St. John's Island (four simultaneous appointments). Since a governor only has power when actually in their jurisdiction, the three additional appointments were effectively meaningless, with Lt. Gov. Wentworth serving as acting governor.

The members of the Council are currently under research.

House of Assembly




Division of seats


The customary assignment of seats was continued: 4 seats assigned to Halifax County, 2 seats to the other counties and to Halifax Township, and 1 seat to the other townships, for a total of 39 seats.



Note: Unless otherwise noted, members were elected at the general election, and took their seats at the convening of the assembly. By-elections are special elections held to fill specific vacancies. When a member is noted as having taking their seat on a certain date, but a by-election isn't noted, the member was elected at the general election but arrived late.


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