5 (disambiguation)

5 is a number, numeral, and glyph.

5, five or number 5 may also refer to:

  • AD 5, the fifth year of the AD era
  • 5 BC, the fifth year before the AD era



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  • #5, the pseudonym of American musician Craig Jones, when performing with Slipknot
  • Five (group), a British boy band, stylised 5ive
  • The5, a collective of Arab boy singers with band members from Algeria, Morocco, Egypt and Lebanon
  • The Five (composers), a group of 19th-century Russian composers





  • BMW 5 Series, a 1972–present German mid-size car
  • Buick Velite 5, a 2017–2019 Chinese compact hybrid electric liftback
  • Chery Arrizo 5, a 2016–present Chinese compact sedan
  • Chery Tiggo 5, a 2013–present Chinese compact SUV
  • Chevrolet Corvette (C5), a 1996-2004 American sports car
  • Mazda5, a 1999–2018 Japanese compact minivan
  • MG 5, a 2012–present British-Chinese compact car
    • Roewe Ei5, a 2017–present Chinese compact station wagon, sold in the United Kingdom as the MG 5
  • Qoros 5, a 2016–present Chinese compact SUV
  • Renault 5, a 1972–1996 French subcompact car
  • Luxgen S5, a 2012–present Chinese compact sedan, formerly called Luxgen 5

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  • The number 5
  • The year 2005, or any year ending with 05
  • The month of May
  • 05, the number of the French department of Hautes-Alpes
  • 05, the number used by racing car driver Peter Brock on most cars he competed with
  • Lynk & Co 05, a 2019–present Chinese compact SUV
  • VUHL 05, a 2015–2020 Mexican sports car

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