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57th Oklahoma Legislature

The Fifty-seventh Oklahoma Legislature is the current meeting of the legislative branch of the government of Oklahoma, composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives. It meets in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma from January 3, 2019, to January 3, 2021, during the first two years of the first administration of Governor Kevin Stitt. The November 2018 elections maintained Republican control of both the House and Senate.

Oklahoma Legislature
57th Oklahoma Legislature
Coat of arms or logo
Seal of Oklahoma
House of Representatives
Term limits
12 years total
Preceded by56th
Succeeded by58th
New session started
January 3, 2019
Matt Pinnell (R)
since January 14, 2019
Greg Treat (R)
since January 3, 2019
Charles McCall (R)
since January 3, 2017
Seats48 Senate
101 House
Senate political groups
     Republican (39)      Democrat (9)
House political groups
     Republican (76)      Democrat (25)
AuthorityArticle V, Oklahoma Constitution
Last general election
November 6, 2018
Next general election
November 3, 2020
Meeting place
Oklahoma State Capitol.jpg
Oklahoma State Capitol
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Oklahoma Legislature

Dates of sessionsEdit

  • Organizational day: January 3, 2019
  • First Session: February 4, 2019 - May 23, 2019

Previous: 56th Legislature • Next: 58th Legislature

Major legislationEdit

First SessionEdit

In the First Session, the Legislature enacted 516 bills, including the following:

  • Guns - HB2597 established permit-less carry of concealed and unconcealed firearms for all Oklahomans over the age 21
  • Government Reform - HB2479 granted the Governor the authority to directly hire and fire the Director of the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs
  • Government Reform - HB2480 granted the Governor the authority to directly hire and fire the Director of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections
  • Government Reform - HB2483 granted the Governor the authority to directly hire and fire the Director of the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
  • Government Reform - SB456 granted the Governor the authority to directly hire and fire the Director of the Oklahoma Health Care Authority
  • Government Reform - SB457 granted the Governor the authority to directly hire and fire the Director of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation
  • Medical Marijuana - HB2612 enacted the Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act to regular medical marijuana in Oklahoma
  • Highways - HB1071 increased speed limit to 80 miles per hour on state turnpikes and to 75 miles per hour on state highways
  • Hemp - SB868 authorizing the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry to oversee the Oklahoma Industrial Hemp Program
  • State Employees - SB234 requires all non-merit state employee positions be approved by the Legislature
  • Attorney General - HB2751 requires all settlement proceeds collected by the Oklahoma Attorney General to be deposited into the State General Fund
  • Budget - HB2765 adopting the Fiscal Year 2020 state budget
  • Education - HB2769 repealing the annual April 1 deadline for the Legislature to fund common education
  • Government Reform - SB1 establishing the Legislative Office of Fiscal Transparency within the Legislature to audit state agencies
  • Elections - HB1259 allowing voters to take and post pictures of their marked ballot to social media
  • State Employees - HB2771 granted a pay raise for all State government employees


Oklahoma State Capitol

Since the Republican Party holds the majority of seats in both the Oklahoma Senate and Oklahoma House of Representatives, they hold the top leadership positions in both chambers.

In Oklahoma, the lieutenant governor serves as President of the Oklahoma Senate, meaning that he serves as the presiding officer in ceremonial instances and can provide a tie-breaking vote. Todd Lamb served until January 14, 2019, Matt Pinnell was then sworn in as the current Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma. The current President pro tempore of the Oklahoma Senate, who presides over the state senate on the majority of session days is Greg Treat of Oklahoma City. He is aided by Majority Floor Leader Kim David of Porter. The Democratic minority leader of the state senate is Kay Floyd of Oklahoma City. Paul Ziriax serves as the Secretary of the Oklahoma Senate.

The Oklahoma House of Representatives is led by Speaker Charles McCall of Atoka. He is aided by Majority Floor Leader Jon Echols of Oklahoma City. The Democratic minority leader is Emily Virgin of Norman. Joel Kintsel serves as Chief Clerk of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.




39 9
Republican Democrat
Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Republican Democratic
End of previous legislature 40 8 48
Begin 39 9 48
Latest voting share 81% 19%


Senate Leadership

Office Officer Party Since
President of the Senate   Matt Pinnell Rep 2019
President Pro Tempore   Greg Treat Rep 2018


District Name Party Hometown Occupation First Elected Seat Up
Lt. Gov Matt Pinnell Rep Tulsa Businessman 2018 2022
1 Michael Bergstrom Rep Adair Teacher 2016 2020
2 Marty Quinn Rep Claremore Insurance Agent 2014 2022 (term limited)
3 Wayne Shaw Rep Grove Pastor 2012 2020
4 Mark Allen Rep Spiro Businessman 2010 2022 (term limited)
5 Joseph Silk Rep Broken Bow Real Estate 2014 2022
6 David Bullard Rep Durant Teacher 2018 2022
7 Larry Boggs Rep Wilburton Rancher 2012 2020
8 Roger Thompson Rep Okemah Journalist 2014 2022
9 Dewayne Pemberton Rep Muskogee Teacher 2016 2020
10 Bill Coleman Rep Ponca City Businessman 2018 2022
11 Kevin Matthews Dem Tulsa Firefighter 2014 2022 (term limited)
12 James Leewright Rep Bristow Businessman 2016 2020
13 Greg McCortney Rep Ada Businessman 2016 2020
14 Frank Simpson Rep Springer Pastor 2010 2022 (term limited)
15 Rob Standridge Rep Norman Pharmacist 2012 2020
16 Mary Boren Dem Norman Attorney 2018 2022
17 Ron Sharp Rep Shawnee Teacher 2012 2020
18 Kim David Rep Porter Real Estate 2010 2022 (term limited)
19 Roland Pederson Rep Burlington Rancher 2016 2020
20 Chuck Hall Rep Perry Banker 2018 2022
21 Tom Duggar Rep Stillwater Accountant 2016 2020
22 Stephanie Bice Rep Oklahoma City Businessman 2014 2022
23 Lonnie Paxton Rep Tuttle Insurance Agent 2016 2020
24 Darrell Weaver Rep Moore Police Officer 2018 2022
25 Joe Newhouse Rep Broken Arrow Real Estate 2016 2020
26 Darcy Jech Rep Kingfisher Insurance Agent 2014 2022
27 Casey Murdock Rep Felt Rancher 2018 2022
28 Jason Smalley Rep Stroud Businessman 2014 2022
29 Julie Daniels Rep Bartlesville Attorney 2016 2020
30 Julia Kirt Dem Oklahoma City Nonprofit Professional 2018 2022
31 Chris Kidd Rep Waurika Rancher 2016 2020
32 John Michael Montgomery Rep Lawton Legislator 2018 2022
33 Nathan Dahm Rep Broken Arrow Software Developer 2012 2020
34 JJ Dossett Dem Owasso Teacher 2016 2020
35 Gary Stanislawski Rep Tulsa Financial Advisor 2008 2020 (term limited)
36 John Haste Rep Broken Arrow Businessman 2018 2022
37 Allison Ikley-Freeman Dem Tulsa Therapist 2017 2020
38 Brent Howard Rep Altus Attorney 2018 2022
39 Dave Rader Rep Tulsa Businessman 2016 2020
40 Carri Hicks Dem Oklahoma City Teacher 2018 2022
41 Adam Pugh Rep Edmond Businessman 2016 2020
42 Brenda Stanley Rep Midwest City Teacher 2018 2022
43 Paul Scott Rep Duncan Businessman 2016 2020
44 Michael Brooks Dem Oklahoma City Attorney 2016 2020
45 Paul Rosino Rep Oklahoma City Real Estate 2016 2020
46 Kay Floyd Dem Oklahoma City Attorney 2014 2022
47 Greg Treat Rep Oklahoma City Campaign Strategist 2011 2022 (term limited)
48 George Young Dem Oklahoma City Pastor 2018 2022


76 25
Republican Democrat
Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Republican Democratic
End of previous legislature 75 26 101
Begin 76 25 101
Latest voting share 75% 25%


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