3rd government of Turkey

The 3rd government of Turkey (22 November 1924 – 3 March 1925) was the third government in the history of the Turkish Republic. It is also known as Fethi Okyar's government.

Fethi Okyar


The prime minister was Fethi Okyar of the Republican People's Party (CHP). Previously, he was a minister in an Ottoman Empire government and prime minister in pre-Republican Turkey (1923). He was a moderate politician, and his government succeeded İsmet İnönü’s two governments after the Progressive Republican Party began a strong opposition campaign in the parliament.(see Progressive Republican Party (Turkey))

The governmentEdit

In the list below, the cabinet members who served only a part of the cabinet's lifespan are shown in the column "Notes".

Title[1][2] Name Notes
Prime Minister and Ministry of National Defense Fethi Okyar
Ministry of Justice Mahmut Esat Bozkurt
Ministry of the Interior and
Ministry of Exchange Construction and Settlement
Recep Peker
Cemil Uybadın
22 November 1924 – 5 January 1925
5 January 1925 – 3 March 1925
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Şükrü Kaya
Ministry of Finance Abdülhalik Renda
Ministry of National Education Şükrü Saracoğlu
Ministry of Public Works Aziz Feyzi Pirinççizade
Ministry of Health Mahzar Germen
Ministry of Commerce Ali Cenani
Ministry of Agriculture and Village Affairs Fehmi Ataç
Ministry of Navy İhsan Eryavuz

In 1924–1925, surnames were not in use in Turkey, which would remain true until the Surname Law. The surnames given in the list are the surnames the members of the cabinet assumed later.


Fethi Okyar's cabinet fell because it was ineffective in quashing the Sheikh Said rebellion; the next government was again founded by İsmet İnönü.


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