34th government of Turkey

The 34th government of Turkey (11 December 1971 – 22 May 1972) was a government in the history of Turkey. It is also called the second Erim government.

Nihat Erim


Eleven members of the previous government, resigned claiming that they could not carry the reforms they had promised. After this resignation, Nihat Erim also resigned on 3 December 1971. However, the president Cevdet Sunay appointed Nihat Erim for the second time. The second Erim government, like the previous one, was a semi-technocratic government and the partners were Republican People's Party (CHP), Justice Party (AP), and National Reliance Party (MGP)

The governmentEdit

Title[1][2][3] Name Party
Prime Minister Nihat Erim Indep
Minister of State
Ali İhsan Göğüş MGP
Doğan Kitaplı AP
İlhan Öztrak Indep
İlyas Karagöz AP
Ministry of Justice Suat Bilge Indep
Ministry of National Defense Ferit Melen MGP
Ministry of the Interior Ferit Kubat Indep
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ümit Haluk Bayülken Indep
Ministry of Finance and Customs Sait Naci Elgin Indep
Ministry of National Education İsmail Arar CHP
Ministry of Public Works Mukadder Öztekin CHP
Ministry of Construction and Settlement Serbülent Bingöl Indep
Ministry of Health and Social Security Cevdet Aykan Indep
Ministry of Agriculture Orhan Dikmen Indep
Ministry of Village Affairs Necmi Sönmez Indep
Ministry of Forestry Selahattin İnal Indep
Ministry of Transport Rıfkı Danışman AP
Ministry of Labour Ali Rıza Uzuner CHP
Ministry of Commerce Naim Talu Indep
Ministry of Industry and Technology Mesut Erez AP
Ministry of Customs and Monopolies Haydar Özalp AP
Ministry Tourism Erol Yılmaz Akçal AP
Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Nezih Devres Indep
Ministry of Youth and Sports Adnan karaküçük AP


Nihat Erim resigned on 27 March 1972, but continued to serve as caretaker prime minister until the formation of the next government. After Suat Hayri Ürgüplü's unsuccessful efforts, the next government was founded by Ferit Melen, a member of the first and the second Erim governments.


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