20th New Brunswick Legislature

The 20th New Brunswick Legislative Assembly represented New Brunswick between April 27, 1865, and May 9, 1866.

The assembly sat at the pleasure of the Governor of New Brunswick Arthur Charles Hamilton-Gordon. Edwin Arnold Vail was chosen as speaker.

The anti-Confederation Party led by Albert James Smith formed the government.

In April 1866, the non-elected Legislative Council passed a reply to the throne speech supporting confederation, which was accepted by Governor Gordon. Smith and his administration resigned in protest of what they believed to be a violation of the fundamentals of responsible government. The assembly was dissolved and an election was called.

History edit

Members edit

Electoral District Name
Saint John County John W. Cudlip
Robert D. Wilmot
Joseph Coram
Timothy W. Anglin
York John C. Allen
George L. Hatheway
John J. Fraser
William H. Needham
Westmorland Albert J. Smith
Amand Landry
Bliss Botsford
William J. Gilbert
Kings Edwin A. Vail
Walter B. Scovil
George Otty
Queens Joseph B. Perkins
Gideon D. Bailey
Charlotte George F. Hill
James Boyd
Arthur Hill Gillmor
Robert Thomson
Northumberland Edward Williston
Richard Hutchison
George Kerr
Richard Sutton
Sunbury John Glasier
William E. Perley
Kent William S. Caie
Lestock P. W. DesBrisay
Gloucester John Meahan
Robert Young
Carleton William Lindsay
Charles Connell
Restigouche John McMillan
Alexander C. DesBrisay
Albert Abner R. McClelan
John Lewis
Victoria John Costigan
Benjamin Beveridge
Saint John City Andrew R. Wetmore
Jacob V. Troop

References edit

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