21st New Brunswick Legislature

The 21st New Brunswick Legislative Assembly represented New Brunswick between June 21, 1866, and June 3, 1870.

The assembly sat at the pleasure of the Governor of New Brunswick Arthur Charles Hamilton-Gordon. Charles Hastings Doyle became Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick in 1867 following Confederation. He was succeeded by Francis Pym Harding in October 1867 and then Lemuel Allan Wilmot in July 1868.

The speaker was selected as John H. Gray. From 1867 to 1870, Bliss Botsford held the position of speaker.

The Confederation Party led by Peter Mitchell formed the government; Mitchell was a member of the province's Legislative Council. Andrew R. Wetmore became leader after Mitchell was named to the Canadian senate.




Electoral District Name
Saint John County Charles N. Skinner
John H. Gray
Robert D. Wilmot[1]
James Quinton
York Hiram Dow
Charles Fisher[2]
John Pickard (1867)[2]
William Hayden Needham (1869)
Alexander Thompson
John A. Beckwith
Westmorland Albert J. Smith[2]
Joseph Lytle Moore (1867)
Bliss Botsford
Angus McQueen
Amand Landry
Kings George Ryan
William P. Flewelling
John Flewelling
Queens John Ferris[2]
Walter S. Butler (1867)
Robert Thorne Babbit
Charlotte John McAdam[1]
John S. Covert (1868)
James G. Stevens[3]
Henry Frye (1867)
Francis Hibbard
James W. Chandler[3]
Benjamin Robert Stephenson (1867)
Northumberland John M. Johnson[2]
William Moore Kelly (1867)
Edward Williston
Richard Sutton
George Kerr
Sunbury John Glasier
William E. Perley
Kent William S. Caie
Owen McInerney[4]
Urbain Johnson (1869)
Gloucester Robert Young
John Meahan
Carleton Charles Connell[2]
James Hartley (1867) [5]
George W. White (1868)
William Lindsay
Restigouche John McMillan[2]
William Montgomery (1867)
Alexander C. DesBrisay
Albert Abner R. McClelan[1]
John Lewis[4]

Amos Atkinson Bliss (1867)

Victoria Benjamin Beveridge
Vital Hébert[6]
Lévite Thériault (1868)
Saint John City Samuel Leonard Tilley
Andrew R. Wetmore


  1. ^ a b c named to the Senate of Canada
  2. ^ a b c d e f g elected to federal seat
  3. ^ a b resigned seat after being named a judge
  4. ^ a b named to Legislative Council
  5. ^ died in 1868
  6. ^ died in 1867


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