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2019 World Athletics Championships – Men's pole vault

The men's pole vault at the 2019 World Athletics Championships was held at the Khalifa International Stadium in Doha from 28 September to 1 October 2019.[1]

Men's pole vault
at the 2019 World Championships
VenueKhalifa International Stadium
Dates28 September (qualification)
1 October (final)
Competitors34 from 16 nations
Winning height5.97
gold medal    United States
silver medal    Sweden
bronze medal    Poland
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2021 →


The field contained a who's who of contemporary pole vaulters, save 2015 champion Shawnacy Barber. World record holder Renaud Lavillenie and 2011 champion Paweł Wojciechowski didn't make the final. In the final, 2013 champion Raphael Holzdeppe and Olympic champion Thiago Braz bowed out, unable to clear 5.80m. That height selected the medalists and it was the same three who had cleared 6 metres earlier in the season, all three perfect to that point.

At 5.87m, all three missed their first attempt. Armand Duplantis cleared it on his second attempt, matched by Piotr Lisek, but defending champion Sam Kendricks missed again, not only taking him out of the lead, but leaving him only one more attempt to be allowed to continue. He made an adjustment to the placement of his standards then made it for new life. At 5.92m, Duplantis and Lisek missed their first attempts, Kendricks made his. Advantage Kendricks. Duplantis missed his next attempt, then Lisek decided to go for the win and saved his two remaining attempts for the next height 5.97 m (19 ft 7 in). Now the pressure was on Duplantis. He made his attempt, putting him into silver medal position.

At 5.97m, none of the three could get over on their first two attempts. Lisek was eliminated and had to settle for bronze. Again under pressure, Duplantis and Kendricks both made their final attempt. The bar moved to 6.02m with Kendricks holding the lead. Neither were able to make their first two attempts, when Duplantis failed a third time, Kendricks celebrated the successful defense of his title.


Before the competition records were as follows:[2]

World record   Renaud Lavillenie (FRA) 6.16 m Donetsk, Ukraine 15 February 2014
Championship record   Dmitri Markov (AUS) 6.05 m Edmonton, Canada 9 August 2001
World Leading   Sam Kendricks (USA) 6.06 m Des Moines, United States 27 July 2019
African Record   Okkert Brits (RSA) 6.03 m Cologne, Germany 18 August 1995
Asian Record   Igor Potapovich (KAZ) 5.92 m Stockholm, Sweden 19 February 1998
North, Central American and Caribbean record   Sam Kendricks (USA) 6.06 m Des Moines, United States 27 July 2019
South American Record   Thiago Braz (BRA) 6.03 m Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 15 August 2016
European Record   Renaud Lavillenie (FRA) 6.16 m Donetsk, Ukraine 15 February 2014
Oceanian record   Steven Hooker (AUS) 6.06 m Boston, United States 7 February 2009

Qualification standardEdit

The standard to qualify automatically for entry was 5.71 m.[3]


The event schedule, in local time (UTC+3), was as follows:[4]

Date Time Round
28 September 17:30 Qualification
1 October 20:05 Final



Qualification: 5.75 m (Q) or at least 12 best performers (q).

Rank Group Name Nationality 5.30 5.45 5.60 5.70 5.75 Mark Notes
1 A Sam Kendricks   United States (USA) o o o o o 5.75 Q
B Piotr Lisek   Poland (POL) o o o o 5.75 Q
3 B Cole Walsh   United States (USA) xo xo xxo o 5.75 Q
4 A Thiago Braz   Brazil (BRA) o o o xo 5.75 Q
5 A Claudio Stecchi   Italy (ITA) o xo xo 5.75 Q
6 A Huang Bokai   China (CHN) o xxo xo xo 5.75 Q, PB
7 B Armand Duplantis   Sweden (SWE) o o xxo 5.75 Q
8 B Raphael Holzdeppe   Germany (GER) o xo xxo xxo 5.75 Q
9 A Valentin Lavillenie   France (FRA) o o o xxx 5.70 q
10 B Augusto Dutra   Brazil (BRA) o xo o xxx 5.70 q
11 A Ben Broeders   Belgium (BEL) xo xo o xxx 5.70 q
B Bo Kanda Lita Baehre   Germany (GER) o xxo o xxx 5.70 q
13 B Konstantinos Filippidis   Greece (GRE) o o o xxo xxx 5.70
A Paweł Wojciechowski   Poland (POL) o o xxo xxx 5.70
15 A Emmanouil Karalis   Greece (GRE) o o xxx 5.60
B Renaud Lavillenie   France (FRA) o xxx 5.60
B KC Lightfoot   United States (USA) o o o xxx 5.60
B Ernest Obiena   Philippines (PHI) o o xxx 5.60
19 B Robert Sobera   Poland (POL) o xxo o xxx 5.60
20 B Seito Yamamoto   Japan (JPN) o xo xo xxx 5.60
21 A Ding Bangchao   China (CHN) xo xo xxo xxx 5.60
22 A Zach Bradford   United States (USA) xxo xo xxo xxx 5.60
23 A Torben Blech   Germany (GER) o o xx- r 5.45
B Rutger Koppelaar   Netherlands (NED) o o xxx 5.45
25 A Jin Min-sub   South Korea (KOR) xo xxx 5.45
26 B Alioune Sene   France (FRA) xxo xo xxx 5.45
27 A Daichi Sawano   Japan (JPN) xxo xxx 5.45
28 A Masaki Ejima   Japan (JPN) xo xxo xxx 5.45
29 B Sondre Guttormsen   Norway (NOR) xo xxx 5.30
B Yao Jie   China (CHN) xxx NH
B Harry Coppell   Great Britain & N.I. (GBR) DNS
A Melker Svärd Jacobsson   Sweden (SWE) DNS
A Menno Vloon   Netherlands (NED) DNS


The final was started on 1 October at 20:06.[5]

Rank Name Nationality 5.55 5.70 5.80 5.87 5.92 5.97 6.02 Mark Notes
  Sam Kendricks   United States (USA) o o o xxo o xxo xx- 5.97
  Armand Duplantis   Sweden (SWE) o o xo xxo xxo xxx 5.97
  Piotr Lisek   Poland (POL) o o o xo x- xx 5.87
4 Bo Kanda Lita Baehre   Germany (GER) o o xxx 5.70
5 Thiago Braz   Brazil (BRA) xo o xxx 5.70
6 Raphael Holzdeppe   Germany (GER) o xo xxx 5.70
Valentin Lavillenie   France (FRA) o xo xxx 5.70
8 Claudio Stecchi   Italy (ITA) o xxo xxx 5.70
9 Huang Bokai   China (CHN) o xxx 5.55
10 Augusto Dutra   Brazil (BRA) xo xxx 5.55
Cole Walsh   United States (USA) xo xxx 5.55
12 Ben Broeders   Belgium (BEL) xxo xxx 5.55


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