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A mass shooting occurred at a home in Plano, Texas, on September 10, 2017. A gunman killed eight people in the home, and the suspect was later killed by police.

2017 Plano shooting
LocationPlano, Texas
DateSeptember 10, 2017 (2017-09-10)
8 p.m. (CDT)
Attack type
Mass shooting
Deaths9 (including the perpetrator)
Non-fatal injuries
PerpetratorSpencer Hight



Spencer Hight and Meredith Lane met while students at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD); Lane previously attended a tertiary institution in the State of Georgia before transferring to UTD.[1] The couple married in May 2011.[2][3] The house in which the shooting occurred had been purchased by the Hights in 2015. The couple had no children. After the shooting, Lane's mother stated that there was a violent episode where Hight had slammed her daughter's head against a wall, and that she had not reported it to the police.[3]

Hight had lost his contracting job at Texas Instruments near when the house was purchased.[1]

The couple stopped living together in March, and Meredith filed for divorce in July citing “discord or conflict of personalities".[2][4] Meredith Hight's mother claims that her daughter wanted the divorce since her husband was physically abusive and an alcoholic. She says her daughter had tried helping him for two years before filing the divorce.[5] Friends of Spencer Hight reported that before the shooting, he was unable to find work, had become isolated, and was drinking alcohol heavily.[6]


People inside the home at the time of shooting said a Dallas Cowboys watching party was being held at the house.[7] Meredith Lane, the owner of the house, was hosting a party for coworkers and friends.[8]

At around 8 p.m. officers were called to a home on West Spring Creek Parkway after reports of 30 to 40 shots being fired.[9] Police entered the home and shot and killed the gunman. Inside police found nine adults with gunshot wounds. Seven were dead and two others were transported to a local hospital. One of the injured later died.[4][10] Police say the shooter and all of the victims were adults.[11][12] They were in their twenties and thirties.[5] Two of the victims had participated in Hight and Lane's wedding. James Richard Dunlop had been best man, and Rion Christopher Morgan had been a groomsman.[13]

The shooter was identified as Spencer Hight and the apparent target of the shooting was his wife Meredith.[4]

Plano Police Chief Greg W. Rushin said: “We’ve never had a shooting of this magnitude; never had this many victims.”[8]


The Junior League of Collin County organized a vigil for the victims of the attack ten days afterwards.[14]

The family of Spencer Hight released a statement, which said in part: "There can be no rational excuse for his horrific actions. We, as a family, express our deepest sorrow and condolences to all of the families and friends of the victims. These young, vibrant lives did not deserve to be taken."[15]


  • Spencer Hight, 32 (gunman)
  • Meredith Hight, 27
  • Anthony Cross, 33
  • Olivia Deffner, 24
  • James Dunlop, 29
  • Daryl Hawkins, 22
  • Rion Morgan, 31
  • Myah Bass, 28
  • Caleb Edwards, 25

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