2015 World Championships in Athletics – Men's high jump

The men's high jump at the 2015 World Championships in Athletics was held at the Beijing National Stadium on 28 and 30 August.[1][2]

Men's high jump
at the 2015 World Championships
Derek Drouin Beijing 2015.jpg
VenueBeijing National Stadium
Dates28 August (qualification)
30 August (final)
Competitors40 from 26 nations
Winning height2.34
gold medal    Canada
silver medal    Ukraine
silver medal    China
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In the trials, only nine were able to get over 2.31, so they took perfect to 2.29 to fill out the field. In the final, only seven were able to make 2.29 and at the next height 2.33 they were down to four, Derek Drouin, Bohdan Bondarenko, Zhang Guowei and Mutaz Essa Barshim all on their first attempt. In fact all but Barshim were perfect to that point. Nobody could make 2.36, which left a three way tie for first and Barshim, the odd man out. They did a fourth, jumpoff attempt at 2.36, nobody made it. The next step lowered the bar to 2.34. Drouin cleared it, putting do or die pressure on the others. Neither made it giving Drouin the gold and leaving a tie for silver.[3]


Prior to the competition, the records were as follows:[4]

World record   Javier Sotomayor (CUB) 2.45 Salamanca, Spain 27 July 1993
Championship record   Bohdan Bondarenko (UKR) 2.41 Moscow, Russia 15 August 2013
World leading   Mutaz Essa Barshim (QAT) 2.41 Eugene, OR, United States 30 May 2015
African record   Jacques Freitag (RSA) 2.38 Oudtshoorn, South Africa 5 March 2005
Asian record   Mutaz Essa Barshim (QAT) 2.43 Brussels, Belgium 5 September 2014
North, Central American and Caribbean record   Javier Sotomayor (CUB) 2.45 Salamanca, Spain 27 July 1993
South American record   Gilmar Mayo (COL) 2.33A Pereira, Colombia 17 October 1994
European record   Patrik Sjöberg (SWE) 2.42 Stockholm, Sweden 30 June 1987
  Bohdan Bondarenko (UKR) New York City, United States 14 June 2014
Oceanian record   Tim Forsyth (AUS) 2.36 Melbourne, Australia 2 March 1997

Qualification standardsEdit

Entry standards[5]


Date Time Round
28 August 2015 09:45 Qualification
30 August 2015 18:30 Final

All times are local times (UTC+8)


KEY: Q Qualified q 12 best performers NR National record PB Personal best SB Seasonal best


Qualification: 2.31 m (Q) or at least 12 best performers (q).[6]

Rank Group Name Nationality 2.17 2.22 2.26 2.29 2.31 Mark Notes
1 A Derek Drouin   Canada (CAN) o o o o o 2.31 Q
B Zhang Guowei   China (CHN) o o o o o 2.31 Q
3 B Bohdan Bondarenko   Ukraine (UKR) o xo o 2.31 Q
A Mutaz Essa Barshim   Qatar (QAT) o o xo o 2.31 Q
5 A Brandon Starc   Australia (AUS) o o xxo xxo o 2.31 Q, PB
6 A Eike Onnen   Germany (GER) o o o o xxo 2.31 Q
7 B Dimitrios Chondrokoukis   Cyprus (CYP) o o o xo xxo 2.31 Q
8 B Jaroslav Bába   Czech Republic (CZE) o o o xxo xxo 2.31 Q, SB
A Konstadinos Baniotis   Greece (GRE) o o xo xo xxo 2.31 Q, SB
10 B Daniil Tsyplakov   Russia (RUS) o o o o xx– 2.29 q
B Donald Thomas   Bahamas (BAH) o o o o x– 2.29 q
B Erik Kynard   United States (USA) o o o o xxx 2.29 q
A Gianmarco Tamberi   Italy (ITA) o o o o xxx 2.29 q
A Trevor Barry   Bahamas (BAH) o o o o xxx 2.29 q, SB
15 B Majd Eddin Ghazal   Syria (SYR) o o xo o xxx 2.29 NR
16 A JaCorian Duffield   United States (USA) xxo o o o xxx 2.29
17 A Andriy Protsenko   Ukraine (UKR) o xo xo xo xxx 2.29
18 B Michael Mason   Canada (CAN) o o o xxx 2.26
A Robert Grabarz   Great Britain & N.I. (GBR) o o xxx 2.26
A Wang Yu   China (CHN) o o o xxx 2.26
21 B Joel Baden   Australia (AUS) o xo o xxx 2.26 SB
22 A Jesse Williams   United States (USA) o o xo xxx 2.26
A Mihai Donisan   Romania (ROM) o o xo xxx 2.26
24 A Ivan Ukhov   Russia (RUS) o xo xo xxx 2.26
25 B Ryan Ingraham   Bahamas (BAH) xxo xo xxx 2.26
A Naoto Tobe   Japan (JPN) o xxo xo xxx 2.26
27 B Dmytro Yakovenko   Ukraine (UKR) xo o xxo xxx 2.26
28 B Mateusz Przybylko   Germany (GER) o o xxx 2.22
A Kabelo Kgosiemang   Botswana (BOT) o o xxx 2.22
A Takashi Eto   Japan (JPN) o o xxx 2.22
A Yuriy Krymarenko   Ukraine (UKR) o o xxx 2.22
32 B Hsiang Chun-Hsien   Chinese Taipei (TPE) xxo o xxx 2.22
33 B Dmitry Kroyter   Israel (ISR) o xo xxx 2.22
A Sylwester Bednarek   Poland (POL) o xo xxx 2.22
35 B Yuji Hiramatsu   Japan (JPN) o xxx 2.17
A Ali Mohd Younes Idriss   Sudan (SUD) o xxx 2.17
37 B Eugenio Rossi   San Marino (SMR) xo xxx 2.17
B Matúš Bubeník   Slovakia (SVK) xo xxx 2.17
39 B Talles Frederico Silva   Brazil (BRA) xxo xxx 2.17
B Raivydas Stanys   Lithuania (LTU) xxx NM
B Marco Fassinotti   Italy (ITA) DNS


The final was started at 18:30[7]

Rank Name Nationality 2.20 2.25 2.29 2.33 2.36 2.36 2.34 Mark Notes
  Derek Drouin   Canada (CAN) o o o o xxx x o 2.34
  Bohdan Bondarenko   Ukraine (UKR) o o xxx x x 2.33
Zhang Guowei   China (CHN) o o o o xxx x x 2.33
4 Mutaz Essa Barshim   Qatar (QAT) o o xo o xxx 2.33
5 Daniil Tsyplakov   Russia (RUS) o o o xxx 2.29
6 Donald Thomas   Bahamas (BAH) o o xo xxx 2.29
7 Jaroslav Bába   Czech Republic (CZE) o xo xo xxx 2.29
8 Erik Kynard   United States (USA) o o xxx 2.25
Gianmarco Tamberi   Italy (ITA) o o xxx 2.25
10 Trevor Barry   Bahamas (BAH) xxo o xxx 2.25
11 Dimitrios Chondrokoukis   Cyprus (CYP) o xo xxx 2.25
12 Brandon Starc   Australia (AUS) o xxo xxx 2.25
Eike Onnen   Germany (GER) o xxo xxx 2.25
14 Konstadinos Baniotis   Greece (GRE) xo xxx 2.20


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