2013 World Junior Short Track Speed Skating Championships

The 2013 World Junior Short Track Speed Skating Championships took place from 22 to 24 February 2013 in Warsaw, Poland at the Torwar Hall.[1] The World Championships are organised by the ISU which also run world cups and championships in speed skating and figure skating.

2013 World Junior Short Track Speed Skating Championships
The logo of the 2013 World Junior Short Track Speed Skating Championships
LocationWarsaw, Poland
VenueTorwar Hall
Dates22–24 February
Competitors191 from 39 nations

Medal summaryEdit

Medal tableEdit

1  South Korea74314
2  China34310
3  Russia0112
4  Canada0101
5  Australia0011
Totals (7 nations)10101030

Men's eventsEdit

The results of the Championships:[2]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Overall Park Se-yeong
  South Korea
102 pts Han Tianyu
97 pts Lee Hyo-been
  South Korea
42 pts
500 metres Park Se-yeong
  South Korea
41.412 JWR Han Tianyu
41.458 Kim Byung-joon
  South Korea
1000 metres Han Tianyu
1:28.592 Park Se-yeong
  South Korea
1:28.695 Sándor Liu Shaolin
1500 metres Han Tianyu
2:35.255 Lee Hyo-been
  South Korea
2:35.286 Park Se-yeong
  South Korea
3000 metre relay   South Korea
Jung Ji-woong
Kim Byung-joon
Lee Hyo-been
Park Se-yeong
4:07.393   Canada
Alexander Fathoullin
Yoan Gauthier
David Goulet
William Preudhomme
4:08.585   Japan
Dan Iwasa
Kei Saito
Ryu Watanabe
Hiroki Yokoyama

Women's eventsEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Overall Noh Do-hee
  South Korea
89 pts Kim A-lang
  South Korea
63 pts Han Yutong
52 pts
500 metres Han Yutong
45.369 Xiao Han
45.502 Lin Yue
1000 metres Kim A-lang
  South Korea
1:33.784 Noh Do-hee
  South Korea
1:34.051 Han Yutong
1500 metres Noh Do-hee
  South Korea
2:32.853 Evgeniya Zakharova
2:33.164 Deanna Lockett
3000 metre relay   South Korea
Ahn Se-jung
Kim A-lang
Kong Sang-jeong
Noh Do-hee
4:21.550   China
Han Yutong
Ji Xue
Lin Yue
Xiao Han
4:23.372   Russia
Emina Malagich
Sofia Prosvirnova
Ekaterina Strelkova
Evgeniya Zakharova

Participating nationsEdit

191 athletes from 39 countries participated in these championships, which is an increase of eleven nations and 61 athletes from the last year's competition.[3]

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