2013 Indonesian Movie Awards

The 7th Annual Indonesian Movie Awards was held on May 27, 2013, at the Studio 8 RCTI, West Jakarta. The award show was hosted by Choky Sitohang and Tamara Geraldine.[1] And the nominations have been announced for the category of Favorite, which will be chosen by the public via SMS. As for the category of Best, will be selected by a jury that has been appointed. As a guest star who will fill the event, among them Ahmad Dhani, Bebi Romeo, Rossa, Bunga Citra Lestari, 3Composer, and the participants of X Factor Indonesia.

7th Annual Indonesian Movie Awards
DateMay 27, 2013
LocationStudio 8 RCTI, West Jakarta
Hosted byChoky Sitohang
Tamara Geraldine
Television/radio coverage

Belenggu leads the nominations with nine nominations, with Rectoverso and Habibie & Ainun followed behind with eight and seven nominations each. In the night ceremonies, Rectoverso and Habibie & Ainun were biggest winner with receiving three awards trophies each. Followed behind by film Belenggu success taking home two awards.

Aminah Cendrakasih received a Lifetime Achievement Award, the first to be awarded by the Indonesian Movie Awards.[2]


Artist(s) Song(s)
Main show
Difa 'Idola Cilik' "Marilah Kemari"
Choky Sitohang "Galih & Ratna"
Chelsea 'Idola Cilik'
Bagas 'Idola Cilik'
Bunga Citra Lestari "Cinta Sejati"
Ahmad Dhani
Bebi Romeo
"Bukan Cinta Biasa"
"Ayat-Ayat Cinta"
3Composer "Darah Muda"
Acha Septriasa
Tio Pakusadewo
Maudy Ayunda
Donny Damara
"My Heart"
"Perahu Kertas"
"Anak Jalanan"
Fatin Shidqia
Alex Rudiart
Shena Malsiana
"Ada Apa Dengan Cinta"
"Laskar Pelangi"
"Badai Pasti Berlalu"
"Garuda Didadaku"


Nominees and winnersEdit


Winners are listed first and highlighted in boldface.[3]

Best Actor Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress
Best Newcomer Actor Best Newcomer Actress
Best Chemistry Special Award: Best Children Role


Winners are listed first and highlighted in boldface.[4]

Favorite Actor Favorite Actress
Favorite Newcomer Actor Favorite Newcomer Actress
Favorite Soundtrack Favorite Film
Lifetime Achievement Award
Aminah Cendrakasih

Film with most nominations and awardsEdit

Most nominationsEdit


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