Shackled (2012 Indonesian film)

Shackle (Indonesian: Belenggu) is a 2012 Indonesian horror film directed by Upi Avianto. The film is set in Jakarta and involves Elang (Abimana Aryasatya) who has nightmares about an unknown woman in a car with a man in a rabbit suit and dead bodies in the back. Elang later sees this woman in a bar and explains that she's been evicted from her apartment. Elang's nightmares grow worse after he is told by the woman that men had raped and tortured her. Elang agrees to accompany her to face them.[1]

Film poster
Directed byUpi Avianto
Written byUpi Avianto
Produced byFrederica
Upi Avianto
StarringAbimana Aryasatya
Imelda Therinne
Laudya Chintya Bella
Verdi Solaiman
Jajang C. Noer
Bella Esperance
Arswendi Nasution
Teuku Rifnu Wikana
CinematographyIcal Tanjung
Edited byWawan I. Wibowo
Music byAksan Sjuman
Release date
Running time
99 minutes
LanguageBahasa Indonesia

Belenggu had its premiere at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival where it was shown in competition on July 20, 2012.[1]



Belenggu received a mixed review from Film Business Asia, who stated that "on a psycho-horror level there's nothing new or inventive here. Belenggu isn't bad, it's merely routine".[1] Twitch gave the film a mixed review, opining that "With a tighter, more adventurous script, there is no doubt that Upi Avianto has the talents behind the camera to deliver an effective thriller of great beauty and dramatic substance. While Belenggu is not that film, it nevertheless makes a confident positive stride towards accomplishing that in the future."[2][3] Variety gave the film a generally positive review, noting that "Though Elang's backstory is a little too sketchy for a little too long, Avianto's imaginative storytelling and the pic's unsettling visual and aural atmosphere should keep most auds absorbed until the triple-reverse finale."[4]

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Category Recipients Results
2013 Indonesian Film Festival Best Film Belenggu Nominated
Best Director Upi Avianto Nominated
Best Male Leading Role Abimana Aryasatya Nominated
Best Female Leading Role Laudya Cynthia Bella Nominated
Best Artistic Director Iqbal Rayya Rante Won
Best Arranger Aksan Sjuman Won
Indonesian Movie Awards Favorite Film Belenggu Nominated
Favorite Actor Abimana Aryasatya Nominated
Favorite Actress Imelda Therinne Nominated
Laudya Cynthia Bella Won
Best Actor Abimana Aryasatya Nominated
Best Actress Imelda Therinne Won
Laudya Cynthia Bella Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Verdi Solaiman Nominated
Special Award: Best Kids Role Avrilla Nominated
Maya Awards Best Feature Film Belenggu Nominated
Best Director Upi Avianto Nominated
Best Actor in Leading Role Abimana Aryasatya Nominated
Best Actress in Supporting Role Imelda Therinne Nominated
Best Original Screenplay Upi Avianto Nominated
Best Costume Design Andhika Dharmapermana Nominated
Best Makeup & Hair Styling Kumalasari Nominated
Best Sound Design Belenggu Nominated
Best Art Direction Iqbal Marjono Won
Best Editing Wawan I. Wibowo Nominated
Best Special Effects Andi Manoppo Nominated


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