1st New Brunswick Legislature

The 1st New Brunswick Legislative Assembly represented New Brunswick between January 3, 1786, and 1792. The lower house was the Legislative Assembly and the upper house was named the Legislative Council.

The assembly sat at the pleasure of the Governor of New Brunswick, Thomas Carleton.[1] The first and second sessions were held at the Mallard House, an inn in Saint John. Subsequent sessions were held in Fredericton.

Amos Botsford was chosen as speaker for the house.


The lower house was the Legislative Assembly and the upper house was named the Legislative Council.[1] The governor of New Brunswick was responsible for the appointment of the Legislative Council.[1]



Electoral District Name
Saint John[2] William Pagan
Jonathan Bliss
Christopher Billop
Ward Chipman
John McGeorge
Stanton Hazard
York Daniel Murray
Isaac Atwood
Daniel Lyman
Edward Stelle
Westmorland Amos Botsford
Charles Dixon
Samuel Gay
Andrew Kinnear
Kings John Coffin
Ebenezer Foster
Queens Samuel Dickinson
John Yeamans
Charlotte William Paine
James Campbell
Robert Pagan
Peter Clinch
Northumberland Elias Hardy
William Davidson
Sunbury William Hubbard
Richard Vandeburg

Notes and referencesEdit

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