Events in the year 1997 in Turkey.[1]


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Parliament edit

Incumbents edit

Necmettin Erbakan (up to 30 June)
Mesut Yılmaz (from 30 June)
Mesut Yılmaz (up to 30 June)
Necmettin Erbakan (from 30 June)

Ruling party and the main opposition edit

  • Ruling party
Welfare Party (RP) with coalition partner True Path Party (DYP)
Motherland Party (ANAP) with coalition partners Democratic Left Party (DSP) and Democrat Turkey Party (DTP)
  • Main opposition
Motherland Party (ANAP) (up to 30 June)
Welfare Party (RP) (from 30 June)

Cabinet edit

Events edit

  • 8 January – Democrat Turkey Party was founded by Hüsamettin Cindoruk.
  • 11 January – Prime minister Necmettin Erbakan invited religious order leaders to his Office . This invitation caused political unrest
  • 24 January – Sabotage to Kirkuk–Ceyhan Oil Pipeline
  • 2 February – Beginning of a civil disobedience action 1 minute darkness for a continuous light by turning off the lights every night for 1 minute
  • 28 February – In a meeting of National Security Council the military members of the council asked for a secular administration (This event later on was ironically called post modern coup) [2]
  • 23 April – On children’s day, Tansu Çiller, the vice prime minister, announced that the compulsory education was raised from 5 years to 8 years
  • 15 May – Turkey enters northern Iraq with the stated aim of "supporting KDP actions against the PKK."[3]
  • 16 May – Yaşar Kemal won Peace Prize of the German Book Trade
  • 22 May – Four male and six female Turkish weightlifters won the gold medal in 1997 European Weightlifting Championships
  • 25 May – Galatasaray won the championship of the Turkish football league[4]
  • 21 June – Upon Necmettin Erbakan’s resignation, the president appointed Mesut Yılmaz to form the new government.
  • 25 October – Bus accident in Konya Province 49 deaths
  • 14 December – At the Luxembourg summit, the European Union decided to continue negotiations with Turkey

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