1996 Haryana Legislative Assembly election

Haryana Legislative Assembly election, 1996 were held in Indian state of Haryana to elect 90 members of the state's legislative assembly.[1] The 90 members were elected by First-past-the-post system from 90 constituencies.[2][3]

1996 Haryana Legislative Assembly election

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All 90 seats to the Haryana Legislative Assembly
46 seats needed for a majority
Turnout78,68,951 (70.5%)
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Bansi Lal -- --
Last election 12 New 2
Seats won 33 24 11
Seat change Increase 21 Increase24 Increase 9
Percentage 22.7% 20.6% 8.9%

Chief Minister before election

Bhajan Lal
Indian National Congress

Elected Chief Minister

Bansi Lal
Haryana Vikas Party


Haryana Vikas Party' Bansi Lal was elected Chief Minister of Haryana after his party gained majority seats with help of Bharatiya Janta Party.

Summary of results of the Haryana Legislative Assembly election, 1996[1]
Political Party
No. of candidates
No. of elected
Number of Votes
% of Votes
Haryana Vikas Party 65 33 17,16,572 22.7%
Samta Party 89 24 15,57,914 20.6%
Bharatiya Janata Party 25 11 6,72,558 8.9%
Independent 2022 10 11,73,533 15.5%
Indian National Congress 90 9 15,76,882 20.8%
All India Indira Congress (Tiwari) 62 3 2,42,638 3.2%

Winning candidatesEdit

A.C. No. Constituency Name Type A.C. Winner Candidate Party
1. Kalka Gen Chander Mohan Indian National Congress
2. Naraingarh Gen Raj Kumar Saini Haryana Vikas Party
3. Sadhaura SC Ramji Lal Sadhaura Samata Party
4. Chhachhrauli Gen Akram Khan Independent
5. Yamunanagar Gen Kamla Verma Bharatiya Janata Party
6. Jagadhri Gen Subhash Chand Haryana Vikas Party
7. Mullana SC Risal Singh Samata Party
8. Ambala Cantonment Gen Anil Vij Independent
9. Ambala City Gen Faqir Chand Bharatiya Janata Party
10. Naggal Gen Nirmal Singh Independent
11. Indri Gen Bim Sain Mehta Independent
12. Nilokheri Gen Jai Singh Rana Indian National Congress
13. Karnal Gen Shashipal Mehta Bharatiya Janata Party
14. Jundla SC Nafe Singh Rathi Samata Party
15. Gharaunda Gen Ramesh Chand Bharatiya Janata Party
16. Assandh SC Krishan Lal Samata Party
17. Panipat Gen Om Parkash Jain Independent
18. Sambhalka Gen Kartar Singh Bhadana Haryana Vikas Party
19. Naultha Gen Bijender Singh Haryana Vikas Party
20. Shahabad Gen Kapoor Chand Sharma Haryana Vikas Party
21. Radaur SC Banta Ram Balmiki Samata Party
22. Thanesar Gen Ashok Kumar Samata Party
23. Pehowa Gen Jasvinder Singh Sandhu Samata Party
24. Guhla SC Dillu Ram Indian National Congress
25. Kaithal Gen Charan Dass Shorewala Samata Party
26. Pundri Gen Narendra Sharma Independent
27. Pai Gen Ram Phal Kundu Samata Party
28. Hassangarh Gen Balwant Singh Samata Party
29. Kiloi Gen Shri Krishan Hooda Samata Party
30. Rohtak Gen Shri Kishan Dass Haryana Vikas Party
31. Meham Gen Balbir Singh Samata Party
32. Kalanaur SC Kartar Devi Indian National Congress
33. Beri Gen Dr. Virender Pal Ahlawat Samata Party
34. Salhawas Gen Dharamvir Yadav Haryana Vikas Party
35. Jhajjar SC Ram Parkash Dahiya Haryana Vikas Party
36. Badli Gen Dhirpal Singh Samata Party
37. Bahadurgarh Gen Nafe Singh Rathi Samata Party
38. Baroda SC Ramesh Kumar Khatak Samata Party
39. Gohana Gen Jagbir Singh Malik Haryana Vikas Party
40. Kailana Gen Ramesh Chander Kaushik Haryana Vikas Party
41. Sonepat Gen Dev Raj Dewan Independent
42. Rai Gen Suraj Mal Samata Party
43. Rohat Gen Krishana Gahlawat Haryana Vikas Party
44. Kalayat SC Ram Bhaj Haryana Vikas Party
45. Narwana Gen Randeep Singh Surjewala Indian National Congress
46. Uchana Kalan Gen Chaudhary Birender Singh All India Indira Congress (Tiwari)
47. Rajond Gen Satvinder Singh Rana All India Indira Congress (Tiwari)
48. Jind Gen Brij Mohan Haryana Vikas Party
49. Julana Gen Satya Narain Lathar Haryana Vikas Party
50. Safidon Gen Ramphal Kundu Samata Party
51. Faridabad Gen Chander Bhatia Bharatiya Janata Party
52. Mewla–Maharajpur Gen Krishan Pal Gurjar Bharatiya Janata Party
53. Ballabgarh Gen Anand Kumar Bharatiya Janata Party
54. Palwal Gen Karan Singh Dalal Haryana Vikas Party
55. Hassanpur SC Jagdish Nayar Haryana Vikas Party
56. Hathin Gen Harsh Kumar Haryana Vikas Party
57. Ferozepur Jhirka Gen Azad Mohammad Samata Party
58. Nuh Gen Khurshid Ahmed All India Indira Congress (Tiwari)
59. Taoru Gen Kanwar Suraj Pal Singh Bharatiya Janata Party
60. Sohna Gen Narbir Singh Haryana Vikas Party
61. Gurgaon Gen Narbir Singh Indian National Congress
62. Pataudi SC Narain Singh Haryana Vikas Party
63. Badhra Gen Nirpender Singh Haryana Vikas Party
64. Dadri Gen Satpal Sangwan Haryana Vikas Party
65. Mundhal Khurd Gen Chhater Singh Chauhan Haryana Vikas Party
66. Bhiwani Gen Ram Bhajan Aggarwal Haryana Vikas Party
67. Tosham Gen Bansi Lal Haryana Vikas Party
68. Loharu Gen Som Vir Singh Haryana Vikas Party
69. Bawani Khera SC Jagan Nath Haryana Vikas Party
70. Barwala Gen Relu Ram Punia Independent
71. Narnaund Gen Jaswant Singh Haryana Vikas Party
72. Hansi Gen Attar Singh Saini Haryana Vikas Party
73. Bhattu Kalan Gen Mani Ram Godara Haryana Vikas Party
74. Hissar Gen Om Parkash Mahajan Independent
75. Ghirai Gen Kanwal Singh Haryana Vikas Party
76. Tohana Gen Vinod Kumar Marya Samata Party
77. Ratia SC Ram Sarup Rama Haryana Vikas Party
78. Fatehabad Gen Sardar Harminder Singh Retole Haryana Vikas Party
79. Adampur Gen Bhajan Lal Indian National Congress
80. Darba Kalan Gen Vidya Beniwal Samata Party
81. Ellenabad SC Bhagi Ram Samata Party
82. Sirsa Gen Ganeshi Lal Bharatiya Janata Party
83. Rori Gen Om Prakash Chautala Samata Party
84. Dabwali SC Mani Ram Samata Party
85. Bawal SC Jaswant Singh Haryana Vikas Party
86. Rewari Gen Capt. Ajay Singh Yadav Indian National Congress
87. Jatusana Gen Jagdish Yadav Haryana Vikas Party
88. Mahendragarh Gen Ram Bilas Sharma Haryana Vikas Party
89. Narnaul Gen Kailash Chander Sharma Independent
90. Ateli Gen Narender Singh Indian National Congress

Bye ElectionsEdit

A.C. No. Constituency Name Type A.C. Winner Candidate Party
1. Adampur Gen Kuldeep Bishnoi Indian National Congress
2. Fatehabad Gen Sampat Singh Haryana Lok Dal (Rashtriya)[4]
3. Jhajjar SC Kanta Devi Haryana Vikas Party


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