This is a list of events in British radio during 1995.

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Events edit

January edit

  • January – As part of major changes on the network, older music (generally pre-1990 recordings) is largely removed from the Radio 1 daytime playlist.

February edit

  • 14 February – Talk Radio UK becomes the last of three national commercial radio stations to go on air. It broadcasts on the mediumwave frequencies previously occupied by Radio 1.

March edit

  • No events.

April edit

May edit

June edit

  • No events.

July edit

  • The Radio Authority gives permission to GWR Group to begin programme networking across many of its FM stations. This landmark ruling begins the move by commercial radio companies in the UK to replace locally produced shows with networking.[2]

August edit

  • Rather than merely broadcasting the usual mix of non-stop music and promos, Heart 106.2's test transmissions include live broadcasts of New York station WPLJ.[3] The station launches on 5 September.

September edit

October edit

  • 9 October –
    • BBC Radio 3 begins broadcasting an hour earlier on weekdays with breakfast show On Air extended from two hours to three hours.[5]
    • Paul Gambaccini joins Radio 3 to present a new morning program called Morning Collection. Consequently, This Week's Composer moves to the later time of 12noon.
  • 21 October – Johnnie Walker ends his third and final stint at BBC Radio 1.

November edit

  • No events.

December edit

  • No events.

Unknown edit

  • The roll-out of BBC Radio 1’s FM network is completed and the station now has the same coverage on FM as the other BBC national stations and having been known on-air as Radio 1 FM, or even simply as 1FM, since the start of the decade to promote the station's move to FM, the on-air name reverts to Radio 1.
  • Radio Harmony is rebranded as Kix 96 and changes frequency.
  • The BBC last uses the Paris Theatre in central London as a venue for recording radio comedy and music with a live audience.[6]

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