1995 Peruvian general election

General elections were held in Peru on 9 April 1995,[1] the first under the 1993 constitution. Incumbent President Alberto Fujimori was easily re-elected with 64.4% of the vote defeating former UN Secretary General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, whilst his Cambio 90-New Majority alliance won a majority of seats in the newly unicameral Congress.

1995 Peruvian general election

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Presidential election
  Al Fujimori.jpg Javier Pérez de Cuéllar (1982).jpg
Nominee Alberto Fujimori Javier Pérez de Cuéllar
Party C90NM UPP
Running mate Ricardo Márquez Flores
César Paredes Canto
Popular vote 4,798,515 1,624,566
Percentage 64.42% 21.81%

Results by department (left) and province (right)

President before election

Alberto Fujimori

Elected President

Alberto Fujimori

Congressional election

All 120 seats in the Congress of Peru
61 seats needed for a majority
Party Leader % Seats +/–
C90NM Alberto Fujimori 52.10 67 +23
UPP Javier Pérez de Cuéllar 14.00 17 New
APRA Agustín Mantilla 6.53 8 +8
FIM Fernando Olivera 4.89 6 -1
CODE-PC Alejandro Toledo 4.15 5 New
Popular Action Fernando Belaúnde 3.34 4 +4
PPC Luis Bedoya Reyes 3.09 3 -5
Renewal Rafael Rey 2.98 3 -3
Obras Ricardo Belmont 2.00 2 New
United Left A. Haya de la Torre 1.88 2 +2
FREPAP Ezequiel Ataucusi 1.08 1 -1
FRENATRACA Roger Cáceres 1.07 1 -2
MIA Rolando Salvatierra 0.79 1 New
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.



Alberto FujimoriCambio 90New Majority4,798,51564.42
Javier Pérez de CuéllarUnion for Peru1,624,56621.81
Mercedes CabanillasAmerican Popular Revolutionary Alliance306,1084.11
Alejandro ToledoPossible Country241,5983.24
Ricardo BelmontCivil Works Movement192,2612.58
Raúl Diez CansecoPopular Action122,3831.64
Ezequiel AtaucusiAgricultural People's Front of Peru57,5560.77
Agustín Haya de la TorreUnited Left42,6860.57
Luis Cáceres VelásquezNational Front of Workers and Peasants25,0170.34
Sixtilio DalmauNew Peru Movement9,9990.13
Víctor EchegarayReformist Party of Peru9,1050.12
Edmundo IngaAlternative Peru Puma7,0060.09
Miguel CamposPeace and Development6,3370.09
Carlos CruzIndependent Front of National Reconciliation5,2490.07
Valid votes7,448,38682.12
Invalid/blank votes1,621,25817.88
Total votes9,069,644100.00
Registered voters/turnout12,280,53873.85
Source: JNE


Cambio 90New Majority2,277,42352.1067+35
Union for Peru611,80414.0017New
American Popular Revolutionary Alliance285,5266.538–45
Independent Moralizing Front213,7774.896–1
Possible Country181,3974.155New
Popular Action146,0183.344–22
Christian People's Party135,2363.093–22
Renewal Movement130,0602.983New
Civil Works Movement87,2522.002New
United Left82,0611.882–14
Agricultural People's Front of Peru46,9901.081+1
National Front of Workers and Peasants46,7281.071–2
Independent Agrarian Movement34,4630.791New
New Peru Movement29,5570.680New
Reformist Party of Peru13,1020.300New
Alternative Peru Puma12,3910.280New
Apertura para el Desarrollo Nacional10,7520.250New
Independent Front of National Reconciliation10,3140.240New
Independent Inca Movement9,5980.220New
Social Independent Movement6,5880.150New
Valid votes4,371,03753.11
Invalid/blank votes3,859,20946.89
Total votes8,230,246100.00
Registered voters/turnout12,280,53867.02
Source: PDBA, JNE


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