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The 1989 CONCACAF Championship was the tenth and last edition of the CONCACAF Championship held under the format of serving as qualification to the 1990 FIFA World Cup and having no host nation for the final round. The tournament would be succeeded by the CONCACAF Gold Cup in 1991.

1989 CONCACAF Championship
CONCACAF Championship
Tournament details
Dates19 March – 19 November
Teams5 (from 1 confederation)
Final positions
Champions Costa Rica (3rd title)
Runners-up United States
Third place Trinidad and Tobago
Fourth place Guatemala
Tournament statistics
Matches played18
Goals scored29 (1.61 per match)
Top scorer(s)Eight players
(2 goals each)

Costa Rica narrowly emerged as champions on goal difference to win their third title and participate in their first World Cup. The United States finished runners-up by virtue of one goal and qualified for their first World Cup in forty years. The U.S. gained their first World Cup qualification in 40 years by beating Trinidad and Tobago in their last game by 1–0, with a goal dubbed "The Shot Heard around the World".

A total of sixteen CONCACAF teams entered the competition. However, FIFA rejected the entry of Belize due to debts to FIFA.



Five teams qualified from the two stage qualification process that ran from April to November 1988. Mexico were disqualified during this stage after having been found to have fielded over-aged players during the 1988 CONCACAF U-20 Tournament. Their scheduled opponents Costa Rica therefore advanced to the Final Round unopposed.

Final roundEdit

Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
  Costa Rica 8 5 1 2 10 6 +4 11
  United States 8 4 3 1 6 3 +3 11
  Trinidad and Tobago 8 3 3 2 7 5 +2 9
  Guatemala 6 1 1 4 4 7 −3 3
  El Salvador 6 0 2 4 2 8 −6 2
Costa Rica   1–0 2–1 1–0 1–0
El Salvador   2–4 X–X 0–0 0–1
Guatemala   1–0 X–X 0–1 0–0
Trinidad and Tobago   1–1 2–0 2–1 0–1
United States   1–0 0–0 2–1 1–1

Costa Rica won the 1989 CONCACAF Championship and, along with the United States, qualified for the 1990 FIFA World Cup.

Costa Rica  2–1  Guatemala
Flores   42'
Coronado   78'
Rodas   51'

Costa Rica  1–0  United States
Rhoden   14'

United States  1–0  Costa Rica
Ramos   72'

United States  1–1  Trinidad and Tobago
Trittschuh   48' Charles   88'
Attendance: 10,000
Referee: Luigi Agnolin (Italy)

United States  2–1  Guatemala
Murray   3'
Eichmann   67'
Chacón   22'

El Salvador  2–4  Costa Rica
Rodriguez   24'
Rivas   63'
Cayasso   16'
Hidalgo   46'
Flóres   51'75'

Trinidad and Tobago  2–0  El Salvador
Lewis   50'61'
Referee: Tony Evangelista (Canada)

El Salvador  0–0  Trinidad and Tobago
Attendance: 16,882
Referee: Gonzalo Tejada (Honduras)

Trinidad and Tobago  2–1  Guatemala
Jones   10'
Jamerson   88'
Rodas   6'

El Salvador  0–1  United States
Pérez   61'

Guatemala  0–0  United States

United States  0–0  El Salvador

El Salvador  Not Played[3]  Guatemala

Guatemala  Not Played[3]  El Salvador

 1989 CONCACAF Championship Winners 
Costa Rica
Third title



  1. ^ The El Salvador–Trinidad and Tobago match was played on neutral ground in Honduras instead of in El Salvador.
  2. ^ The El Salvador–United States match was played on neutral ground in Honduras instead of in El Salvador.
  3. ^ a b Both matches between El Salvador and Guatemala were originally scheduled to be played in Guatemala; later it was agreed that they would not be played, due to their lack of importance (neither team could have qualified for the World Cup by winning both matches).

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