1988 Belgian Grand Prix

The 1988 Belgian Grand Prix (formally the XLVI Champion Belgian Grand Prix) was a Formula One motor race held at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps on 28 August 1988. It was the eleventh race of the 1988 Formula One World Championship.

1988 Belgian Grand Prix
Race 11 of 16 in the 1988 Formula One World Championship
Belgian Grand Prix Spa.png
Race details
Date 28 August 1988
Official name XLVI Champion Belgian Grand Prix
Location Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
Spa, Belgium
Course Permanent racing facility
Course length 6.940 km (4.312 mi)
Distance 43 laps, 298.420 km (185.429 mi)
Weather Warm, dry and overcast
Pole position
Driver McLaren-Honda
Time 1:53.718
Fastest lap
Driver Austria Gerhard Berger Ferrari
Time 2:00.772 on lap 10
First McLaren-Honda
Second McLaren-Honda
Third March-Judd

The 43-lap race was won from pole position by Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna, driving a McLaren-Honda. Senna's French teammate Alain Prost was second, with Italy's Ivan Capelli third in a March-Judd after the Benetton-Fords of local driver Thierry Boutsen and Alessandro Nannini were disqualified for fuel irregularities.

The win, Senna's seventh of the season and fourth in succession, gave him a three-point lead over Prost in the Drivers' Championship.

Qualifying summaryEdit

This was the first race after the death of Enzo Ferrari. Nigel Mansell was forced to miss the race due to chicken pox and was replaced at Williams by Martin Brundle who actually managed to be fastest in the second, wet qualifying session. The McLaren-Hondas had dominated the first qualifying session and occupied the whole front row for the 7th time in 11 races, though neither Ayrton Senna nor Alain Prost could match Michele Alboreto on the uphill Kemmel Straight as he pushed his Ferrari to 312 km/h (194 mph). This was the first race in 1988 where neither of the new EuroBrun cars made the field.

Riccardo Patrese did a fine job to be 5th on the grid in his naturally aspirated Williams-Judd, but his time of 1:57.138 was still 3.420 seconds slower than pole man Senna. Local driver Thierry Boutsen gave the Belgian crowd something to cheer when he put his Benetton-Ford in 6th place on the grid.

The grid was set by Friday's qualifying session as Saturday's qualifying was held in wet conditions. Martin Brundle surprised by being fastest in the Williams, but even more of a surprise was Satoru Nakajima who was second fastest in his Lotus-Honda. Alain Prost, never a fan of driving in the wet and knowing his second place on the grid was safe, did not drive in the second session.

The Minardis of Luis Pérez-Sala and Pierluigi Martini, Stefano Modena in the EuroBrun and Julian Bailey in the Tyrrell all failed to qualify while Modena's team mate Oscar Larrauri failed to pre-qualify.

Race summaryEdit

Throughout 1988, Senna had copied Prost's car settings feeling that the Frenchman had a better handle on setting up the McLaren (after driving Prost's spare car in Brazil he found that his team mates settings actually suited his own driving style, plus they were easier on the car). At Spa Prost decided at the last minute to alter the settings on his car by taking off some wing for more straight line speed in a bid to gain an advantage. Unfortunately for the Frenchman this had a detrimental result and he was unhappy with the balance and handling of his car in the race, compared to Senna with Prost's original settings who reported no such problems. At the start, pole sitter Senna had too much wheelspin and Prost was able to take the lead. However, the first time through Eau Rouge Senna, with better downforce and grip, was clearly quicker and easily retook the lead after he slipstreamed Prost on the Kemmel Straight and out braked him at Les Combes. Senna powered off into the distance while Prost, struggling with a car that was no longer handling to his liking, settled for second place.

Gerhard Berger managed to get his Ferrari up to 3rd, challenging Prost briefly before pitting on lap 3 with electrical problems. He managed to rejoin and set the fastest lap before retiring on lap 12. Due to Berger's retirement, Boutsen climbed to 4th behind Alboreto and ahead of a thrilling battle between Alessandro Nannini (Benetton), Nakajima, Nelson Piquet (Lotus), and the two Arrows-Megatrons of Derek Warwick and Eddie Cheever. Piquet passed teammate Nakajima on lap 17, before the Japanese driver pitted with an acute misfire from a jammed plug, which caused him to retire. In the meantime, Ivan Capelli climbed from ninth to sixth in his March-Judd.

On lap 36, Alboreto's engine blew at Les Combes, sending him out of the race from third. On lap 38, Nannini passed Piquet for fourth at the La Source hairpin, before Capelli overtook the Brazilian driver for fifth on the penultimate lap.

McLaren's 1-2 sealed the Constructors' Championship for the British team with five races remaining. Boutsen and Nannini came home third and fourth for Benetton, with Capelli and Piquet rounding out the top six. In a post-race interview, Prost virtually conceded the championship to Senna, who had won his fourth race in succession and had taken the championship lead for the first time.


Both Benettons were later disqualified for using irregular fuel, so the third podium spot went to Ivan Capelli. It was his first podium finish in Formula One and March's first podium finish since Ronnie Peterson had won the 1976 Italian Grand Prix. The post race disqualification of the Benettons also meant that the two Arrows of Warwick and Cheever went into the points.

The disqualification of the Benettons was not made official until long after the season had finished, so many published records list them as having finished third and fourth. The three points Arrows gained from the disqualification brought the team to fifth in the Constructors' Championship.



Pos No Driver Constructor Time Gap
1 36   Alex Caffi Dallara-Ford 2:01.068
2 31   Gabriele Tarquini Coloni-Ford 2:02.101 +1.033
3 21   Nicola Larini Osella 2:02.347 +1.279
4 33   Stefano Modena EuroBrun-Ford 2:02.933 +1.865
DNPQ 32   Oscar Larrauri EuroBrun-Ford 2:04.208 +3.140


Pos No Driver Constructor Q1 Q2 Gap
1 12   Ayrton Senna McLaren-Honda 1:53.718 2:15.196
2 11   Alain Prost McLaren-Honda 1:54.128 no time +0.410
3 28   Gerhard Berger Ferrari 1:54.581 2:17.115 +0.863
4 27   Michele Alboreto Ferrari 1:55.665 2:15.667 +1.947
5 6   Riccardo Patrese Williams-Judd 1:57.138 2:15.358 +3.420
6 20   Thierry Boutsen Benetton-Ford 1:57.455 2:15.236 +3.737
7 19   Alessandro Nannini Benetton-Ford 1:57.535 2:17.077 +3.817
8 2   Satoru Nakajima Lotus-Honda 1:57.616 2:14.739 +3.898
9 1   Nelson Piquet Lotus-Honda 1:57.821 2:15.027 +4.103
10 17   Derek Warwick Arrows-Megatron 1:57.925 2:16.770 +4.207
11 18   Eddie Cheever Arrows-Megatron 1:57.980 2:19.908 +4.262
12 5   Martin Brundle Williams-Judd 1:58.206 2:14.517 +4.488
13 15   Maurício Gugelmin March-Judd 1:58.361 no time +4.643
14 16   Ivan Capelli March-Judd 1:58.439 2:22.821 +4.721
15 36   Alex Caffi Dallara-Ford 1:59.736 2:18.052 +6.018
16 30   Philippe Alliot Lola-Ford 1:59.906 2:21.219 +6.188
17 25   René Arnoux Ligier-Judd 2:00.037 2:19.260 +6.319
18 14   Philippe Streiff AGS-Ford 2:00.410 2:23.953 +6.692
19 22   Andrea de Cesaris Rial-Ford 2:00.521 2:17.028 +6.803
20 26   Stefan Johansson Ligier-Judd 2:00.857 no time +7.139
21 3   Jonathan Palmer Tyrrell-Ford 2:01.078 2:20.594 +7.360
22 31   Gabriele Tarquini Coloni-Ford 2:01.359 2:19.939 +7.641
23 29   Yannick Dalmas Lola-Ford 2:01.467 2:19.909 +7.749
24 9   Piercarlo Ghinzani Zakspeed 2:01.899 2:22.064 +8.181
25 10   Bernd Schneider Zakspeed 2:01.938 2:19.825 +8.220
26 21   Nicola Larini Osella 2:02.029 2:17.127 +8.311
DNQ 24   Luis Pérez-Sala Minardi-Ford 2:02.129 no time +8.411
DNQ 23   Pierluigi Martini Minardi-Ford 2:02.314 no time +8.596
DNQ 33   Stefano Modena EuroBrun-Ford 2:02.322 2:19.880 +8.604
DNQ 4   Julian Bailey Tyrrell-Ford 2:02.519 no time +8.801


Pos No Driver Constructor Laps Time/Retired Grid Points
1 12   Ayrton Senna McLaren-Honda 43 1:28:00.549 1 9
2 11   Alain Prost McLaren-Honda 43 + 30.470 2 6
3 16   Ivan Capelli March-Judd 43 + 1:15.768 14 4
4 1   Nelson Piquet Lotus-Honda 43 + 1:23.628 9 3
5 17   Derek Warwick Arrows-Megatron 43 + 1:25.355 10 2
6 18   Eddie Cheever Arrows-Megatron 42 + 1 Lap 11 1
7 5   Martin Brundle Williams-Judd 42 + 1 Lap 12  
8 36   Alex Caffi Dallara-Ford 42 + 1 Lap 15  
9 30   Philippe Alliot Lola-Ford 42 + 1 Lap 16  
10 14   Philippe Streiff AGS-Ford 42 + 1 Lap 18  
11 26   Stefan Johansson Ligier-Judd 39 Engine 20  
12 3   Jonathan Palmer Tyrrell-Ford 39 Throttle 21  
13 10   Bernd Schneider Zakspeed 38 Gearbox 25  
DSQ 20   Thierry Boutsen Benetton-Ford 43 Irregular fuel 6  
DSQ 19   Alessandro Nannini Benetton-Ford 43 Irregular fuel 7  
Ret 31   Gabriele Tarquini Coloni-Ford 36 Steering 22  
Ret 27   Michele Alboreto Ferrari 35 Engine 4  
Ret 6   Riccardo Patrese Williams-Judd 30 Engine 5  
Ret 15   Maurício Gugelmin March-Judd 29 Spun Off 13  
Ret 9   Piercarlo Ghinzani Zakspeed 25 Oil Leak 24  
Ret 2   Satoru Nakajima Lotus-Honda 22 Engine 8  
Ret 21   Nicola Larini Osella 14 Fuel System 26  
Ret 28   Gerhard Berger Ferrari 11 Injection 3  
Ret 29   Yannick Dalmas Lola-Ford 9 Engine 23  
Ret 22   Andrea de Cesaris Rial-Ford 2 Collision 19  
Ret 25   René Arnoux Ligier-Judd 2 Collision 17  
DNQ 24   Luis Pérez-Sala Minardi-Ford    
DNQ 23   Pierluigi Martini Minardi-Ford    
DNQ 33   Stefano Modena EuroBrun-Ford    
DNQ 4   Julian Bailey Tyrrell-Ford    
DNPQ 32   Oscar Larrauri EuroBrun-Ford    

Championship standings after the raceEdit

  • Bold Text indicates World Champions.
  • Note: Only the top five positions are included for both sets of standings. Points accurate at final declaration of results. The Benettons were disqualified from this race, and their points reallocated, after the end of the season.


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