1986 Turkish parliamentary by-elections

The Turkish parliamentary by-elections of 1986 were held on 28 September 1986 in order to elect 11 Members of Parliament to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. The by-elections were held as a result of the vacation of 11 seats throughout the course of the 17th parliament. They took place in eleven different electoral districts, spanning ten provinces.

1986 Turkish parliamentary by-elections

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11 of the 400 seats in the Grand National Assembly
  First party Second party Third party
  Turgut Özal 1986.jpg Hüsamettin Cindoruk.jpg Noimage.png
Leader Turgut Özal Hüsamettin Cindoruk Erdal İnönü
Leader since 20 May 1983 1992 30 May 1986
Seats won 6 4 1
Popular vote 805,267 590,069 570,055
Percentage 32.12% 23.53% 22.74%

Turkish parliamentary by-elections, 1986.png
By-election results by province. Grey provinces indicate no election

The governing Motherland Party (ANAP) won the most votes, winning 32.1% of the vote and 6 of the 11 seats up for election. The newly formed True Path Party (DYP) led by Hüsamettin Cindoruk came second with 23.5% and won 4 seats. Since ANAP and the DYP were both centre-right parties, their campaigns caused a vote split, which resulted in a reduction in the popular vote of the ANAP since the 1983 general election. The Social Democratic Populist Party (SHP) came third with 22.7% and won the remaining seat, with the party's leader Erdal İnönü becoming an MP for İzmir.[1] All provinces elected a single MP apart from Manisa, where two MPs were elected. In addition to İnönü, the leader of the DYP Hüsamettin Cindoruk was also elected as an MP for Zonguldak.

The by-elections were followed by the 1987 general election just over a year later.


Motherland Party805,26732.126
True Path Party590,06923.534
Social Democratic Populist Party570,05522.741
Democratic Left Party213,1688.500
Welfare Party137,4855.480
Nationalist Workers Party55,1442.200
Free Democratic Party34,3171.370
Great Nation Party32,3031.290
Citizen Party25,8141.030
Reformist Democracy Party15,7290.630
Great Anatolia Party13,4970.540
Flag Party9,0580.360
Valid votes2,507,21296.70
Invalid/blank votes85,5403.30
Total votes2,592,752100.00
Registered voters/turnout2,937,43288.27
Source: Samanyolu Haber

Members electedEdit

Electoral district Candidate Party
Ankara   Vahit Melih Halefoğlu Motherland Party
Bingöl Mahmut Sönmez Motherland Party
Burdur Sait Ekinci Motherland Party
Gaziantep Hasan Celal Güzel Motherland Party
İstanbul Hüsnü Doğan Motherland Party
İzmir Erdal İnönü Social Democratic Populist Party
Manisa Ümit Canuyar True Path Party
Sümer Oral True Path Party
Niğde Akın Gönen Motherland Party
Samsun Hüsamettin Cindoruk True Path Party
Zonguldak Köksal Toptan True Path Party


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