1985 Pacific Conference Games

The 1985 Pacific Conference Games was the fifth and final edition of the international athletics competition between five Pacific coast nations: Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the United States. Like the 1981 edition before it, athletes from beyond the Pacific grouping were allowed to compete at the tournament. A total of 21 men's and 16 women's athletics events were contested. One change was made to the event programme: the women's pentathlon was dropped in favour of the heptathlon, mirroring the same change in the Olympic programme which had happened at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.[1]

V Pacific Conference Games
The host stadium
Dates22–23 June
Host cityBerkeley, California, United States
VenueEdwards Stadium

The competition was held at the Edwards Stadium in Berkeley, California, with the United States being the last nation of the five original invited nations to fulfil its duty in hosting the meeting. Sports television channel ESPN broadcast highlights of the competition nationally.[2]

Medal summary

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Emmit King (USA) 10.44   Lee McNeill (USA) 10.45   Rick Jones (CAN) 10.56
200 metres   Harvey McSwain (USA) 20.83   Courtney Brown (CAN) 21.17   Mike Dwyer (CAN) 21.32
400 metres   Andrew Valmon (USA) 45.64   Susumu Takano (JPN) 45.95   Cedric Vaughans (USA) 46.12
800 metres   Ocky Clark (USA) 1:46.01   Peter Pearless (NZL) 1:46.97   Simon Hoogewerf (CAN) 1:47.36
1500 metres   Dave Campbell (CAN) 3:44.25   Peter Bourke (AUS) 3:45.13   Craig Masback (USA) 3:45.44
5000 metres   Rob Lonergan (CAN) 13:54.00   Tsukasa Endo (JPN) 13:54.45   Brad Erickstad (USA) 14:00.45
10,000 metres   Peter Butler (CAN) 28:53.1   Rex Wilson (NZL) 29:07.0   Paul Gorman (USA) 29:21.0
110 m hurdles   Alex Washington (USA) 13.5w   Tom Wilcher (USA) 13.6w   Jeff Glass (CAN) 13.7w
400 m hurdles   Nat Page (USA) 49.56   John Graham (CAN) 50.11   Tony Valentine (USA) 50.30
3000 metres steeplechase   Peter Renner (NZL) 8:28.33   Graeme Fell (CAN) 8:40.67   Hideki Mieda (JPN) 8:41.79
4 × 100 m relay   United States (USA)
Lee McNeill
Emmit King
Greg Moore
Harvey McSwain
39.30   Australia (AUS)
Neil Honey
Clayton Kearney
Miles Murphy
Robert Stone
40.28   Japan (JPN)
Hirofumi Miyazaki
Koichi Mishiba
Koji Kurihara
Hiromi Kawagumi
4 × 400 m relay   United States (USA) 3:03.70   Japan (JPN) 3:05.76   Australia (AUS)
Ken Gordon
Dale Horrobin
Miles Murphy
Robert Stone
High jump   Jim Howard (USA) 2.31 m   Brian Stanton (USA) 2.27 m   Shuji Ujino (JPN) 2.18 m
Pole vault   Steve Stubblefield (USA) 5.40 m   Neil Honey (AUS) 5.20 m   Toshiyuki Hashioka (JPN) 5.20 m
Long jump   Mike McRae (USA) 7.82w m   Junichi Usui (JPN) 7.69 m   Steve Walsh (NZL) 7.46 m
Triple jump   Willie Banks (USA) 17.07 m   Yasushi Ueta (JPN) 16.36 m   Matt Sweeney (AUS) 15.81 m
Shot put   Jesse Stuart (USA) 20.24 m   Luby Chambul (CAN) 17.66 m   Henry Smith (NZL) 16.96 m
Discus throw   Art Swarts (USA) 59.48 m   Ray Lazdins (CAN) 58.20 m   Paul Nandapi (AUS) 57.98 m
Hammer throw   Dave McKenzie (USA) 69.62 m   Hans Lotz (AUS) 68.24 m   Joe Quigley (AUS) 67.52 m
Javelin throw   John Stapylton-Smith (NZL) 87.28 m   Mike Mahovlich (CAN) 83.46 m   Craig Christianson (USA) 82.80 m
Decathlon   Dave Steen (CAN) 8109 pts   Greg Haydenluck (CAN) 7562 pts   Simon Poelman (NZL) 7553 pts


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Michelle Finn (USA) 11.63   Angela Phipps (CAN) 11.77   Katherine Wallace (USA) 11.79
200 metres   Gwen Torrence (USA) 23.57   Maree Chapman (AUS) 23.59   Ella Smith (USA) 23.63
400 metres   Lillie Leatherwood (USA) 51.06   Maree Chapman (AUS) 51.72   Tonya McIntosh (USA) 52.64
800 metres   Renée Bélanger (CAN) 2:02.45   Veronica McIntosh (USA) 2:03.45   Bronwyn Fleming (AUS) 2:04.15
1500 metres   Sue Foster (USA) 4:09.36   Anne McKenzie (NZL) 4:11.61   Penny Just (AUS) 4:14.77
3000 metres   Sharon Dalton (AUS) 9:06.53   Sue Lee (CAN) 9:07.55   Christine Pfitzinger (NZL) 9:08.95
100 m hurdles   Stephanie Hightower (USA) 13.34   Sylvia Forgrave (CAN) 13.61   Lyn Stock (NZL) 13.67
400 m hurdles   Schowonda Williams (USA) 56.85   Gwen Wall (CAN) 57.64   Lyn Grime (NZL) 57.87
4 × 100 m relay   United States (USA)
Tonya McIntosh
Michelle Finn
Gwen Torrence
Ella Smith
44.25   Canada (CAN)
Esmie Lawrence
Fay Blackwood
Angela Phipps
Carol Galloway
44.76   Australia (AUS)
Jenny Flaherty
Jane Flemming
Maree Chapman
Kerry Johnson
4 × 400 m relay   United States (USA)
Roberta Belle
Susan Shurr
Michelle Maxey
Tonya McIntosh
3:28.20   Australia (AUS)
Jenny Flaherty
Bronwyn Fleming
Maree Chapman
Debbie Tomsett
3:33.40   Canada (CAN) 3:35.49
High jump   Deann Bopf (AUS) 1.90 m   Coleen Sommer (USA) 1.90 m   Megumi Sato (JPN) 1.87 m
Long jump   Carol Lewis (USA) 6.63 m   Carol Galloway (CAN) 6.37 m   Minako Isogai (JPN) 6.23 m
Shot put   Ramona Pagel (USA) 18.40 m   Gael Martin (AUS) 16.05 m   Sue Reinwald (AUS) 15.68 m
Discus throw   Penny Neer (USA) 61.36 m   Sue Reinwald (AUS) 57.30 m   Gale Dolegiewicz (CAN) 54.24 m
Javelin throw   Cathy Sulinski (USA) 57.20 m   Céline Chartrand (CAN) 57.04 m   Laurie Schultz (CAN) 55.70 m
Heptathlon   Jocelyn Millar-Cubit (AUS) 5838 pts   Donna Smellie (CAN) 5773 pts   Terry Genge (NZL) 5451 pts


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