1979 Pan American Games

The 1979 Pan American Games (Spanish: Juegos Panamericanos de 1979), officially the VIII Pan American Games were a multi-sport event governed by the Panam Sports Organization (PASO), and were held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, from July 1 to July 15, 1979. Volleyball and some baseball matches were held in Caguas, Puerto Rico.[1][2] The 1980 documentary film A Step Away showcased a number of athletes competing in the Games.

VIII Pan American Games
HostSan Juan, Puerto Rico
Events250 in 24 sports
OpeningJuly 1
ClosingJuly 15
Opened byGovernor Carlos Romero Barceló
Cauldron lighterCynthia Guadalupe
Main venueHiram Bithorn Stadium

Bidding process


On May 31, 1973, San Juan was the only candidate city to be a finalist to host the games and thus, San Juan was then selected to host the VIII Pan American Games by PASO at its general assembly in Santiago, Chile.[3][4][5]

The Games




Medal count

1  United States1269545266
2  Cuba644734145
3  Canada244371138
4  Argentina1271736
5  Brazil9131739
Totals (5 entries)235205184624

^ The medal count for Canada is disputed.


Coqui, the first Pan American Games mascot

The 1979 Games were the first one to feature a mascot, which was a running frog holding a torch named Coqui.[6]


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