1978 Argentina rugby union tour of Britain, Ireland and Italy

The 1978 Argentina rugby union tour of Britain, Ireland and Italy was a series of nine matches played by the Argentina national rugby union team in September and October 1978.[2]

1978 Argentina rugby union tour of Britain, Ireland and Italy
Coach(es)Ángel Guastella
Tour captain(s)Hugo Porta
08 05 01 03
Test match
02 00 01 01
 England [1]
1 0 1 0
1 0 0 1

Six of the nine matches were played in England, with the tourists going on to play one match each in Wales, Ireland and Italy. The tour featured the first ever test match between Argentina and Italy.

Argentina won five matches, lost three and drew one. The draw came against England,[3] although England did not award full international caps for the fixture.[citation needed]

The tour captain, Hugo Porta, played all nine games, scored 94 of the team's 157 points on tour and, according to Rothmans Rugby Yearbook, "established himself as one of the world's great players" on the tour.[4]

Touring squadEdit

Team Manager: Ángel Guastella

The squad that played England at Twickenham
The test v Italy

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The matchesEdit

Complete list of matches played by Argentina:[2]

Southern CountiesEdit

27 September
Southern Counties 9–39 Argentina
Pen: I. Gale (3)
Try: Porta, Cappelletti, Cerioni
Madero, Puccio, Petersen
Con: Porta (3)
Pen: Porta (3)
Iffley Road, Oxford
Referee: Jean Pierre Bonnet (France)

Southern Counties: I.Gale. Clive Rees, B.Reynolds, D.Course-, R.Ellis Jones; J.Wright e I.George; G.Sharpe, R.Jackson, J.Coock, J.Mawle, John Orwin, Paul Rendall, A.Jenkins, Gary Pearce.
Argentina: M.Sansot; A.Puccio, R.Madero, M.Loffreda, A.Cappelletti; H.Porta (capt.), R.Landajo; C.Serreno, H.Silva, T.Petersen; A.Iachetti, G.Travaglini; H.Nicola; R..Seaton, A.Cerioni.

London DivisionEdit

30 September
London Division 22–15 Argentina
Try: Ripley, French, Prestan
Con: Bushell 2
Pen: Bushell 2
Try: Madero
Con: Porta
Pen: Porta
Drop: Porta, Sansot
Twickenham, London
Referee: Corris Thomas (Wales)

London Division: K.M.Bushell; R.O.Demming; N.R.French, Clive Woodward, Derek Wyatt; N.J.Preston, M.R.Conner; T.C.Claston, P.d'A.Keith-Roach (capt.) A.J.Cutter, N.D.Mantell, Maurice Colclough, A.C.Alexander, R.J.Mordell, Andy Ripley.
Argentina: M.Sansot; A.Puccio, M.Loffreda, R.Madero, A.Cappelletti; H.Porta (capt.), R.Landajo; H.Silva, T.Pe¬tersen, G.Paz; G.Travaglini, A.Iachetti; H.Nicola, A.Cubelli, A.Cerioni.

Northern DivisionEdit

4 October
North of England 20–6 Argentina
Try: Slemen, Boyd , Horton, Penalty try
Con: Young
Pen: Boyd 2
Pen: Sansot
Drop: Sansot
Bridge Road, Headingley
Referee: A. Bryce (Scotland)

North of England: D.Boyd; Peter Squires, Tony Bond, W.Lyon, Mike Slemen; John Horton, Malcolm Young; Fran Cotton; K.Pacey, J.Bell, Bill Beaumont (capt.), J.Buttler, Peter Dixon, P.Moss, K.Higgins.
Argentina: M.Sansot; M.Campo, J.Trueco, R.Madero, A.Cappelletti; H.Porta (capt.), R.Landajo; T.Petersen, C.Serrano, H.Silva; A.Iachetti, R.Passaglia; H.Nicola, R.Sea¬ton, E.Rodríguez.

North MidlandsEdit

7 October
North Midlands 14–22 Argentina
The Reddings, Moseley
Referee: David Burnett (Ireland)

North Midlands: P.J.Mumford.C.Perry, A.Watson-Jones, M.K.Swain, M.A.Hall; Les Cusworth, P.C.Bullock; T.F.Corless, G.N.J.Cox, J.J.Moore, B.Aire, N.J.Bekewell, J.C.White, T.Clarke, D.Nutt.
Argentina: M.Sansot; M.Campo, M.Lofreda, R.Madero, A.Cappelletti; H.Porta (capt.), A.Soares Gache; G.Paz, C.Serrano, G.Travaglini; R.Passaglia, A.Iachetti; H.Nicola, R.Seaton, A.Cerioni.

The English StudentsEdit

10 October
English Students 9–15 Argentina
Try: I. Wilkins
Con: Rose
Pen: Rose
Try: Porta
Con: Porta
Pen: Porta 3
Kingsholm, Gloucester
Referee: Norman Sanson (Scotland)

English Students: Marcus Rose; J.Basnett, A.Harrower, Clive Woodward, P.Asquith; 1.Wilkins, M.Conner; S.Wilkes, M.Howe, J.Doubleday, Paul Ackford, Steve Bainbridge, Toby Allchurch, Nick Jeavons, Peter Polledri.
Argentina: E.Sanguinetti; M.Campo, J.Escalante, R.Madero, A.Cappelletti; H.Porta (capt.), R.Landajo; G.Paz, G.Travaglini, H.Silva; R.Passaglia, A.Iachetti; H.Nicola, A.Cubelli, A.Cerioni.


14 October
England   13–13   Argentina
Try: Gifford, Squires
Con: Bushell
Drop: Horton
Try: Campo, Passaglia
Con: Porta
Pen: Porta

Wales "B"Edit

17 October
Wales B 14–17 Argentina
Try: Lewis, Hutchings
Pen: Barry 2
Try: Campo, Serrano
Pen: Porta, Sansot
Drop: Porta
Stradey Park, Llanelli
Referee: Roger Quittenton (England)

Wales "B": I.Walsh; E.Rees, N.Hutchings, P.Morgan, R.Ellis¬Jones; D.Barry, G.Williams; D.Jones, G.Davies, D.Lewis, R.Moriarty, S.Sutton, G.Williams, Ch.Seldon, P.Ringer.
Argentina: M.Sansot; M.Campo, M.Loffreda, R.Madero, A.Cappelletti; H.Porta (capt.), A.Soares Gache; T.Peter¬sen, C.Serrano, G, Travaglini; R.Passaglia, A.lachetti; H.Nicola, A.Cubelli, A.Cerioni.


21 October
Leinster 13–24 Argentina
Try: Andrucetti
Pen: Quinn 3
Try: Travaglini
Con: Porta
Pen: Porta 4 Sansot
Drop: Porta
Lansdowne Road, Dublin
Referee: Laurie Prideaux (England)

Leinster: F.Ennis; T.Kennedy, P.Andrucetti, P.Me Naughton, A.Me Lennan; M.Quinn, J.Moloney (capt.); P.Orr, J.Cantrell, M.Fitzpatrick, W.Duggan, E.D'Raffertty, F.Slattery, S.Deering, M.Gibson.
Argentina: M.Sansot; M.Campo, J.Trucco, R.Madero, A.Cappelletti; H.Porta (capt.), Landajo; H.Silva, T.Petersen, G.Travaglini; R.Passaglia, A.lachetti; H.Nicola, A.Cubelli, A.Cerioni.


24 October
Italy   19–6   Argentina
Try: R Francescato, Ghizzoni
Con: Zuin
Pen: Zuin 2
Drop: Zuin
Pen: Porta
Drop: Porta
Mario Battaglini, Rovigo
Referee: Sergio Tavelli (Italy)

Italy: 15.Rocco Caligiuri, 14.Massimo Mascioletti, 13.Nello Francescato, 12.Rino Francescato, 11.Serafino Ghizzoni, 10.Loredano Zuin, 9.Angelo Visentin, 8.Elio de Anna, 7.Fiorenzo Blessano, 6.Paolo Mariani, 5.Adriano Fedrigo, 4.Fulvio di Carlo, 3.Ambrogio Bona (capT.), 2.Claudio Robazza, 1.Anacleto AltigieriReplacement: Narciso Zanella
Argentina 15.Eduardo Sanguinetti, 14.Martin Sansot, 13.Javier Escalante, 12.Rafael Madero, 11.Marcelo Campo, 10.Hugo Porta (cap), 9.Alfredo Soares Gache, 8.Gabriel Travaglini, 7.Tomas Petersen, 6.Carlos Serrano, 5.Ricardo Passaglia, 4.Alejandro Iachetti, 3.Alejandro Cerioni, 2.Alejandro Cubelli, 1.Rodolfo Ventura – Replacement: Adolfo Cappelletti, Hugo Nicola


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