1977 Pacific Conference Games

The 1977 Pacific Conference Games was the third edition of the international athletics competition between five Pacific coast nations: Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the United States. It was held on 3 and 4 December in Canberra, Australia.[1] A total of 20 men's and 14 women's athletics events were contested. Two new women's events were added to the programme of the previous edition: the 400 metres hurdles and the 4×400 metres relay. The relay event had gained Olympic status in 1972, but the inclusion of the women's hurdles event was ahead of its time as it was not held at the Olympics until seven years later.[2]

III Pacific Conference Games
The host stadium in 2005 after being converted
Dates3 and 4 December
Host cityCanberra, Australia
VenueBruce Stadium

It marked the first major international athletics event to be held in the country since the 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games. The venue, Bruce Stadium, was purpose-built for the competition and represented a new, modern stadium for the sport in Australia.[3] The stadium later went on to host the 1985 IAAF World Cup.[4] The area's sporting reputation grew with the opening of the Australian Institute of Sport nearby in 1981.[5]

Medal summaryEdit


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Paul Narracott (AUS) 10.52   Bill Collins (USA) 10.69   Fred Lehmann (AUS) 10.77
200 metres   Bill Collins (USA) 20.83   Paul Narracott (AUS) 21.06   Toshio Toyota (JPN) 21.28
400 metres   Bevan Smith (NZL) 46.27   Jim O'Sullivan (AUS) 46.35   Mike Willis (AUS) 46.93
800 metres   Chum Darvall (AUS) 1:47.88   John Higham (AUS) 1:48.54   Takashi Ishii (JPN) 1:48.93
1500 metres   Takashi Ishii (JPN) 3:45.08   Graham Crouch (AUS) 3:45.17   Geoff Shaw (NZL) 3:45.94
5000 metres   David Fitzsimons (AUS) 13:45.15   Geoff Shaw (NZL) 13:50.66   Dave Hill (CAN) 13:55.22
10,000 metres   Rob de Castella (AUS) 29:23.66   Greg Fredericks (USA) 29:28.93   Peter Butler (CAN) 30:20.02
110 m hurdles   Warren Parr (AUS) 14.21   Charles Foster (USA) 14.21   Don Wright (AUS) 14.25
400 m hurdles   Garry Brown (AUS) 51.89   Sam Turner (USA) 53.08   Takashi Nagao (JPN) 53.30
3000 metres steeplechase   Ron Addison (USA) 8:38.16   Masanari Shintaku (JPN) 8:44.44   Bob Hendy (AUS) 8:55.46
4 × 100 m relay   United States (USA) 38.85   Japan (JPN) 39.54   Australia (AUS)
Fred Lehmann
Paul Narracott
Jim O'Sullivan
Don Wright
4 × 400 m relay   United States (USA) 3:07.26   Japan (JPN) 3:08.01   Australia (AUS)
Chum Darvall
Paul Narracott
Jim O'Sullivan
Mike Willis
High jump   Kazunori Koshikawa (JPN) 2.17 m   Ron Livers (USA) 2.13 m   Moriichi Takako (JPN) 2.10 m
Pole vault   Bruce Simpson (CAN) 5.25 m   Ray Boyd (AUS) 5.05 m   Yasuhiro Kigawa (JPN) 5.00 m
Long jump   Chris Commons (AUS) 8.08w m   Kashira Machida (JPN) 7.64 m w   Glenn Stewart (AUS) 7.59 m
Triple jump   Ron Livers (USA) 16.63 m   Yasushi Ueta (JPN) 16.35 m   Milan Tiff (USA) 16.32 m
Shot put   Colin Anderson (USA) 19.62 m   Bruno Pauletto (CAN) 18.43 m   Yuzo Koyama (JPN) 15.44 m
Discus throw   Dan Gardner (USA) 57.54 m   Kiyotaka Kawasaki (JPN) 57.44 m   Wayne Martin (AUS) 51.66 m
Hammer throw   Peter Farmer (AUS) 67.62 m   Yoji Kitano (JPN) 62.82 m   Murray Cheater (NZL) 61.06 m
Javelin throw   Phil Olsen (CAN) 80.98 m   Mike O'Rourke (NZL) 74.32 m   John Corazza (CAN) 73.54 m


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Denise Robertson (AUS) 11.67   Debbie Wells (AUS) 11.79   Wendy Brown (NZL) 11.91
200 metres   Denise Robertson (AUS) 22.87   Debbie Wells (AUS) 23.64   Kim Robertson (NZL) 23.68
400 metres   Verna Burnard (AUS) 52.63   Sharon Dabney (USA) 53.03   Marian Fisher (AUS) 53.19
800 metres   Francie Larrieu (USA) 2:06.30   Michelle Green (NZL) 2:06.68   Alison Wrench (AUS) 2:07.22
1500 metres   Francie Larrieu (USA) 4:18.32   Debbie Pearson (CAN) 4:19.09   Debbie Campbell (CAN)
  Jan Healy (NZL)
100 m hurdles   Deby LaPlante (USA) 14.03   Cheryl Boswell (AUS) 14.35   Emi Akimoto (JPN) 14.44
400 m hurdles   Marian Fisher (AUS) 57.28   Francine Gendron (CAN) 58.40   Carmen Campton (AUS) 58.53
4 × 100 m relay   Australia (AUS)
Denise Robertson
Lyn Jacenko
Marian Fisher
Debbie Wells
44.26   New Zealand (NZL) 44.95   Canada (CAN) 45.99
4 × 400 m relay   Australia (AUS)
Denise Robertson
Verna Burnard
Carmen Campton
Marian Fisher
3:34.24   Canada (CAN) 3:37.94   New Zealand (NZL) 3:42.54
High jump   Debbie Brill (CAN) 1.88 m   Tamami Yagi (JPN) 1.82 m   Chris Annison (AUS) 1.80 m
Long jump   Lyn Jacenko (AUS) 6.59w m   Erica Hooker (AUS) 6.38 m   Noeline Hodgins (NZL) 6.18 m
Shot put   Gael Mulhall (AUS) 16.15 m   Kayoko Hayashi (JPN) 16.00 m   Lucette Moreau (CAN) 15.40 m
Discus throw   Jane Haist (CAN) 55.64 m   Gael Mulhall (AUS) 54.40 m   Lynne Winbigler (USA) 52.58 m
Javelin throw   Pam Matthews (AUS) 56.88 m   Karen Smith (USA) 54.50 m   Keiko Myogai (JPN) 49.90 m


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