1966 Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands on 8 November 1966.[1]

Electoral system edit

The bicameral Congress consisted of a 12-member Senate with two members from each of the six districts and a 21-member House of Representatives with seats apportioned to each district based on their population – five from Truk, four from the Marshall Islands and Ponape, three from the Mariana Islands and Palau and two from Yap.[1]

Elections were held every two years in November of even-numbered years, with all members of the House of Representatives and half the Senate (one member from each district) renewed at each election.

Results edit

Senate edit

District Elected Member Notes
Marianas Francis T. Palacios
Marshalls Amata Kabua Re-elected
Palau David Ramarui
Ponape Hirosi Ismael
Truk Andon Amaraich Re-elected
Yap Petrus Tun
Source: TTPI

House of Representatives edit

District Constituency Elected Member Notes
Marianas 1st District Benjamin Manglona Re-elected
2nd District Manuel D. Muna Re-elected
3rd District Carlos S. Camacho
Marshalls 4th District Namo Hermios Re-elected
5th District Henry Samuel Re-elected
6th District Ekpap Silk Re-elected
7th District Atlan Anien Re-elected
Palau 8th District Lazarus Salii Re-elected
9th District Polycarp Basilius
10th District Jacob Sawaichi Re-elected
Ponape 11th District Joab Sigrah
12th District Bethwel Henry Re-elected
13th District Ambilos Iehsi
14th District Daro Weital
Truk 15th District Raymond Setik
16th District Petrus Mailo Re-elected
17th District Soukichi Fritz Re-elected
18th District Mitaro Danis Re-elected
19th District Chutomu Nimues Re-elected
Yap 20th District Luke Tman Re-elected
21st District John N. Rugulimar Re-elected
Source: TTPI

References edit

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