Congress of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands

The Congress of Micronesia was a bicameral legislature in Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands from 1964 to 1979.

Congress of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
Length of term
4 years (Senators)
2 years (Representatives)
Meeting place


Congress of Micronesia buildings, Saipan

The Congress was established on 28 September 1964, when the US Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall issued order no. 2882.[1] It replaced the previous Council of Micronesia, which had been based outside the Trust Territory in Guam.[2] The first elections were held in January 1965.

The Congress was initially composed of a House of Delegates and General Assembly, which were later renamed the Senate and House of Representatives. The Congress building was burnt down in an arson attack on 20 February 1970.[3]



The Senate had 12 members, two from each of the six districts. The House of Representatives had 21 members, with seats apportioned to each district based on their population – five from Truk, four from the Marshall Islands and Ponape, three from the Mariana Islands and Palau and two from Yap.[4]

Elections were held every two years. Senators served four-year terms, with one Senator elected from each district at each election. All members of the House of Representatives were elected at each election.

Presidents of the upper chamber


The upper chamber of Congress of Micronesia was called House of Delegates, and later Senate.

Name Took office Left office District Notes
John O. Ngiraked July 1965 July 1965 Palau [5]
Tosiwo Nakayama July 1965 July 1967 Truk [6]
John O. Ngiraked July 1967 1969 Palau [7][8]
Amata Kabua 1969 Jan 1973 Marshall Islands [9]
Tosiwo Nakayama Jan 1973 May 1979 Truk [10]

Speakers of the lower chamber


The lower chamber of Congress of Micronesia was called House of Representatives.

Name Took office Left office District Notes
Dwight Heine July 1965 1966 Marshall Islands [5]
Bethwel Henry 1966 May 1979 Ponape [11][10]



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