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1966 British Empire and Commonwealth Games

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The 1966 British Empire and Commonwealth Games were held in Kingston, Jamaica, from 4 to 13 August 1966. This was the first time that the Games had been held outside the so-called White Dominions. They were followed by the 1966 Commonwealth Paraplegic Games for wheelchair athletes. Jamaica remains the only host nation of a Commonwealth Games that did not win at least one gold medal in its own games.

VIII British Empire and Commonwealth Games
Commonwealth Games - Kingston.gif
Host cityKingston, Jamaica
Nations participating34
Athletes participating1,316 (inc. officials)
Events110 events in 10 sports
Opening ceremony4 August
Closing ceremony13 August
Officially opened byPrince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Main venueIndependence Park


Host selectionEdit

Kingston was elected host in Rome, Italy at the 1960 Summer Olympics.

1966 British Empire and Commonwealth Games bidding results
City Country Votes
Kingston   Jamaica 17
Edinburgh   Scotland 12
Salisbury   Rhodesia and Nyasaland 5

Participating teamsEdit

Countries that participated

34 teams were represented at the 1966 British Empire and Commonwealth Games.
(Teams competing for the first time are shown in bold).

Participating Commonwealth countries and territories

Medals by countryEdit

  *   Host nation (Jamaica)

1  England (ENG)33242380
2  Australia (AUS)23282273
3  Canada (CAN)14202357
4  New Zealand (NZL)851326
5  Ghana (GHA)5229
  Trinidad and Tobago (TTO)5229
7  Pakistan (PAK)4149
8  Kenya (KEN)4138
9  India (IND)34310
  Nigeria (NGR)34310
11  Wales (WAL)3227
12  Malaysia (MAS)2215
13  Scotland (SCO)1449
14  Northern Ireland (NIR)1337
15  Isle of Man (IOM)1001
16  Jamaica (JAM)*04812
17  Bahamas (BAH)0101
  Bermuda (BER)0101
  Guyana (GUY)0101
  Papua New Guinea (PNG)0101
21  Uganda (UGA)0033
22  Barbados (BAR)0011
Totals (22 nations)110110120340

Medals by eventEdit



Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's Singles Tan Aik Huang   Yew Cheng Hoe   Dinesh Khanna  
Men's Doubles Tan Aik Huang & Yew Cheng Hoe   Ng Boon Bee & Tan Yee Khan   David Horton & Roger Mills  
Women's Singles Angela Bairstow   Sharon Whittaker   Ursula Smith  
Women's Doubles Jenny Horton & Ursula Smith   Angela Bairstow & Iris Rogers   Rosalind Singha Ang & Teoh Siew Yong  
Mixed Doubles Roger Mills & Angela Bairstow   Tony Jordan & Jenny Horton   Bob McCoig & Muriel Ferguson  


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Flyweight Men Sulley Shittu   Kenneth Campbell   Frank Scott  
John Rakowski  
Bantamweight Men Edward Ndukwu   Darryl Norwood   Nderu Mwaura  
Brian Kendall  
Featherweight Men Philip Waruinge   Pat Maguire   Amos Ajoo  
Harold West  
Lightweight Men Anthony Andeh   Ron Thurston   Stephen Baraza  
Samuel Lockhart  
Light Welterweight Men Jim McCourt   Aaron Popoola   Alex Odhiambo  
Bryan Knoche  
Welterweight Men Eddie Blay   Bobby Arthur   Frank Young  
Andy Peace  
Light Middleweight Men Mark Rowe   Tom Imrie   Robert Okine  
Nojim Maiyegun  
Middleweight Men Joe Darkey   Arthur Trout   John Turpin  
Mathias Ouma  
Light Heavyweight Men Roger Tighe   Fatai Ayinla   Dennis Booth  
Sylvester Hines  
Heavyweight Men Bill Kini   Adonis Ray   Danny McAlinden  
Benson Ocan  


Event Gold Silver Bronze
3 Metres Springboard Diving Men Brian Phelps   154.55 Don Wagstaff   150.17 Chris Robb   136.52
10 Metres Highboard [Platform] Diving Men Brian Phelps   164.57 Don Wagstaff   148.44 Chris Robb   141.68
3 Metres Springboard Diving Women Kathy Rowlatt   147.1 Beverley Boys   134.92 Susan Knight   134.9
10 Metres Highboard [Platform] Diving Women Joy Newman   98.87 Robyn Bradshaw   98.85 Beverley Boys   97.21



Event Gold Silver Bronze
Time Trial Men Roger Gibbon   00:01:10 Philip Bristow-Stagg   00:01:11 Richard Hine   00:01:11
Sprint Men Roger Gibbon   Jim Booker   Daryl Perkins  
Individual Pursuit Men Hugh Porter   00:04:57 John Bylsma   00:04:59 Richard Hine   00:05:04
10 Miles Scratch Men Ian Alsop   00:21:46 Hilton Clarke   00:21:46 Trevor Bull   00:21:47


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Road Race Men Peter Buckley   05:07:52 Des Thomson   05:12:11 Laurie Byers   05:12:20


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Foil Men Allan Jay   Bill Hoskyns   Graham Paul  
Foil – Team Men England  
Allan Jay
Graham Paul
Bill Hoskyns
Barry Wasley
Brian McCowage
John Humphreys
Russell Hobby
George Sandor
Joseph Rorke
Robert Wilson
Épée Men Bill Hoskyns   John Pelling   Robert Reynolds  
Épée – Team Men England  
Bill Hoskyns
John Pelling
Peter Jacobs
John Andru
Konrad Widmaier
Peter Bakonyi
Barry Wasley
John Humphreys
Peter Hardiman
Russell Hobby
Sabre Men Ralph Cooperman   Sandy Leckie   Gabor Arato  
Sabre- Team Men England  
Ralph Cooperman
Richard Oldcorn
William Rayden
Brian McCowage
Gabor Arato
Laszlo Tornallyay
John Andru
Leslie Samek
Robert Foxcroft
Foil Women Janet Wardell-Yerburgh   Shirley Parker   Gaye McDermit  
Foil – Team Women England  
Janet Wardell-Yerburgh
Joyce Pearce
Shirley Parker
Jeanette Beauchamp
Melody Coleman
Walburga Winter
New Zealand  
Joyce Fenton
Gaye McDermit
Pamela French



Event Gold Silver Bronze
Free Pistol Men/Open Charles Sexton   544 Jules Sobrian   538 Garfield McMahon   536
Centre-Fire Pistol Men/Open James Lee   576 Tony Clark   575 Julio Machado   571
Rapid-Fire Pistol Men/Open Tony Clark   585 Michael Papps   578 Jules Sobrian   572


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Small Bore Rifle Men/Open Gilmour Boa   587 Brian Lacey   585 John Murphy   584
Full Bore Rifle Men/Open Lord John Swansea   394 Robert Stewart   381 Tom Sutherland   381


Men's events
Event Gold Silver Bronze
110 yd freestyle Mike Wenden   54.0 Bobby McGregor   54.2 David Dickson   54.6
440 yd freestyle Bob Windle   4:15.0 John Bennett   4:15.8 Ralph Hutton   4:16.1
1650 yd freestyle Ron Jackson   17:25.9 Sandy Gilchrist   17:33.9 Ralph Hutton   17:38.9
110 yd backstroke Peter Reynolds   1:02.4 Ralph Hutton   1:02.7 Neil Jackson   1:03.3
220 yd backstroke Peter Reynolds   2:12.0 Ralph Hutton   2:13.5 Karl Byrom   2:18.8
110 yd breaststroke Ian O'Brien   1:08.2 Tony Graham   1:12.9 Malcolm Tucker   1:13.9
220 yd breaststroke Ian O'Brien   2:29.3 Tony Graham   2:36.9 Bill Mahony   2:38.9
110 yd butterfly Ron Jacks   1:00.3 Graham Dunn   1:00.9 Keith Bewley   1:01.5
220 yd butterfly David Gerrard   2:12.7 Brett Hill   2:12.8 Tom Arusoo   2:14.2
440 yd individual medley Peter Reynolds   4:50.8 Ralph Hutton   4:51.8 Sandy Gilchrist   4:58.7
4×110 yd freestyle relay Australia  
David Dickson
John Ryan
Mike Wenden
Bob Windle
3:35.6 Canada  
Sandy Gilchrist
Ralph Hutton
Robert Kasting
Ronald Jacks
3:42.3 England  
Anthony Jarvis
John Martin-Dye
Michael Turner
Robert Lord
4×220 yd freestyle relay Australia  
David Dickson
Mike Wenden
Peter Reynolds
Bob Windle
7:59.5 Canada  
Sandy Gilchrist
Ralph Hutton
Robert Kasting
Ronald Jacks
8:15.0 England  
Anthony Jarvis
John Thurley
Keith Bewley
Michael Turner
4×110 yd medley relay Canada  
Sandy Gilchrist
Leonard Chase
Ralph Hutton
Ronald Jacks
4:10.5 England  
Keith Bewley
Malcolm Tucker
Michael Turner
Neil Jackson
4:11.3 New Zealand  
David Gerrard
Tony Graham
Hilton Brown
Paddy O'Carroll
Women's events
Event Gold Silver Bronze
110 yd freestyle Marion Lay   01:02.3 Lynette Bell   01:03.2 Jan Murphy   01:03.4
440 yd freestyle Kathy Wainwright   04:38.8 Jenny Thorn   04:44.5 Kim Herford   04:47.2
110 yd backstroke Linda Ludgrove   01:09.2 Elaine Tanner   01:09.9 Janet Franklin   01:11.8
220 yd backstroke Linda Ludgrove   02:28.5 Elaine Tanner   02:29.7 Margaret Macrae   02:34.7
110 yd breaststroke Diana Harris   01:19.7 Jill Slattery   01:19.8 Heather Saville   01:21.6
220 yd breaststroke Jill Slattery   02:50.3 Stella Mitchell   02:50.3 Vivien Haddon   02:53.9
110 yd butterfly Elaine Tanner   01:06.8 Judy Gegan   01:09.3 Ann Barner   01:09.7
220 yd butterfly Elaine Tanner   02:29.9 Marilyn Carson   02:34.8 Ann Barner   02:35.0
440 yd individual medley Elaine Tanner   05:26.3 Jan Murphy   05:28.1 Jane Hughes   05:34.1
4×110 yd freestyle relay Canada  
Elaine Tanner
Jane Hughes
Louise Kennedy
Marion Lay
04:10.8 Australia  
Janet Steinbeck
Janice Murphy
Lynette Bell
Marion Smith
04:11.1 England  
Diana Wilkinson
Jeanette Cave
Pauline Sillett
Susan Cope
4×110 yd medley relay England  
Diana Harris
Judy Gegan
Linda Ludgrove
Pauline Sillett
04:40.6 Canada  
Donna Ross
Elaine Tanner
Louise Kennedy
Marion Lay
04:44.5 Australia  
Allyson Mabb
Heather Saville
Jill Pauline Groeger
Lynette Bell


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Bantamweight – Overall Men Precious McKenzie   319.5 Martin Dias   307 Chun Hon Chan   304.5
Featherweight – Overall Men Chung Kum Weng   337 Mahon Ghosh   334.5 Allen Salter   324.5
Lightweight – Overall Men Hugo Gittens   367 George Newton   354.5 Ieuan Owen   349.5
Middleweight – Overall Men Pierre St.-Jean   404.5 Horace Johnson   382 Russell Perry   372
Light Heavyweight – Overall Men George Vakakis   419.5 Sylvanus Blackman   414.5 Mike Pearman   409.5
Middle Heavyweight – Overall Men Louis Martin   462 George Manners   429.5 Dudley Lawson   422
Heavyweight – Overall Men Don Oliver   497 Arthur Shannos   464.5 Brandon Bailey   462


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Flyweight Men Muhammad Nazir   Shamrao Sable   Peter Michienzi  
Bantamweight Men Bishamber Singh   Kevin McGrath   Muhammad Saeed  
Featherweight Men Muhammad Akhtar   Randhawa Singh   Albert Aspen  
Lightweight Men Mukhtiar Singh   Ray Lougheed   Tony Greig  
Welterweight Men Muhammad Bashir   Richard Bryant   Hukum Singh  
Middleweight Men Muhammad Faiz   Sébastien Donison   Michael Benarik  
Light Heavyweight Men Robert Chamberot   Wallace Booth   Bishwanath Singh  
Heavyweight Men Bhim Singh   Ikram Ilahi   Denis McNamara  

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