1970 British Commonwealth Games

The 1970 British Commonwealth Games (Scottish Gaelic: Geamannan a 'Cho-fhlaitheis Bhreatainn 1970) were held in Edinburgh, Scotland, from 16 to 25 July 1970. This was the first time the name British Commonwealth Games was adopted, the first time metric units rather than imperial units were used in all events, and also the first time the games were held in Scotland. Also, these games saw the first unique Games trademark logo: an emblem showing the Games emblem intertwined with a St Andrews Cross and a thistle. They were followed by the 1970 Commonwealth Paraplegic Games for wheelchair athletes.

IX British Commonwealth Games
Edinburgh 1970 Commonwealth Games.png
Host cityEdinburgh,  Scotland
Nations participating42
Athletes participating1,744 (inc. officials)
Events121 events in 10 sports
Opening ceremony16 July
Closing ceremony25 July
Officially opened byPrince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Athlete's OathCrawford Fairbrother
Queen's Baton Final RunnerJim Alder
Main venueMeadowbank Stadium
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Host selectionEdit

In August 1966, the bid vote was held in Jamaica. Edinburgh, Scotland with 18 votes beat Christchurch, New Zealand with 11.[1]

1970 British Commonwealth Games bidding results
City Country Votes
Edinburgh   Scotland 18
Christchurch   New Zealand 11

Participating teamsEdit

Countries that participated

42 teams were represented at the 1970 Games.
(Teams competing for the first time are shown in bold).

Participating Commonwealth countries and territories


In December of the following year, an appeal fund was launched, aiming to raise £200,000 towards the cost of running the games.[2]

Medals by countryEdit

  *   Host nation (Scotland)

1  Australia (AUS)36242282
2  England (ENG)27253284
3  Canada (CAN)18242466
4  Scotland (SCO)*681125
5  Kenya (KEN)53614
6  India (IND)53412
7  Pakistan (PAK)4329
8  Jamaica (JAM)4217
9  Uganda (UGA)3317
10  Northern Ireland (NIR)3159
11  New Zealand (NZL)26614
12  Wales (WAL)26412
13  Ghana (GHA)2327
14  Nigeria (NGR)2002
15  Malaysia (MAS)1113
16  British Hong Kong1001
17  Trinidad and Tobago (TTO)0437
18  Zambia (ZAM)0224
19  Singapore (SIN)0112
20  Barbados (BAR)0101
  Tanzania (TAN)0101
22  Fiji (FIJ)0011
  Gambia (GAM)0011
  Guyana (GUY)0011
  Isle of Man (IOM)0011
  Malawi (MAW)0011
  Saint Vincent0011
Totals (27 nations)121121133375

Medals by eventEdit



Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's Singles Men   Jamie Paulson (CAN)   Paul Whetnall (ENG)   Ray Sharp (ENG)
Men's Doubles Men   Ng Boon Bee & Punch Gunalan (MAS)   Ng Tat Wai & Tan Soon Hooi (MAS)   Yves Paré & Jamie Paulson (CAN)
Women's Singles Women   Margaret Beck (ENG)   Gillian Perrin (ENG)   Margaret Boxall (ENG)
Women's Doubles Women   Margaret Boxall & Sue Whetnall (ENG)   Gillian Perrin & Julie Rickard (ENG)   Rosalind Singha Ang & Teoh Siew Yong (MAS)
Mixed Doubles Mixed   Derek Talbot & Margaret Boxall (ENG)   Roger Mills & Gillian Perrin (ENG)   David Eddy & Sue Whetnall (ENG)



Event Gold Silver Bronze
Light Flyweight Men   James Odwori (UGA)   Anthony Davies (WAL)   P.J. Butterfield (AUS)
  Michael Abrams (ENG)
Flyweight Men   Dave Needham (ENG)   Leo Rwabwogo (UGA)   Alex McHugh (SCO)
  Davy Larmour (NIR)
Bantamweight Men   Sulley Shittu (GHA)   Samuel Mbugua (KEN)   Stewart Ogilvie (SCO)
  Courtney Atherly (GUY)
Featherweight Men   Philip Waruinge (KEN)   Deogratias Musoke (UGA)   Mir Samar (PAK)
  Alan Richardson (ENG)
Lightweight Men   Abayomi Adeyemi (NGR)   John Gillan (SCO)   Tatu Ghionga (MAW)
  Moses Mbogwa (KEN)
Light Welterweight Men   Mohamed Muruli (UGA)   Dai Davies (WAL)   Emmanuel Lawson (GHA)
  Paul Kayula (ZAM)
Welterweight Men   Emma Ankudey (GHA)   John Olulu (KEN)   Tommy Joyce (SCO)
  Shivaji Bhonsle (IND)
Light Middleweight Men   Tom Imrie (SCO)   Julius Luipa (ZAM)   Patrick Doherty (NIR)
  David Attan (KEN)
Middleweight Men   John Conteh (ENG)   Titus Simba (TAN)   Robert Murphy (AUS)
  Samuel Kasongo (ZAM)
Light Heavyweight Men   Fatai Ayinla (NGR)   Oliver Wright (JAM)   Victor Attivor (GHA)
  John Rafferty (SCO)
Heavyweight Men   Benson Masanda (UGA)   John McKinty (NIR)   Jack Meda (CAN)
  Leslie Stevens (ENG)



Event Gold Silver Bronze
Time trial Men   Harry Kent (NZL) 00:01:09   Leslie King (TRI) 00:01:10   Jocelyn Lovell (CAN) 00:01:11
Sprint Men   John Nicholson (AUS)   Gordon Johnson (AUS)   Leslie King (TRI)
Individual pursuit Men   Ian Hallam (ENG) 00:05:01   Danny Clark (AUS) 00:05:05   Blair Stockwell (NZL) walkover
10 miles scratch Men   Jocelyn Lovell (CAN) 00:20:47   Brian Temple (SCO) 00:20:48   Vernon Stauble (TRI) 00:20:48
Tandem Men   Gordon Johnson & Ron Jonker (AUS) 11.43   Jocelyn Lovell & Barry Harvey (CAN)   John Hatfield & John Beswick (WAL)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Road race Men   Bruce Biddle (NZL) 04:38:06   Ray Bilney (AUS) 04:39:06   John Trevorrow (AUS) 04:40:03


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Foil Men   Mike Breckin (ENG)   Barry Paul (ENG)   Graham Paul (ENG)
Foil – Team Men   England (ENG)
Barry Paul
Graham Paul
Mike Breckin
  Australia (AUS)
Ernest Simon
Gregory Benko
Bill Ronald
  Canada (CAN)
Gerry Wiedel
Konrad Widmaier
Magdy Conyd
Épée Men   Bill Hoskyns (ENG)   Lester Wong (CAN)   Peter Jacobs (ENG)
Épée – Team Men   England (ENG)
Bill Hoskyns
Peter Jacobs
Ralph Johnson
  Scotland (SCO)
George Sandor
Ian Hunter
Derek Russell
  Canada (CAN)
Konrad Widmaier
Lester Wong
Peter Bakonyi
Sabre Men   Alexander Leckie (SCO)   Rodney Craig (ENG)   Richard Cohen (ENG)
Sabre- Team Men   England (ENG)
David Acfield
Rodney Craig
Richard Cohen
  Scotland (SCO)
A.H. Mitchell
Alexander Leckie
Gordon Wiles
  Australia (AUS)
Gabor Arato
Gregory Benko
Laszlo Tornallyay
Foil Women   Janet Wardell-Yerburgh (ENG)   Marion Exelby (AUS)   Susan Youngs (SCO)
Foil – Team Women   England (ENG)
Clare Henley
Janet Wardell-Yerburgh
Sue Green
  Scotland (SCO)
B.H. Williams
Judith Bain
Susan Youngs
  Canada (CAN)
Fleurette Campeau
Kay Aoyama
Pacita Weidel


Men's events
Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 m freestyle   Michael Wenden (AUS) 53.06   Greg Rogers (AUS) 54.26   William Devenish (AUS) 54.28
200 m freestyle   Michael Wenden (AUS) 1:56.69   Ralph Hutton (CAN) 1:58.45   Greg Rogers (AUS) 1:58.63
400 m freestyle   Graham White (AUS) 4:08.48   Ralph Hutton (CAN) 4:08.77   Greg Brough (AUS) 4:12.16
1500 m freestyle   Graham Windeatt (AUS) 16:23.82   Max Tavasci (AUS) 16:34.46   Mark Treffers (NZL) 16:44.69
100 m backstroke   Bill Kennedy (CAN) 1:01.65   Michael Richards (WAL) 1:01.69   Erik Fish (CAN) 1:02.02
200 m backstroke   Michael Richards (WAL) 00:02:15   Raymond Terrell (ENG) 00:02:15   Neil Rogers (AUS) 00:02:16
100 m breaststroke   William Mahony (CAN) 1:09.0   Peter Cross (CAN) 1:09.4   Paul Jarvie (AUS) 1:10.0
200 m breaststroke   William Mahony (CAN) 2:30.29   Paul Jarvie (AUS) 2:30.70   David Wilkie (SCO) 2:32.87
100 m butterfly   Byron MacDonald (CAN) 58.44   Tom Arusoo (CAN) 58.98   Ron Jacks (CAN) 59.01
200 m butterfly   Tom Arusoo (CAN) 2:08.97   Martyn Woodroffe (WAL) 2:09.14   James Findlay (AUS) 2:09.4
200 m individual medley   George Smith (CAN) 2:13.72   Ken Campbell (CAN) 2:16.57   Martyn Woodroffe (WAL) 2:16.64
400 m individual medley   George Smith (CAN) 4:48.87   Raymond Terrell (ENG) 4:49.85   James Findlay (AUS) 4:51.92
4×100 m freestyle relay   Australia (AUS)
Graham White
Gregory Rogers
Michael Wenden
William Devenish
3:36.02   Canada (CAN)
George Smith
Ralph Hutton
Robert Kasting
Ron Jacks
3:37.65   England (ENG)
Tony Jarvis
Ivan Myall
Malcolm Windeatt
Raymond Terrell
4×200 m freestyle relay   Australia (AUS)
Graham White
Gregory Rogers
Michael Wenden
William Devenish
7:50.77   Canada (CAN)
George Smith
Ralph Hutton
Robert Kasting
Ron Jacks
8:00.69   England (ENG)
Tony Jarvis
Ivan Myall
John Mills
Raymond Terrell
4×100 m medley relay   Canada (CAN)
Byron MacDonald
Robert Kasting
William Mahony
Bill Kennedy
4:01.10   Australia (AUS)
James Findlay
Michael Wenden
Neil Rogers
Paul Jarvie
4:04.55   Wales (WAL)
Kevin Moran
Martin Richards
Martyn Woodroffe
Nigel Johnson
Women's events
Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 m freestyle   Angela Coughlan (CAN) 1:01.22   Lynne Watson (AUS) 1:01.45   Jenny Watts (AUS) 1:01.80
200 m freestyle   Karen Moras (AUS) 2:09.78   Angela Coughlan (CAN) 2:10.83   Alex Jackson (IOM) 2:13.52
400 m freestyle   Karen Moras (AUS) 4:27.38   Denise Langford (AUS) 4:31.42   Robyn Risson (AUS) 4:39.75
800 m freestyle   Karen Moras (AUS) 9:02.45   Helen Gray (AUS) 9:27.48   Robyn Risson (AUS) 9:37.89
100 m backstroke   Lynne Watson (AUS) 1:07.10   Debra Cain (AUS) 1:07.73   Donna Gurr (CAN) 1:08.87
200 m backstroke   Lynne Watson (AUS) 2:22.86   Donna Gurr (CAN) 2:24.33   Debra Cain (AUS) 2:26.02
100 m breaststroke   Beverley Whitfield (AUS) 1:17.40   Dorothy Harrison (ENG) 1:17.60   Chris Jarvis (ENG) 1:19.83
200 m breaststroke   Beverley Whitfield (AUS) 2:44.12   Dorothy Harrison (ENG) 2:46.18   Amanda Radnage (ENG) 2:50.11
100 m butterfly   Diane Lansley (ENG) 1:07.90   Susan Smith (CAN) 1:08.18   Allyson Mabb (AUS) 1:08.67
200 m butterfly   Maree Robinson (AUS) 2:24.67   Jane Comerford (AUS) 2:24.95   Allyson Mabb (AUS) 2:31.09
200 m individual medley   Denise Langford (AUS) 2:28.89   Shelagh Ratcliffe (ENG) 2:29.65   Diana Rickard (AUS) 2:30.80
400 m individual medley   Denise Langford (AUS) 5:10.74   Gail Neall (AUS) 5:15.82   Shelagh Ratcliffe (ENG) 5:17.89
4×100 m freestyle relay   Australia (AUS)
Debra Cain
Denise Langford
Jennifer Watts
Lynne Watson
4:06.41   Canada (CAN)
Angela Coughlan
Karen James
Linda Hall
Susan Smith
4:12.16   England (ENG)
Diane Sutherland
Kathryn Smith
Lesley Allardice
Sally Pickering
4×100 m medley relay   Australia (AUS)
Allyson Mabb
Beverley Whitfield
Denise Langford
Lynne Watson
4:30.66   England (ENG)
Diane Lansley
Dorothy Harrison
Kathryn Smith
Sylvia Platt
4:38.94   Canada (CAN)
Angela Coughlan
Donna-Marie Gurr
Susan Smith
Sylvia Dockerhill


Event Gold Silver Bronze
3 Metres Springboard Diving Men   Don Wagstaff (AUS) 557.73   Ken Sully (CAN) 497.37   Ronald Friesen (CAN) 495.9
10 Metres Highboard [Platform] Diving Men   Don Wagstaff (AUS) 485.73   Philip Drew (ENG) 429.24   Andy Gill (ENG) 421.47
3 Metres Springboard Diving Women   Beverley Boys (CAN) 432.87   Elizabeth Carruthers (CAN) 391.2   Gaye Morley (AUS) 389.04
10 Metres Highboard [Platform] Diving Women   Beverley Boys (CAN) 352.95   Nancy Robertson (CAN) 350.49   Shelagh Burrow (ENG) 330.63


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Flyweight – Overall Men   George Vasiliades (AUS) 290   Abdul Ghafoor (PAK) 287.5   John McNiven (SCO) 265
Bantamweight – Overall Men   Precious McKenzie (ENG) 335   Tony Phillips (BAR) 317.5   Tung Chye Hong (SIN) 302.5
Featherweight – Overall Men   George Perrin (ENG) 342.5   Chua Phung Kim (SIN) 340   Alexander Navis (IND) 335
Lightweight – Overall Men   George Newton (ENG) 372.5   Ieuan Owen (WAL) 355   Bruce Cameron (NZL) 335
Middleweight – Overall Men   Russell Perry (AUS) 412.5   Tony Ebert (NZL) 402.5   Pierre St. Jean (CAN) 400
Light Heavyweight – Overall Men   Nicolo Ciancio (AUS) 447.5   John Bolton (NZL) 445   Peter Arthur (WAL) 427.5
Middle Heavyweight – Overall Men   Louis Martin (ENG) 457.5   Robert Santavy (CAN) 425   George Manners (VIN) 410
Heavyweight – Overall Men   Russ Prior (CAN) 490   Dave Hancock (ENG) 470   Price Morris (CAN) 470
Super Heavyweight – Overall Men   Ray Rigby (AUS) 500   Terry Perdue (WAL) 500   Grant Anderson (SCO) 432.5


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Light Flyweight Men   Ved Prakash (IND)   Ken Shand (CAN)   Masih Sadiq (PAK)
  Don Urquhart (SCO)
Flyweight Men   Sudesh Kumar (IND)   Muhammad Nazir (PAK)   David Stitt (CAN)
Bantamweight Men   Muhammad Sardar (PAK)   Herbert Singerman (CAN)   Terence Robinson (ENG)
Featherweight Men   Muhammad Saeed (PAK)   Patrick Bolger (CAN)   Randhawa Singh (IND)
Lightweight Men   Udey Chand (IND)   Muhammad Yaqub (PAK)   Ole Sorensen (CAN)
Welterweight Men   Mukhtiar Singh (IND)   Alfred Wurr (CAN)   Gordon Mackay (NZL)
Middleweight Men   Harish Rajindra (IND)   Nick Schori (CAN)   David Aspin (NZL)
  Ron Grinstead (ENG)
Light Heavyweight Men   Muhammad Faiz (PAK)   Sajjan Singh (IND)   Claude Pilon (CAN)
Heavyweight Men   Edward Millard (CAN)   Bishwanath Singh (IND)   Muhammad Riaz (PAK)
Super Heavyweight Men   Ikram Ilahi (PAK)   Maruti Mane (IND)   Denis McNamara (ENG)


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