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1965 Philippine presidential election

Presidential, legislative and local elections were held on November 9, 1965, in the Philippines. Incumbent President Diosdado Macapagal lost his opportunity to get a second full term as President of the Philippines to Senate President Ferdinand Marcos. His running mate, Senator Gerardo Roxas lost to former Vice President Fernando Lopez. Emmanuel Pelaez did not run for vice president. An unprecedented twelve candidates ran for president; however, nine of those were nuisance candidates.

1965 Philippine presidential election

← 1961 November 9, 1965 1969 →
Turnout76.4% Decrease 3.0%
  Ferdinand Marcos (cropped).JPEG Diosdado Macapagal USS Oklahoma City 1962 cropped.jpg
Nominee Ferdinand E. Marcos Diosdado Macapagal Raul Manglapus
Party Nacionalista Liberal Progressive
Running mate Fernando Lopez Gerardo M. Roxas Manuel Manahan
Popular vote 3,861,324 3,187,752 384,564
Percentage 51.94% 42.88% 5.17%

1965 Philippine presidential election results per province.png
Election results per province/city.

President before election

Diosdado Macapagal

Elected President

Ferdinand E. Marcos

This was the first election where all of the major presidential candidates were born after the Spanish colonization of the Philippines.



Final Official Congressional Canvass

e • d Summary of the November 9, 1965 Philippine presidential election results
Candidates Parties Votes %
Ferdinand Marcos Nacionalista Party (Nationalist Party) 3,861,324 51.94%
Diosdado Macapagal Liberal Party 3,187,752 42.88%
Raul Manglapus Party for Philippine Progress 384,564 5.17%
Gaudencio Bueno New Leaf Party 199 0.01%
Aniceto A. Hidalgo New Leaf Party 156
Segundo B. Baldovi Partido ng Bansa (Party of the Nation) 139
Nic V. Garces People's Progressive Democratic Party 130
German F. Villanueva Independent 106
Guillermo M. Mercado Labor Party 27
Antonio Nicolas Jr. Allied Party 27
Blandino P. Ruan Philippine Pro-Socialist Party 6
Praxedes Floro Independent 1
Total 7,434,431 100%
Valid votes 7,434,431 97.7%
Invalid votes 175,620 2.3%
Votes cast 7,610,051 76.4%
Registered voters 9,962,345


e • d Summary of the November 9, 1965 Philippine vice presidential election results
Candidate Party Results
Votes %
Fernando López Nacionalista 3,531,550 48.48%
Gerardo Roxas Liberal 3,504,826 48.11%
Manuel Manahan Progressive 247,426 3.40%
Gonzalo D. Vasquez RPP 644 0.01%
Severo Capales NLP 193 0.01%
Eleodoro Salvador Partido ng Bansa 172
Valid votes 7,284,811 95.7%
Invalid votes 325,240 4.3%
Votes cast 7,610,051 76.4%
Registered voters 9,962,345 100.00%

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