1961 Haitian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Haiti on 30 April 1961.[1] They followed the dissolution of Parliament by President François Duvalier and the abolition of the Senate, making the Chamber of Deputies a unicameral body. Duvalier's National Unity Party won all 67 seats in the elections,[2] which were later re-interpreted as presidential elections in order to give Duvalier a six-year presidential term and avoid the need for scheduled presidential election in 1963.[3][4]

1961 Haitian parliamentary election

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All 67 seats in the Chamber of Deputies
34 seats needed for a majority
  First party
Leader François Duvalier
Party PUN
Seats won 67
Percentage 100%

For the first time in Haitian history, two women were elected as deputies: Madame Max Adolphe and Aviole Paul-Blanc.[5]


National Unity Party67
Source: Nohlen


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