1950 World Fencing Championships

The 1950 World Fencing Championships were held in Monte Carlo, Monaco.[1]

1950 World Championships in Fencing
Host cityMonaco Monte Carlo, Monaco

Medal table edit

1  Italy (ITA)4127
2  France (FRA)3418
3  Denmark (DEN)1102
4  Austria (AUT)1012
5  Sweden (SWE)0112
6  Egypt (EGY)0022
7  Great Britain (GBR)0011
Totals (7 entries)97824

Medal summary edit

Men's events edit

Event   Gold   Silver   Bronze
Individual Foil   Renzo Nostini   Jehan Buhan   Jacques Lataste
Team Foil   Italy   France   Egypt
Individual Sabre   Jean Levavasseur   Vincenzo Pinton   Gastone Darè
Team Sabre   Italy   France   Egypt
Individual Épée   Mogens Lüchow   Carl Forssell   Dario Mangiarotti
Team Épée   Italy   France   Sweden

Women's events edit

Event   Gold   Silver   Bronze
Individual Foil   Ellen Müller-Preis
  Renée Garilhe
    Frederiike Filz
Team Foil   France   Denmark   Great Britain

References edit

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