1938 Northern Rhodesian general election

General elections were held in Northern Rhodesia in 1938.[1] An additional unofficial member was appointed to the Legislative Council to represent African interests.[2]

Electoral systemEdit

The seven elected members of the Legislative Council were elected from seven single-member constituencies.[3] There were a total of 3,932 registered voters.[3]

Constituency Settlements Registered voters
Eastern Fort Jameson, Lundazi, Petauke 146
Livingstone and Western Balovale, Kalabo, Lealui, Livingstone, Mankoya, Senanga, Sesheke 367
Midland Broken Hill (South), Lusaka, Mumbwa 541
Ndola Fort Rosebery, Kawambwa, Luanshya Ndola 792
Nkana Kasempa, Mufulira, Mwinilunga, Nkana, Solwezi 1,196
Northern Abercorn, Broken Hill, Chinsali, Isoka, Kasama, Luwingu, Mkushi, Mpika, Mporokoso, Serenje 624
Southern Kalomo, Mazabuka, Namwala 266
Source: Legislative Council of Northern Rhodesia[3]


Constituency Elected member
Eastern Thomas Spurgeon Page
Livingstone and Western Leopold Moore
Midland Edward Cholmeley
Ndola Arthur Stephenson
Nkana Albert Smith
Northern Roy Welensky
Southern Richard Ernest Campbell
Source: Davidson[4]


Stewart Gore-Browne was appointed as the member representing African interests.[5]


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