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In literature


The olive tree near Alfacar where Federico García Lorca is executed on August 19, as it is in 1999. Many people have left quotations from his works in its branches.[1]

Works published in English

  • Ursula Bethell, Time and Place: poems by the author of 'From a garden in the Antipodes, Christchurch: Caxton Press[14]
  • Robin Hyde:
    • Passport to Hell
    • Check To Your King

Other in English


Works published in other languages


Indian subcontinent


Including all of the British colonies that later became India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Listed alphabetically by first name, regardless of surname:

  • Mohitlal Majumdar, Smara-garal, Bengali[13]
  • Rabindranath Tagore, in these two works as well as in some others of the mid- and early 1930s, the author introduced a new rhythm in poetry that "had a tremendous impact on the modern poets", according to Indian academic Sisir Kumar Das:[13]
Muhammad Iqbal

Translation, commentary and critical appreciation of Pas Cheh Bayad Kard and Masnavi Musafir in Urdu by Dr Elahi Bakhsh Akhtar Awan, publishers University Book Agency Peshawar Pakistan, 1960.

Other Indian languages


Spanish language

  • Federico García Lorca (killed this year; see deaths, below):
    • Diván del Tamarit (Spanish for "The Diván of Tamarit") written this year, will be published in 1941);
    • Sonetos del amor oscuro ("Sonnets of Dark Love") published this year
    • Primeras canciones ("First Songs") published this year
  • Jorge Guillén, Cántico, second, enlarged edition, with 125 poems in seven sections (first edition, with 75 poems, 1928)[27]
  • Miguel Hernández, El rayo que no cesa
  • Pedro Salinas, Razón d'amor ("Reason for Love")[27]
  • Luis Felipe Vivanco, Cantos de primavera ("Songs of Springtime")[27]

Other languages

  • Gottfried Benn, Ausgewählte Gedichte ("Selected Poems"); when first published in May, the book contains two poems that are deleted for the next edition in November : "Mann und Frau gehen durch die Krebsbaracke" and "D-Zug". The vast majority of the first editions are collected and destroyed.
  • Paul la Cour, Dette er vort Liv ("This Is Our Life"), Denmark[28]
  • Martinus Nijhoff, Het Uur U, Netherlands
  • Millosh Gjergj Nikolla ('Migjeni'), Vargjet e lira ("Free Verses"), suppressed by government censors; enlarged edition with two poems deleted published in 1944, Albania
  • Cesare Pavese, Lavorare stanca ("Hard Work"), shortened by four poems deleted by Fascist censors; enlarged edition nearly double in size published in 1942; Florence: Solaria, Italy[29]
  • August Sang, Üks noormees otsib õnne, Estonia

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A. E. Housman's grave at St. Laurence's Church in Ludlow

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