1934 Brazilian presidential election

Indirect presidential elections were held in Brazil on 17 July 1934.[1] Unlike previous elections which had been public (with the exception of the 1891 presidential election), this election was carried out by the Constituent Assembly. The result was a predictable victory for Getúlio Vargas, who received 175 of the 248 votes. The next elections did not take place until 1945, due to the Estado Novo dictatorship period.

1934 Brazilian presidential election

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  Getulio Vargas (1930) (cropped 3).jpg Borges de medeiros (cropped 2).jpg
Nominee Getúlio Vargas Borges de Medeiros
Party Independent Independent
Electoral vote 175 59
Percentage 70.56% 23.79%

President before election

Getúlio Vargas

Elected President

Getúlio Vargas


Getúlio Vargas17570.56
Borges de Medeiros5923.79
Pedro Aurélio de Góis Monteiro41.61
Protógenes Guimarães20.81
Raul Fernandes10.40
Artur Bernardes10.40
Plínio Salgado10.40
Antônio Carlos Ribeiro de Andrada10.40
Afrânio de Melo Franco10.40
Oscar Weinscheck10.40
Paim Filho10.40
Levi Carneiro10.40


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