1929 Belgian general election

General elections were held in Belgium on 26 May 1929.[1] The result was a victory for the Catholic Party, which won 71 of the 187 seats in the Chamber of Representatives.[2] Voter turnout was 94.0%.[3]

1929 Belgian general election

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All 187 seats in the Chamber of Representatives
All 93 seats in the Senate
  First party Second party Third party
  Henri Jaspar 1921.jpg No image.png No image.png
Leader Henri Jaspar Joseph Van Roosbroeck Albert Devèze
Party Catholic Labour Liberal
Leader since Candidate for PM 1918 1927
Last election 78 seats, 37.42% 78 seats, 39.48% 23 seats, 14.65%
Seats won 71 70 28
Seat change Decrease 7 Decrease 8 Increase 5
Popular vote 788,914 803,347 369,114
Percentage 35.38% 36.02% 16.55%
Swing Decrease 2.04% Decrease 3.46% Increase 1.90%

Government before election

Jaspar II

Government after election

Jaspar II

Prime Minister Henri Jaspar

The incumbent Catholic-Liberal government led by Henri Jaspar continued after the election.


Chamber of RepresentativesEdit

Belgian Labour Party803,34736.0270–8
Catholic Party788,91435.3871–7
Liberal Party369,11416.5528+5
Christian Workers' Alliance52,6422.365+5
Communist Party of Belgium43,2371.941–1
Lille List12,9050.581New
Christian People's Party8,0490.360New
Communist Opposition6,1900.280New
Walloon National Party1,8830.0800
Middle Class Party1,1140.0500
Leftist dissidents1,0470.050New
Flemish Liberal Democrats1,0340.050New
Martin List9540.040New
Radical Socialists4020.0200
Lambreghs List3660.020New
Catholic Democratic Union2740.010New
Valid votes2,230,06995.03
Invalid/blank votes116,6604.97
Total votes2,346,729100.00
Registered voters/turnout2,497,44693.97
Source: Belgian Elections, Mackie & Rose


Belgian Labour Party781,63536.7536–3
Catholic Party762,45935.85380
Liberal Party359,89516.92130
Christian Workers' Alliance55,2372.603+3
Communist Party of Belgium36,8811.7300
Christian People's Party6,9230.330New
Walloon National Party3,4130.1600
Radical Socialists7750.0400
Valid votes2,126,85092.81
Invalid/blank votes164,7027.19
Total votes2,291,552100.00
Registered voters/turnout2,439,06093.95
Source: Belgian Elections


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