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1925 Philippine House of Representatives elections

The Elections for the Members of the House of Representatives were held on June 2, 1925 pursuant to the Philippine Organic Act of 1902 which prescribed elections for every three years. The ruling Nacionalista Party, which was split into Colectivista and Unipersonalista factions in 1922, were reconciled and were named as the Nacionalista Consolidado Party. The party continued their hold of the House of Representatives retaining their number of seats from the previous election, and the majority.

1925 Philippine House of Representatives elections

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All 92 seats in the House of Representatives of the Philippines
47 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
  Manuel Roxas.jpg
Leader Manuel Roxas Claro Recto
Party Nacionalista Consolidado Democrata
Leader's seat Capiz–1st Batangas–3rd
Seats before 64A 26
Seats won 64 22
Seat change Steady Decrease 4

Speaker before election

Manuel Roxas

Elected Speaker

Manuel Roxas


64 22 6
Nacionalista Consolidado Democrata IND
e • d Summary of the June 2, 1925 Philippine House of Representatives election results
Party Seats won
Total % +/−
Nacionalista Consolidado 64 69.57%  
Democrata 22 23.91%   4
Independent 6 6.52%   3
Total 92 100%   1
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Soliman M. Santos. Elections in Asia and the Pacific:
A Data Handbook: Volume II: South East Asia, East Asia,
and the South Pacific
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A. ^ The combined number of seats of the Nacionalista Consolidado after the two factions merged back together.