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1923 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships

The 1923 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships women's competition were the first[1][2] national[3] Track and Field championships[4] for women[5][6] in the USA. The tournament was held on 29 September 1923[7] at Weequahic Park[8] in Newark, New Jersey.

1923 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships
Host cityNewark, New Jersey
Essex County New Jersey
United States
Date(s)September 29
Main stadiumWeequahic Park
← first (women)



After the successful first 1922 Women's World Games in Paris and the three Women's Olympiads (1921 Women's Olympiad, 1922 Women's Olympiad and 1923 Women's World Games) in Monaco the interest for women's sports also grew internationally. In 1922 the "Women's Amateur Athletic Association" (WAAA) was founded in the UK: the WAAA organised the first official British women championships in track and field (WAAA Championships) on 18 August 1923 at the Oxo Sports Ground in Downham outside London.

In the US the "Amateur Athletic Union" (AAU), founded in 1888, in 1916 the AAU already held its first national championship in swimming[4] for women in 1916. In 1922[9] try-outs for the 1922 Women's World Games were held on 13 May at Oaksmere School in Mamaroneck, some historians consider this event to be the first[9] "national" women's track meet.

In 1923[5][6] the AAU[1] now sponsored[7] the first[2] official American women[3] championships[1] in track and field for women.


The meet was held on 29 September[1][2] at Weequahic Park[8][5] in Newark, New Jersey,[4][6] in 1922[10] the women athletes for the 1922 games also were training at Weequahic Park.[10]

The athletes[8] competed[3][7] in[4] 11[1] events:[1] running 50 yards, 100 yards, relay race 4x110 yards, hurdling 60 yards, high jump, long jump, discus throw, shot put, javelin, baseball throw (softball throw) and basketball throw. The tournament was a huge promotion for women's sports.


Event Gold Silver Bronze
50 yds Marion McCartie
City Bank Club
6,06sec Frances Ruppert
Meadowbrook Club
Mabel Steel
Camp Alamo
100 yds Frances Ruppert
Meadowbrook Club
12,0 sec Marion McCartie
City Bank Club
Madeline Adams
Meadowbrook Club
Relay 4x110 yds Meadowbrook Club
52,4 sec City Bank Club
New York
Board of Recreation
Paterson, NJ
Hurdling 60 yds Hazel Kirk
Prudential Insurance
9,6 sec Esther Behring
Prudential Insurance
Rose Garlock
Newark Normal School
High jump Catherine Wright
Bridgeport A.C.
4 ft 7½ in Helen Dinnehey
Shanahan CC
4 ft 6 ¼ in Ida Robinson
Philadelphia Turngemeinde
4 ft 5 ¼ in
Long jump Helen Dinnehey
Shanahan CC
15 ft 4 in Alice Adams
Prudential Insurance
15 ft ½ in Florence Bitner
Meadowbrook Club
14 ft
Discus Babe Wolbert
71 ft 9½ in Roberta Ranck
Philadelphia Turngemeinde
70 ft 10 in Carrie Gerold
Bridgeport A.C.
65 ft 10½ in
Shot put
8 lb
Bertha Christophel
30 ft 10½ in Roberta Ranck
Philadelphia Turngemeinde
29 ft 10 5/8 in Gladys Booth
Prudential Insurance
28 ft 3 in
Javelin Roberta Ranck
Philadelphia Turngemeinde
59 ft 7¾ in Jeanette Casper
Bridgeport A.C.
59 ft 1½ in Gladys Booth
Prudential Insurance
58 ft 8 in
Softball throw Elinor Churchill
Robinson F.S.
234 ft 5¾ in Mildred Crotty
Bridgeport A.C
222 ft 9½ in Grace Castor
Philadelphia Turngemeinde
204 ft 4 in
Basketball throw Esther Behring
Prudential Insurance
87 ft 6 in Elinor Churchill
Robinson F.S.
86 ft 8 in Grace Castor
Philadelphia Turngemeinde
80 ft 7 in

Elinor Churchills baseball throw of 234 feet, 5 ¾ inches also was a new world record,[2] improving her record set the previous year[6] by more than 10 feet.[5]


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