1923–24 NCAA season

The 1923–24 NCAA season was the fourth season of official NCAA sponsorship of team and individual national championships for college athletics in the United States, coinciding with the 1923–24 collegiate academic school year.

1923–24 NCAA season
Tournament information
DatesAugust 1923–June 1924
Tournament statistics
Sports2 official
Championships1 official
1 unofficial

Swimming and diving were added as a second sport, bringing the total of sponsored sports to two. However, a men's track and field championship was not held in 1924, keeping the number of championships at one.[1]

Before the introduction of the separate University Division and College Division before the 1955–56 school year, the NCAA only conduced a single national championship for each sport. Women's sports were not added until 1981–82.


Sport/Event Championship Edition Finals Site
Date(s) Team Champion(s)
Swimming and Diving 1924 NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships 1st Scott Natatorium
Annapolis, Maryland
United States Naval Academy
March 1924 Northwestern (Unofficial)
Track and Field Not held

Season resultsEdit

Team titles, by universityEdit

  • No official team titles awarded this season

Cumulative resultsEdit

Team titles, by universityEdit

Rank University Titles
1 California


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