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1922 Women's World Games

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The 1922 Women's World Games (French Jeux Olympiques Féminins, also "Women’s Olympic Games") were the first regular international Women's World Games and the first Track and field competitions for women. The tournament was held on a single day on August 20[1][2][3] at the Pershing Stadium in Paris.[4][5][6]

Women's World Games
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Paris, France
First event1922
Marie Mejzlíková II
Mary Lines
Lucie Bréard
Camille Sabie
Hilda Hatt
Francesca Pianzola
Lucile Godbold


The games were organized by the Fédération Sportive Féminine Internationale under Alice Milliat[1][2][4][5][6] as a response to the IOC refusal to include women's events in the 1924 Olympic Games.

The games were attended by 77 participants from 5 nations:[2][4] Czechoslovakia, France[3] (32 athletes), Great Britain, Switzerland and USA (13 athletes). Members of the American team were: Kathryn Agar, Florieda Batson, Maybelle Gilliland, Lucile Godbold, Esther Green, Ann Harwick, Frances Mead, Maud Rosenbaum, Camille Sabie, Janet Snow, Elizabeth Stine, Louise Voorhees and Nancy Voorhees.[4]

The athletes competed in 11 events:[2][4][7] running (60 metres, 100 yards, 300 metres, 1000 metres, 4 x 110 yards relay and hurdling 100 yards), high jump, long jump, standing long jump, javelin and shot put.

The tournament was opened with an olympic style ceremony. The games attended an audience of 20,000 spectators[1][5] and 18 world records[4] were set.

Medal summaryEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
60 m Marie Mejzlikova II
7.6 Mary Lines
  United Kingdom
7.7 Nora Callebout
  United Kingdom
100 yds Nora Callebout
  United Kingdom
12.0 Marie Mejzlikova II
? Mary Lines
  United Kingdom
300 m Mary Lines
  United Kingdom
44.8 Alice Cast
  Great Britain
? André Darreau
1000 m Lucie Bréard
3:12.0 Georgette Lenoir
3:12.2 Phylis Hall
  Great Britain
100 yds hurdles Camille Sabie
14.4 Hilda Hatt
  United Kingdom
14.8 Geneviève Laloz
4×110 yds relay   United Kingdom
Mary Lines
Nora Callebout
Daisy Leach
Gwendoline Porter
51.8   France
Lucie Prost
Germaine Robin
Yvonne De Wynne
Louise Noeppel
51.2   Czechoslovakia 52.8
High jump Hilda Hatt
  United Kingdom
Nancy Voorhees
1.46 m Not awarded Ivy Lowman
  Great Britain
1.42 m
Long jump Mary Lines
  United Kingdom
5.06 m Elizabeth Stine
5.025 m Camille Sabie
4.96 m
Standing long jump Camille Sabie
2.485 m Mary Hughes
  United Kingdom
2.405 m Henriette Comte-Anavoisard
2.34 m
Two-handed shot put[nb] Lucile Godbold
20.22 m Violette Gourard-Morris
19.85 m Maud Rosenbaum
17.37 m
Two-handed javelin throw[nb] Francesca Pianzola
43.24 m Yvonne Gancel
41.62 m Lucile Godbold
39.70 m
  • nb Each athlete in the shot put and javelin throw events threw using their right hand, then their left. Their final mark was the total of the best mark with their right-handed throw and the best mark with their left-handed throw.

Points tableEdit

Place Nation Points
1   United Kingdom 50
2   USA 31
3   France 29
4   Czechoslovakia 12
5    Switzerland 6


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